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July – September 2007

The Food Intolerance Network supports people worldwide using a low-chemical elimination diet free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE) for health, behaviour and learning problems.


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Additive health warnings


Research Reactions to antioxidants 319-321

In brief: ALL Britain's major supermarkets, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Asda and Tesco, are banning potentially dangerous additives from the majority of their own-brand products, Scientific reassessment of all food additives, Breastfeeding percentages, The McDonalds Video game, Adverse Medical Events hotline, Your opportunity to let McDonalds know what you think,. Granny finds grenade in sack of potatoes

Still targeting… tartrazine (artificial, 102, Yellow #5 in the US) and annatto 160b

Readers' stories: [567] - [574]

Product updates: detailed help and information.

Questions: detailed help and information.

Cooks Corner: Yummy biscuits correction, Hint: Failsafe Nachos, Maple Butter, Purple Ketchup, 7 minute risotto



Welcome to the new look newsletter for a quicker read - you’ll find extra information in our website factsheets. Thank you to all who have written with praise and feedback about the website, we’re pleased you like it! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to this newsletter as it helps us when lobbying to have more members. (Email with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line to address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..) In this edition, see important research and reports about additives in medication as well as food, compelling reader stories showing the difficulty of sorting out the effects of foods, new failsafe products, a ‘rave review’ about Thermomix, and some recipes guaranteed to appeal to kids.


Happy failsafeing


Sue Dengate



Additive health warnings


Health warnings about additives are required for European medications. The warnings apply to the use of azo dyes such as tartrazine (E102), sorbate, benzoate and sulphite preservatives and antioxidants BHA (E320) and BHT (E321). Additives technically regarded as ‘safe’ by food regulators must be accompanied by warnings of potential ‘allergic reactions’, ‘mild irritation to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes’, ‘bronchospasm’ (difficulty breathing) and possible ‘severe hypersensitivity reactions’ when used in medications. Yet foods and drinks that contain these additives do not require warnings.


Ian Tokelove, a spokesperson for The Food Magazine, commented, ‘The Government and the food industry continue to assure us that all food additives are safe for us to eat, but here we have clear medical guidelines which state that over a dozen common additives should carry a health warning. For many people the additives appear to pose no immediate risk, but better labelling would ensure that susceptible adults and children would at least have a chance of identifying, and avoiding, the additives that may cause them harm.’


Further reading http://www.foodcomm.org.uk; European Commission Volume 3B Guidelines: excipients in the label and package leaflet of medicinal products for human use July 2003 http://www.foodcomm.org.uk.






Reactions to antioxidants 319-321


Antioxidants are commonly added to cosmetics but researchers say ‘allergy to these substances will be missed unless specifically looked for’. A dermatology clinic reported 7 cases of contact dermatitis due to antioxidants in their cosmetics or toiletries and there have been more recent reports of reactions to TBHQ (tertiary-butylhydroquinone, antioxidant 319) in hair dye. Cross reactivity between TBHQ, BHA and BHT (319-321) is reported. Additives associated with contact dermatitis generally cause other kinds of reactions as well. TBHQ is not included in health warning labels on European pharmaceuticals because it has only recently been approved in Europe. References: Field S and others, Allergic contact dermatitis from tertiary-butylhydroquinone and Laureth 12 in a hair dye. Contact Dermatitis. 2007 ;56(2):116; White IR and others, Antioxidants in cosmetics, Contact Dermatitis. 1984 ;11(5):265-7; Le Coz CJ and Schneider GA. Contact dermatitis from tertiary-butylhydroquinone in a hair dye, with cross-sensitivity to BHA and BHT. Contact Dermatitis. 1998 ;39(1):39-40.



Diet not working as well as you'd hoped?

One tiny mistake can make a huge difference. For fine-tuning, see the Checklist of common mistakes. Readers tell us this list is very useful.



In brief


ALL Britain's major supermarkets, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Asda and Tesco, are banning potentially dangerous additives from the majority of their own-brand products. When will it happen in Australia and New Zealand? http://lifeandhealth.guardian.co.uk/food/story/0,,2095617,00.html


Scientific reassessment of all food additives - As part of a scientific reassessment of all food additives started last December, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has announced its first verdict: that colour Red 2G (E128, not approved for use in Australia) should be considered a carcinogen. The EFSA has the power to assess but not to ban additives. http://www.foodproductiondaily.com/Safety-Regulation/EFSA-condemns-Red-2G-colour-as-carcinogen.


