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The Food Intolerance Network provides information and support for people worldwide using a low-chemical elimination diet free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE) for health, behaviour and learning problems.

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Eat, Forget, Underachieve - maths and diet

New Food Standards Code from 1 March 2016: what does it mean for consumers?

Fedup Roadshow 2016

Now targeting: Petition to remove annatto 160b from Unilever Australia's Streets products; the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Research: The autopsy of chicken nuggets reads "chicken little"; How much chicken is food?; Patterns of free amino acids in German convenience food products: marked mismatch between label information and composition; Emulsifiers: common food additives that can contribute to inflammatory bowel disorders and obesity.

In brief: Food diary; Saccharomyces boulardii and diatomaceous earth; Quick quiz

Your questions: Would it be possible for the Food Intolerance Network to 'crowd fund' some laboratory testing into the chemical content of untested foods?; Intimate question: can your partner *load * you with sals while making love (like from kisses or sperm?) when he is eating normal diet?

Success stories: [1364] – [1382]

Failsafe shopping list: new products, warnings

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Are Australia’s food regulations the reason our kids aren’t doing so well on international tests of achievement – and can YOUR child answer the simple maths question?

What does the new Food Standards Code offer for consumers? These questions and others (including a particularly intimate one) are discussed below.

As always the personal stories offer hope and insight. I started this Network because I thought no parent should have to go through what we went through with our children, but people still suffer because our food regulator FSANZ is out of touch and fails to protect us. Please help with action over the coming months - watch my blog for updates, like these video questions for the Minister in charge of food regulation.

To celebrate reaching 8 million web visitors, we have a special offer on the DVD and sets. Enjoy the research on chicken nuggets and the recipes and have a laugh at “the ideal diet” pic.

Happy failsafeing - Sue Dengate


Eat, Forget, Underachieve - maths and diet

VNanaGlen   Nana Glen primary school additive-free trial

Asian countries top world achievement tables for education. According to the most recent OECD rankings for 15 year olds, Singapore comes first, followed by Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

When the first tests were held in 2000, Australia ranked 6th for maths, 8th for science and 4th for reading (out of 41 countries).  In the most recent tests, Australia had dropped to 19th for maths, 16th for science and 13th for reading (out of 65 countries).

Could school underachievement be related to the Western diet? I think so.

Experts worry not only about low achievers but the number of high achievers. For grade 4 students in maths, the five East Asian countries had the largest percentages of high achievers. Singapore had 43% of students reach the Advanced level, compared to Korea (39%), Hong Kong (37%), Taiwan (34%) and Japan (30%), followed by Northern Ireland (24%) and England (18%), followed by "a group of eight countries with 10 to 13 percent" including Australia at 10%.

“Could do better if they tried” - or is it short attention span?

Blame is generally assigned to teachers, parents, lack of funding, national attitudes, anything but food. Yet inattention - short attention span, or loss of concentration - is one of the main effects of food additives such as artificial colours. Children can become vague, disorganised and forgetful but parents are unlikely to notice because inattention is hard to recognise compared to bad behaviour.  They are often unaware of the problem until tests results show their child’s poor school marks are unexpected, or teachers complain “could do better if they tried”.

The science

In the 1980s, a New York school district carried out an unusual experiment involving 803 schools and more than a million students. They removed additives from the free school breakfasts and lunches over 4 years.  Achievement on national standardised tests jumped from 5% below average to 11% above, and 75,000 children were no longer classified as learning disabled.  Researchers reported:

“No other school district reported such a large gain above the rest of the nation so quickly …” Dr S. Schoenthaler

In Europe, since 2010, foods that contain certain artificial colours must display the warning: "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children".

In the UK, the result of this label warning has been a massive decrease in the number of artificially coloured products available for sale but not so in Australia, where it is still up to parents to protect their children. Could this have anything to do with Australia trailing behind the UK in global achievement tests? Seems likely.

The common bread preservative, now often hidden as ‘cultured dextrose’ or ‘cultured anything’ is another problem with attention:

“The introduction of preservative 282 in purchased bread coincided with a decline in our daughter’s abilities. Her performance decreased until we were able to get very little work out of her as she was unable to concentrate for more than about one minute at a time … we returned to using our bread maker after not having used it for nearly two years. After about ten days, we had a different child. She started concentrating!” - from story 329

Is your child underachieving in maths?

