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The Free Failsafe booklet, intended as a support and companion to the DVD “Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour”, is available as a free downloadable pdf file (250Kb), 30 pages.See other FREE booklets.

This booklet is a guide for families only wanting to cut down. If you intend to avoid salicylates and amines strictly, please read more widely. For symptoms severe enough to see a doctor, or conditions with a diagnosis such as ADHD, we recommend a three week trial of the RPAH (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) elimination diet - free of additives, low in salicylates and amines, dairy free and/or gluten free if indicated - to find out exactly which food chemicals are contributing to problems. In our experience, this is the most effective elimination diet in the world.

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"I've watched your fantastic DVD three times since receiving it. It has made me go back to the drawing board, I think I missed salicylates earlier. You might want to reconsider the title "Fed up with Children's Behaviour", it is not just about children I feel, and it is not just about behaviour either. It goes much further. Many people who are not concerned about children's behaviour could still benefit in a big way from the DVD. Perhaps consider "Your Food, Your Health, Your Relationships & Your wellbeing: YOUR LIFE!!!" or something similar. Although the focus in this DVD was on children, but many a time adults are shown to benefit as well."

  • The Failsafe Cookbook (revised edition 2007) from your library or bookstore. It's not just a recipe book - there's heaps of information about food intolerance as well, and a step by step guide about how to do the elimination diet
  • See our list of supportive dietitians. Most people only need one or two visits to a dietitian plus some phone or email backup. Dietitians say it cuts an hour off consultation time needed if people have read Fed Up before they go
  • Friendly Food by researchers from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit, available from libraries, bookstores and Friendly Food has excellent colour-coded salicylate and amine charts, but in our experience, very few families succeed with Friendly Food alone. One failsafer wrote: 'Thank you for writing your fantastic "Failsafe Cookbook". We have been using it for a while and have recently gotten "Friendly Foods" as well and as good as it is for a lot of stuff, I'm SO grateful for the simple, family friendly recipes in your book"
  • Our email newsletters and support groups provide useful support, answers to questions, local shopping lists, group sausage orders, help with food ideas, etc. 

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