The McDonalds Video game - learn how to operate a global fast food company. ‘While playing the game, random negative events will happen. In some instances, customers will start questioning the nutritional value of your product. You may counteract this by paying of nutritional experts.’ See the review: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/175941/review_of_the_mcdonalds_video_game.html. Play the game: www.mcvideogame.com. Information about McDonalds ingredients in Australia, http://www.mcdonalds.com.au/PDFs/IngredientListing.pdf.


Your opportunity to let McDonalds know what you think - McDonald’s has requested a meeting with The Parents Jury to discuss their children’s food menu and marketing to children practices. The Jury wants to truly represent parents when they meet with McDonald’s, so please email them your views and concerns and they will ensure that they are raised. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will let you know the outcomes of this meeting in due course. http://www.parentsjury.org.au/


Note that the Adverse Medical Events hotline was renamed last year and complaints now go to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Breastfeeding percentages - The percentage of U.S. mothers who breast-feed their babies has reached the highest level on record amid mounting evidence that it provides many health benefits to the child. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that women who do not have health problems exclusively breast-feed their infants for at least the first six months, with breast-feeding continuing at least through the first year as other foods are introduced. http://www.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idUSN0226313220070802.


Granny finds grenade in sack of potatoes - http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUSL288949320070228.





Now targetting tartrazine (artificial, 102, Yellow #5 in the US) and annatto 160b


In this issue we target the yellow food colours tartrazine (artificial, 102, Yellow #5 in the US) and annatto 160b, the only natural colour to cause at least as many problems as artificial colours.


[567] 102: Tartrazine, a parents’ story: ‘Our 4 year old has been diagnosed with life-long, tartrazine anaphylaxis requiring instant medication/epipen and hospital observation upon accidental tartrazine ingestion. We first learned of this when eating out one day. Our child took one bite of a meal and suffered instant and severe skin itch and rash with swelling to the face, lips and neck. We rushed to hospital. From now on, we must avoid tartrazine-containing foods – including cordials, drinks, snackfoods etc and must even closely monitor play-dough use.’


How to help: every time you see a product that contains tartrazine 102, email or phone the manufacturer with a simple message “Please stop using artificial colours in <your product>.”


Annatto, a reader story: ‘your website has been an amazing help to me when I found out I was intolerant to all the bad stuff. I was wondering if you could write to Sanitarium regarding 160b in So Good Soy Icecream (vanilla) as there are no other soy icecream brands in my supermarket.’


How to help: We have found it is most effective for consumers to contact the manufacturers directly. It’s very easy. Go to http://www.sanitarium.com.au/contact.html, and send them an email, for example, “Please take annatto 160b out of the So Good Soy Icecream (vanilla) so I can eat it” and give your contact details. Ask everyone you know to do that too. If enough people ask, they will listen.



Readers' stories


[574] One-liners (August 2007)


I love your books and I love this diet, I have a completely different daughter.


My husband and I heard you talk when you came to Albury/Wodonga. Thank you, you have changed our lives! We have cut out all colours, preservatives and additives from their diet and it's like having different (normal) children.


We have just been lucky enough to go to Vanuatu for a week, self-catering, where we bought fresh food at the market every day and guess what? We all felt SO good. What are we doing to ourselves in the so called developed world?


I love the failsafe cookbook! - it has made cooking so much easier for me and the whole family enjoys what I am cooking.


Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do, I teach in one of the largest primary schools in the state and over time I really hope that I can get the school to undertake some of your methods.


I enjoyed your seminar at Frankston in April - I could have stayed there all night listening to you.


My autistic son has gone without Gatorade, PowerAde and coloured drinks for just three days, and already his behaviour is improving - such a small thing to do for such a great result.