Most parents know if their child can’t read, but maths is a little harder.  According to specialist maths tutor Kim Morley, Years 1 and 2 are the crucial years that require top quality, “hard-hitting” teaching, not just hands-on maths:  “Your child is supposed to have control of all manner of number concepts dealing with numbers up to 1000 by the end of Year 2. Few do! Try the simple test below. In my experience, most kids won't answer this correctly. “

Try this simple test:

“If your child by end of Year 2 can't answer 100 - 37 correctly, mentally, in about 2 seconds, they have a problem.” -  Specialist Kim Morley 

What parents can do, step by step (with more information and all references)

New Food Standards Code from 1 March 2016: what does it mean for consumers?

Very little. The deckchairs have been moved around for 436 pages.

The Food Standards Act is now 25 years old and looks it. The changes are in the 29 Schedules and 60 Standards attached to this Act and the changes are intended to benefit the food industry.

Lawyers have been running well-attended courses on how to game the ‘new’ system, mainly by removing numbers and chemical-sounding names, and replacing them with the same chemicals listed as innocent-sounding ingredients, or avoid listing them at all through various tricks. The Clean Label strategy is to keep alarming chemicals off the label (without being misleading or deceptive). A
quick summary:

•    The 5% labelling loophole remains, unlike the EU and UK
•    Various chemicals have been reclassified as ‘processing aids’ so that they don’t appear on any label, such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, dimethyl dicarbonate, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, lactoperoxidase, sodium thiocyanate, octanoic acid, white mineral oil and benzoyl peroxide
•    Many formerly regulated food additive levels have been set to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), whatever that is
•    The six forms of ‘white powder’ glutamate flavour enhancers continue to be regulated as before, but not the other 123 ways to add glutamates as ingredients
•    Sulphites in dried fruit remain at 3000 mg/kg, the highest level in the world, which might account for Australia’s high asthma rate
•    Bread preservative propionates 280-283 remain regulated as before, but chemically-identical cultured dextrose, cultured wheat and cultured anything can continue to be added as ingredients and not declared as preservatives even though they have the same technological purpose
•    ‘Flavours’ can still be used as vehicles for unlisted colours, including artificial colours, and preservatives
•    A lot of artificial and non-sugar sweeteners have been added.

On 1 March 2016, the new complete list of food additives by name and number will be live at 

We will make blog posts at to keep you up to date and inform you about how to read labels very carefully.

See three recent blog posts:


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want a pdf download of Standards (12.5Mb) and/or Schedules (10.4Mb).

Fedup Roadshow 2016

Sue Dengate is willing to travel and give talks again in August-September 2016 if there is sufficient interest.

Talks have already been requested in Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Boambee, Sydney (Rouse Hill), Albury (Jindera), Mid North Coast, Central Coast, Wyong, Brisbane (The Gap), Brisbane (Bardon), Adelaide, Melbourne, Melbourne (east), and Melbourne (west) and the people who requested these talks have been contacted. However not all of these talks will occur, so if you want to host a talk please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and receive details of costs and organisation. Preference is given to failsafers.



 Petitioning Unilever Australasia: Hundreds of reports show food colouring Annatto 160b is harmful to children - urgently remove from all Streets ice cream variations

A phone call to Streets customer care line (2/2/2016) drew the response the there is “nothing more that we can say” about removing annatto 160b from their products, despite their major competitors removing it, despite the fact that there is a safe alternative, and despite 5,713 people signing the petition so far. 

So onwards with the campaign - please ask your friends to sign.


Please sign if you haven't done so yet.

Thanks for all who have shared their stories of nasty effects from this natural colour that is as bad as any artificial colour.

Dangerous Deal

The TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership) will threaten food safety in many ways, permitting multinational corporations to sue our government over laws that protect our health and our environment, or even sue the Food Intolerance Network for affecting their sales! Even the Productivity Commission says there is nothing in it for Australia.  Please consider action.



The autopsy of chicken nuggets reads "chicken little".

“..chicken meat.. was not the predominant component ....fat was present in equal or greater quantities along with epithelium, bone, nerve, and connective tissue.”
deShazo RD, Bigler S, Skipworth LB. Am J Med. 2013 Nov;126(11):1018-9. doi: 10.1016/j.amjmed.2013.05.005.
How much chicken is food?

“The amino acid composition of modern ready-to-serve chicken soups and vegetable broths are far from being similar to any natural composition. We need to question current legal definitions of food, and consider its impact on eating habits, appetite regulation and obesity.” Hermanussen M, Gonder U, Stegemann D, Wesolowski M, Ulewicz-Magulska B, Wartensleben H, Hoffmann GF. Anthropol Anz. 2012;69(1):57-69.
Patterns of free amino acids in German convenience food products: marked mismatch between label information and composition.

