[514] 635: Uncle Tobys salt and vinegar popcorn (January 2006)

I don’t suffer from rashes or food allergies normally, but tonight I made myself some popcorn, in the box was a smaller packet of salt and vinegar flavouring, I sprinkled this over the popcorn and ate it (Uncle Tobys salt and vinegar popcorn. It had a sachet of 635 in it to sprinkle on the popcorn after you had cooked it in its bag). Within minutes I started to get a prickly rash under my arm, near my bosom. The rash got worse and escalated to around my neck up my arms and right around my right bosom. Within 1 hour of eating the popcorn I have the rash up the inside of my arms, down my back and around the back of my neck, up into my hairline and into my ears.

Attached are some photos taken with my digital camera, due to the lighting it doesn’t show the rash in all its redness. As I am typing this it is slowly moving all over my torso and arms. I hadn’t eaten anything else that I don’t normally eat this evening. – reader, Victoria.