For the last two months I’ve had no additives, no kiwi fruit, no oranges, no strawberries, no tomatoes, no juice and have had 7 weeks without a mouth ulcer. Usually I only go about 2 weeks pain free before the skin on the roof of my mouth peels, the tip of my tongue becomes extremely sore together with a badly infected ulcer anywhere in the mouth.


My daughter was a very sick and unhappy child five years ago and after visiting RPA, eliminating and using your cookbook like a bible we have a happy and well child (she cannot tolerate preservatives and is extremely salicylate sensitive). I must admit five years ago when we started all of this if anybody had ever said that strawberries, broccoli and bottled tomato sauce could send my three children into crazed animals I would have not believed them. Bring on the pears!


My grandchildren's asthma is now much better. I managed to convince one of my daughters of the connection between the 'healthy' apricot bars she was feeding him and her son's attacks (despite a very dubious husband and other grandma!) and my granddaughter's behaviour and asthma has improved after removal from her diet of the highly coloured treats which she was so fond.


I have had my daughter on an elimination diet for 12 months now - the behavioural changes were literally overnight once I found your website. I want the DVD for her school because they still serve trash in the tuckshop and the teachers don't believe me when I say they wouldn't have anywhere near the problems they are having if they looked at what the kids were eating !- Sheryle by email.


We have just spent 3 weeks on the elimination diet, using " Fed Up with ADHD" and the "Failsafe Cookbook". We are amazed at the positive change in all of us: a hyperactive, asthmatic, eczema-stricken three- year-old boy; a 40 year old dad who has suffered from chronic asthma all his life; and a 34-year-old mum who thought she felt pretty healthy...until the last three weeks, where I have felt better than ever - Julie, email.



[573] His asthma disappeared (August 2007)


We put my 6-year-old grandson on the failsafe diet for ADHD and his 4-year-old brother (who has had 2 serious hospital admissions for asthma) has seen his asthma disappear!! Another off spin from the diet my headaches which I blamed on shift work and lack of sleep have disappeared except two times when we didn't have the boys and bought Chinese and went out for Thai both times I woke through the night with a raging headache. And my husband who has been short tempered through our 28 years of marriage, has had a change in temperament/ behaviour, for the better. - Kathy by email.



[572] The Great Philly Incident (August 2007)


Over the course of a couple of weeks in September 2006, our daughter became progressively more lethargic, withdrawn and emotionally fragile (cried easily for no particular reason). She was getting upset quickly in a teary way and blowing things out of proportion. After the holidays her teacher commented she thought it was unusual for Lucy to be so lethargic, quiet, teary, keeping to herself and not playing, not interacting. As an example, the teacher had asked all the kids to pack away the books. Normally Lucy would do this fairly promptly but she just sat there mesmerised in her own little world and didn't appear to hear the teacher. The teacher came over to her after all the other kids had left the area of the classroom and said gently to her ‘Lucy it's time to pack away now please.’ Lucy just dissolved into tears and it took a while for her to regain composure. The teacher said it was very out of the ordinary for Lucy who was usually full of energy, vibrant, bubbly, friendly and always very, very happy.


That night, after ruling out illness, and with much careful consideration and dissection of her diet and environment, I discovered from Sue's website that Kraft had introduced preservatives (sorbic acid, 200) in the tubs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese tubs. Lucy eats this on a daily basis on her sandwiches and sometimes as a dip as she had done for years. I rang Kraft and they informed me that they had only just started putting this ingredient in a couple of months earlier. After checking old containers I figured that she had consumed at least two tubs. The change in her demeanour had been gradual but still clearly noticeable by us as well as her teachers as this was not the Lucy we knew. Once we switched to the preservative free Philly blocks, she became ‘better’ within a few days and had returned to her usual energetic, happy, amenable self within a week. I now check labels every time, even if it is something I have bought many times before.



[571] Why asthmatics need to know about salicylates: An interview with Matt’s mother (August 2007)


How long have you been failsafe?


My 8 year old son Matt is a severe asthmatic who has been on the diet for almost a year. We of course have our good days and bad days in making him stick to it, but regardless of that he has done so well and has not had to go to hospital since he has been on the diet, and for a child who has been hospitalized multiple times every year since he was 6 months old this is quite an achievement.


What made you decide to try diet?


