[803] ‘After failsafe kicked in he started to make friends’ (June 2009)

Thank you so very much for doing all you do. You have improved my family’s life immensely. My 5 yo son is now at school, and if I hadn’t found failsafe when I did last year, I’m sure that he would have been in the principal’s office on a regular basis for behavioural problems. He had spent three terms of kinder year not making a single friend at kinder, and having anxiety about going there, not to mention the tantrums he threw while he was there. After failsafe kicked in, he loved going and started to make a couple of friends. He is at the end of his second term at school, and has done so well, made a number of good friends, has learned heaps and - has never been sent to the principal’s office!! There is still a way to go in educating the teachers in schools, but I am taking this one day at a time. - Joanne, Vic