School factsheets

Resources for schools and school canteens/tuckshops

Schools go low additive - a low-additive honour roll of schools around the world

Schools: healthy choice canteens - resources for parents and schools

Schools: Eating for Success! - the Palmers Island and Nana Glen additive-free school trials (with recipes, tips, videos and teacher resources)

Schools: Eating to Win! - how a school sporting team came out champions by changing what they ate

Schools: Fed Up with School Canteens/Tuckshops - a campaign to compare your tuckshop/canteeen with the artificial colour score at other schools

Schools: student questions and answers resource - responses to school project requests and useful overview of food additives

The Eating for Success Booklet for avoiding additives in schools

Palmer's Island video (larger 19Mb version)

The most convincing study: in the 1980s, removal of additives from school meals was strongly associated with learning a reduction of learning disabilities and improved academic achievement in the largest study of its kind ever done, with over a million students in 803 New York City schools. Read article

Schoenthaler, SJ, Doraz WE, Wakefield JA. 1986 – The Impact of a Low Food Additive and Sucrose Diet on Academic Performance in 803 New York City Public Schools, International Journal of Biosocial Research, Vol. 8(2): 185-195

Schoenthaler, SJ, Doraz WE, Wakefield JA. 1986a – The Testing of Various Hypotheses as Explanations for the Gains in National Standardized Academic Test Scores in the 1978-1983 New York City Nutrition Policy Modification Project, International Journal of Biosocial Research, Vol. 8(2): 196-203