I love my children and as a mother I could not continue to blindly pump drugs into Matt every morning, night and during the day, it made me feel sick and I couldn't see that it was actually making an awful lot of difference to his asthma, in fact it seemed to be getting worse. Just before we started the elimination diet Ventolin seemed to have no effect on Matt at all, only prednisolone seemed to alleviate an attack, which as you can imagine frightened the hell out of me. The doctors all said the same things, either give it to him or he could die. SEE full interview 



[570] PDD-NOS and failsafe (August 2007)


Our daughter Beth is five and a half. At four she was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, a bit of a mouthful but it sounds like Asperger's shadowing. She is not ASD but has a lot of symptoms in common: developmental delay in speech, fine motor and gross motor, attention deficit, poor eye contact, argumentative, very poor social skills, being in her own world.

… THEN we went failsafe and what a blessing it has been!!!! … Ten days after starting failsafe, Beth suddenly began running around with all the other kids talking and interacting with them!! Every week, I hear new things that she is doing at preschool. At home she is constantly surprising us with new things that she says and does. It's great!! It is as if a block has been removed in Beth's brain and suddenly she has the possibility of being a normal little girl. Going failsafe is not easy but I had to give her the chance. Even though it may not fix all of Beth's difficulties, it seems to have removed a lot of them, see the full story



[569] 635: Ten years of ‘a very debilitating condition’ due to 635 (August 2007)


Since 1997 I have suffered with what I was told is chronic urticaria especially affecting my hands and feet. For about a year I had constant welts and itching on the soles of my feet and would develop huge welts on my torso and back at times. It then seemed to settle a bit and was more intermittent, sometimes not happening for several months. I was investigated for SLE and other autoimmune disorders - all negative. Over the past year it had worsened into what looked liked an urticarial vasculitis where my fingers swell, become intensely painful and itchy and small watery skin eruptions would develop into purple swellings, like blood blisters but dry. I also had episodes of joint and bone pains that lasted 24-48 hours and always had patches of welts somewhere on my torso or thighs. Some months ago I again saw a GP about it and he felt I had probably developed mixed connective tissue disorder. However all my blood results were normal and yet again I was left feeling extremely despondent about any chance of management of what had become a very debilitating condition.


Then about six weeks ago I came across your articles and letters re riborash and stopped all foods with these enhancers. Within 48 hours my symptoms had gone and I am elated to say that since, I have had only 3 welting episodes. I'm sure now that my symptoms had been intensified in the past months as we have been planning to do some long walks and trying out all sorts of pre-packaged and dehydrated foods (all containing 635). Ironically I was going to go on a course of prednisone to dampen it all down so that I could walk, while I would've been eating the very thing that is causing the problem. Now I have done a couple of day walks wearing boots (for months I have only been able to wear crocs as any pressure or rubbing around my ankles would result in a similar outbreak to my hands) with absolutely no problems! Once again thanks for sharing your knowledge on the web.




[568] Epilepsy and additives (August 2007)


I am a new convert to failsafe eating and I am a sufferer of epilepsy. We initially began the diet for my son's problems but having read the information on the effects of additives I am also taking care to follow it myself. My doctor recently changed my medication back to Lamictal and I was surprised and annoyed when I found the drug has had blackcurrant flavouring added to it so that it can be dispersed in water or chewed. This hasn't always been the case. A number of years ago I was taking this tablet and it was free of artificial flavours. I continue to swallow the tablets whole as they are not large or difficult to swallow and find this new format totally unnecessary. I am very disappointed with the fact I have no option to take a tablet that does not contain flavourings as I need this medication for seizure control. I believe many sufferers of epilepsy are sensitive to additives and I remember as a child of 12 when I first started having seizures that I made a connection with dark coloured icy poles and the simple partial seizures I suffered. I voluntarily stayed away from the raspberry flavours.


Many of the anti-convulsants used for seizure control are coloured to differentiate the strengths of the tablets so this problem is not just peculiar to my medication. I would be interested to know if you can help in this area. [In our experience, the most effective action is to complain frequently to the manufacturers. It’s also worth complaining to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]



Product updates


Persimmon Wine – David at Waterfall Way Winery, Dorrigo, reports that he just finished harvesting and conducting primary processing of persimmons for the 2007 vintage. He wants to move some of the previous years vintages at $15 per bottle (plus postage) to clear stocks. There is no minimum order - just "first in best dressed"!! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ph/fax (02) 66571373.


NEW Maple butter and maple sugar http://www.usafoods.com.au/ , available from supermarkets in North America and the UK. In Australia from a store in Melbourne or online - http://www.usafoods.com.au/ Thanks to Lesley and Lyn (or make your own, see recipes)


NEW Aldi's brand of slow cooked kettle style chips (200g pack) appear to be failsafe – thanks to Fofe. Colvan’s chips have been deleted but Arnott’s say that the oil in Arnott’s plain chips is exactly the same oil as used in Colvan chips, ie palm oil with 304 and 306. Thanks to Jenny from Additive Education. Note that all chips including Kettle are now produced on contaminated production lines and we have received many reports of reactions from extra sensitive failsafers since this happened.


NEW Nemar Natural 100's & 1000's, all natural colours, tastes like sugar; thanks to Kathleen from Additive Education


GOOD NEWS Laucke’s Easy Bakers Gluten Free mixes: as soon as Laucke’s discovered their gluten-free bread mixes contained a non-failsafe oil, they sourced an alternative oil containing natural antioxidant (306). This will be in products with a Best Before date from June 2008. Note that the oil containing 320 was never used in Laucke’s wheat-based products (they don’t contain any vegetable oil). Readers say the Laucke’s gf bread is excellent. Thanks to Tanya and Lodzia


NEW Duncan's Ointment: all natural ingredients including zinc oxide for lips, cracked heels, eczema, nappy rash http://www.scorkle.com.au, thanks to Michelle


FEEDBACK PLEASE: The Natural Beverage Company Apple Naturally Flavoured Soft Drink contains ‘No artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no preservatives’, more than seven teaspoons of sugar per glass, malt extract to make it look like apple juice and only 1% apple. Like other sugary soft drinks, it is only for an occasional treat, but with such a tiny amount of apple, it is possible that this drink could be better tolerated by failsafers than preservative free lemonade. Feedback welcome: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


ADDITIVE FREE ONLY jelly (contain salicylates and amines): Coles brand naturally coloured and flavoured jelly crystals (not failsafe), Thanks to Jenny from Additive Education


***WARNING Some Country Life rye breads now list vinegar and are no longer failsafe. Read all labels. Thanks to D’anah and Michael


***WARNING Scented doll "Lots to Love" from Berenguer Babies, confirmed on their website. ‘I'm so used to the doll being scented that I hadn't thought about it in relation to Failsafe’ – thanks to Fiona


NEW: UK shopping list at http://fedup.com.au/information/shopping-list/general-and-non-food - thanks to MaryJane, Lyn, Jan and members of the FailsafeUK group


THERMOMIX FEEDBACK: ‘I purchased a thermomix about 6 months ago and love it. I can mince my own fresh chicken meat and finely chop failsafe veggies to hide in the chicken patties. I make an awesome custard (the failsafe cookbook custard cup recipe) in 10 minutes with no stirring, sago puddings a cinch etc. I make a chicken and rice pasta dish with almost every failsafe veggie hidden in it. I use it to mix up lunch box muffins, I make the boys buckwheat or oat or rice porridge in the morning. You can cook rice in it. I use it to make great sorbets in the summer. I make my own rice flour from rice etc. I love it and use it several times a day, it certain reduces time in preparation and cooking (no need to stir while cooking). I would be lost without it. I know they are expensive but I found it worth every cent. And for the record I am not a distributor, just a satisfied customer’. Thanks to Sandra; ‘The motor is one of those brilliant pieces of German technology – my mum's is still going (from 1979)’, thanks to Rebecca



Your questions


Q. I have just read your fact sheet on 635 (riborash). It seems that any time we eat a food with this in it (particularly cream of chicken and corn soup used in risotto), my 16 month old gets severe nappy rash. Could this be a reaction to the additive?


A. Yes. The rash can appear differently in different people. One of the original observations of ribo rash was in twin 10-month-old boys who suffered severe rash in the nappy area and extending down to their feet and on their faces when at its worst.


Q. I have been using a saline spray for my son’s seasonal itchy nose with great success. However we have experienced aggressive episodes since using the product (Narium). I did a double check and found a preservative Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) is in the product. Have you had any experience with this?


A. There have been some reports of nasal burning, dryness, or irritation due to nasal sprays preserved with BAC. There are also reports in the medical literature of contact dermatitis due to BAC. We generally find any additive that can cause the very obvious signs of contact dermatitis may also be associated with more subtle behavioural symptoms such as aggression. It is possible to make your own preservative free saline: a teaspoon of salt in half a litre of water, boiled and cooled. Store in the fridge and discard after 24 hours.


Q. Why is sulphur dioxide added to wine?


A. According to Erl Happs, maker of the excellent Happs range of preservative-free and low preservative wines, sulphur dioxide ‘hardens the palate’ of a wine, see http://www.happs.com.au.


Q. Is there a product like muesli bars that can be bought directly off the shelf that is homemade without all the additives?


A. Thanks to Jenny Ravlic from Additive Education (www.additiveeducation.com.au) for the following answer: We don't suggest any of the standard packets of muesli bars available in supermarkets because they all have either sulphites, annatto, flavours and/or nasty antioxidants in the oil. There is a great product called Naturally Organic Oat Slice (few varieties) made by the All Natural Bakery. They are sold individually in 100g slices with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - very much like a homemade product. There is also the Amore Fruity Nut Bars, sold in multi packs. Both of these are available in Coles, possibly Safeways and IGA. Please note that these suggestions are additive free but not failsafe (low in salicylates and amines).



Around the groups: getting in touch


Can you help?


A network member writes: I am currently writing a page entitled 'food intolerance' on Wikipedia as this site is the first stop for many fact seekers, but a number of sceptics are trying to undo the work. I could use some support on the 'Discussion' page by a number of contributors to build a community consensus about the article approach and references used. Can you assist? My user name is Jagra. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_intolerance


Talking point


My 3-year-old and I are currently doing the elimination diet for his behaviour. I have noticed that people who have an allergy can say my child is allergic so he is on the elimination diet and people accept it no questions; a friend with an autistic child can say my child has autism so he is on the diet, and again it is accepted no questions. But because we are doing the diet purely for behaviour problems we get unlimited amounts of criticism over it. I am constantly hearing it's just normal toddler behaviour. I have tried explaining that on the basic diet I do have a normal toddler - we still have normal toddler conflict and trantrums, however we don't have the extremes of behaviour where he is out of control and literally runs up and down the hallway screaming and aggressive with me ending up in tears. I don't expect a perfect child, just a normal one... Is there a short simple way of explaining why you are doing the diet that people will understand? Send suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Getting in touch


An Australian family in Jakarta would like to hear from other failsafe families in Indonesia. Please reply via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Depression: if you would like to contribute to raising awareness about the impact of food on depression please contact Howard on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




There are now over 90 support contacts in 47 locations in Australia, and in New Zealand and 10 overseas countries - see website.


We recommend failsafebasic for beginners. It is the smallest of the big general groups. You can join by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line. Please note that the failsafeandbeyond group has no connection with our Network so please do not send complaints about that group to us.


Kids page: contributions welcome. Sorry, we left out the link last time: http://fedup.com.au/factsheets/support-factsheets/kid-s-page


Tuncurry/Forster – Tina and Suzie meet with locals first Wednesday each month at 6.30pm at "The Loop" in South Street Tuncurry


Failsafe sausages rule OK! 24/7/07 Chicken failsafe sausages were entered in the Sausage King Competition in South Australia and came third in the region (from Bordertown down to the lower south east of South Australia). “It goes to show the sausage is up there healthy and competitive.” – thanks Tracey.


New factsheet: Hayfever and allergic rhinitishints for managing the spring.


New symptom discussion paper: Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)




August 2007


Tuesday 14th August Glen Waverley VIC: "Fed Up with Children's Behaviour" presentation by Jenny Ravlic and Kathleen Daalmeyer of Additive Education at 8pm, held at the City of Monash Offices. RSVP Judy Allen at City of Monash on 9518 3530. There is no charge.


Tuesday 28th August Boronia VIC: "Fed Up with Children's Behaviour" presentation by Jenny Ravlic and Kathleen Daalmeyer of Additive Education at 7pm, held at the Boronia Primary School. RSVP Jenny on 9762 2089. There is no charge.


October 2007


Monday 22nd October Pakenham VIC: "Fed Up with Children's Behaviour" presentation by Jenny Ravlic and Kathleen Daalmeyer of Additive Education at 7pm, held at the Pakenham Library at John Street, Pakenham. RSVP Cenza Fulco on 5990 0100. There is no charge.


November 2007


Wednesday 7 November Forster NSW: "Fed Up with Children's Behaviour" presentation by Sue Dengate. Details TBA.


Thursday 8 November Maitland NSW: "Fed Up with Children's Behaviour" presentation by Sue Dengate for Kiddicare at 6.30pm, Maitland City Bowling Club, Arthur St Rutherford. Contact Ann, KIDDICARE PTY LTD 02 4930 1300.




NOW AVAILABLE in French, USA and Nepali. http://fedup.com.au/information/support/food-intolerance-brochures


Printable trifold brochures on food intolerance and oppositional defiance are available. We'll post two free that you can copy, or you can buy bulk copies at cost $A0.26 each plus postage. See instructions on the website for accessing pdf versions. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with enquiries. We loved this comment from one satisfied failsafer: "Ah, the answer to my prayers. I had no idea the brochure even existed, but thanks so much for directing me to it. I am not very Internet savvy, however I found it easy enough. Regarding possible opposition to failsafeing within the child care setting ... now all I have to do is hand over a copy of this and let them ask questions! Thanks again. I highly recommend everyone print this out if you don't already have a copy, it sure cuts out the "but WHY can't your kid have (insert food here)?" questions. Great for grandparents too."



Cook’s corner


Yummy biscuits (Failsafe Newsletter 52) correction: that should be 5 cups of gluten-free or wheat self-raising flour, not 3 cups. Bake 10 minutes for soft, 15 minutes for crunchy.


Hint: Failsafe Nachos Cook lamb mince in a pot with sea salt and pureed failsafe veges until just cooked and combined well (swede goes particularly well). Serve in a bowl with some plain Kettle chips for dipping.


Maple Butter

For commercial maple butter, see Product Updates above - or you can make your own.


1/2 cup butter, softened

Pinch of salt

1/4 cup pure maple syrup


Place butter and salt in the food processor and process until the mixture is light and fluffy. Slowly add maple syrup through the feed tube of the food processor while beating constantly to prevent separation. Continue processing until the syrup is thoroughly mixed through. Store in the refrigerator in a covered container for up to 3 weeks. Thanks to Lyn and Lesley


Purple ketchup


2 large tins pears in syrup

200 g brown sugar

2 tsp salt

4 tsp citric acid

6 cloves garlic, crushed

the white part of a leek, chopped (around 150g)

100 g chopped celery

150 g chopped purple cabbage.


Drain and dice pears. Boil syrup from tins until reduced by half. Add all other ingredients and boil for a further 15 minutes. Puree and place into containers for freezing or sterilised jars for use in the next few weeks – thanks to Eleanor.


7 minute risotto

You need a pressure cooker for this quickcook meal.


2 cups arborio rice

4 1/4 cups boiling water

sunflower oil

300 g chicken or lamb-pieces, but sometimes mince if that's all I have

2 cups failsafe vegetables, e.g. swede, choko, celery, leek, garlic

salt to taste


Chop vegetables into smallish cubes/pieces, 1-2cm. Alternatively, vegetables can be pureed while raw and added that way to provide a smoother, less chunky, less obviously vegetable containing risotto for those discerning little ones who are exquisitely fussy. Add all ingredients, except water to the cooker and heat, stirring till rice is slightly transparent from the oil. Add the boiling water (doesn't have to be boiling but makes the cooker come to pressure heaps faster if it is) and close and lock the lid, selecting the high setting. Once the pressure switch engages I set a timer for 7 minutes and go play with the boys. Release pressure, stir and serve – thanks to Catherine.



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