“Even on considering that tomatoes and cereal proteins are naturally rich in glutamate, the concentrations of free glutamate outranged the natural concentration of this amino acid in several products, and strongly suggested artificial enrichment. Free glutamate was found to be elevated even in dishes that explicitly state 'no glutamate added'...Some products did not contain detectable amounts of (the meat and brain-specific dipeptide carnosine) CARN in spite of meat content being claimed on the food labels.” Hermanussen M, Gonder U, Jakobs C, Stegemann D, Hoffmann G. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2010 Jan;64(1):88-98. doi: 10.1038/ejcn.2009.116. /pubmed/19773804

Emulsifiers: common food additives that can contribute to inflammatory bowel disorders and obesity. 

An international team of researchers from Israel and the US have shown that in mice, relatively low concentrations of two commonly used emulsifiers, carboxymethylcellulose and polysorbate-80 (Code numbers E466 and E433; both regarded as safe by RPAH researchers in terms of triggering food intolerance reactions or altering children's behaviour), can induce low-grade inflammation and obesity/metabolic syndrome due to disturbance of beneficial gut bugs called the microbiota. 

"We do not disagree with the commonly held assumption that over-eating is a central cause of obesity and metabolic syndrome," said researcher Andrew T. Gewirtz from Emory University in Atlanta. "Rather ... that low-grade inflammation resulting from an altered microbiota can be an underlying cause of excess eating." The team noted that the results of their study suggest that current means of testing and approving food additives may not be adequate to prevent use of chemicals that promote diseases driven by low-grade inflammation and/or which will cause disease primarily in susceptible hosts.  
Further reading: Chassaing B and others, Dietary emulsifiers impact the mouse gut microbiota promoting colitis and metabolic syndrome. Nature. 2015 Mar 5;519(7541):92-6. and Widely used food additives promotes colitis, obesity and metabolic syndrome, shows study of emulsifiers, Science Daily, 


Food diary:

Roxanne has provided a blank Excel spreadsheet template and an instruction page to help you keep track of reactions. You can find it under the Files section of the Facebook page as ‘Failsafe food diary’. “It helped me so much to see where I was going wrong, not realizing how the chemicals were adding up.  It was then obvious that indeed amines and sals were affecting my daughter”.

Saccharomyces boulardii and diatomaceous earth:

Are these failsafe supplements that can help with irritable bowel symptoms? Earlier this year, we received a report from a failsafer who suffered from severe IB symptoms unless she stuck strictly to a very restricted form of the RPAH diet plus fodmaps. She saw a huge improvement in her symptoms over a 2 month course of a dietitian-recommended probiotic (Saccharomyces boulardii or SB), plus diatomaceous earth or DE, a silica supplement. Probiotics and silica supplements are not mentioned by RPAH, although many failsafe-friendly dietitians recommend probiotics AFTER the strict elimination diet. SEE FULL STORY

Quick Quiz

Vodka is failsafe but flavoured vodka is not. What might be the problems in this Green Apple Vodka?


Energy gels are really healthy and great things for sports people to use, right? So what might be a problem in the following sports product and what are some better ideas?


See both answers


Q: Would it be possible for the Food Intolerance Network to 'crowd fund' some laboratory testing into the chemical content of untested foods? 

A: We did spend more than $4000 from book sales one year on testing. The laboratory claimed to be able to test for salicylates but not only did their results not line up with existing results, their tests on new products were all over the place as well. So we stopped. RPAH has a lot of data based on clinical experience that leads them sometimes to classify foods as higher, for instance, than an analytical result would suggest. This real-world experience seems better than a laboratory result because salicylates are really just markers for a great range of different plant chemicals. I suppose in some way we are crowd-sourcing information on kale, for instance, through the Food Intolerance Network rather than seeking money for tests.

Q: Intimate question: can your partner *load * you with sals while making love (like from kisses or sperm?) when he is eating normal diet?

Answers from facebook group:

A similar question was asked re: gluten in Coeliac group... Most coeliacs insist their nearest and dearest wash their mouth out and/or clean their teeth before kissing due to potential cross contamination from food eaten BUT apparently NO gluten in sperm!???.. Anne

I would think so with sloppy kisses. Make sure partners wipe their mouths first because I have heard of a reaction this way!  - Tom

Significant Others of persons with anaphylaxis have to avoid the same foods due to risk of transferring it when kissing. With household it can be a cross contamination issue, thus why some families will all go (on the whole) gluten free. But the main worry is with the severe food allergies - Betty

Someone commented before they had noticed problems 'down there' depending on what her husband had been eating.  Given that it's also commonly stated that taste of semen is affected by diet, it makes sense that it could be possible.... - Charlotte
I definitely think it's possible. My husband does not restrict his intake and I'm very food sensitive. It's not pleasant - Denise

Research with aspirin (measures concentration of salicylates etc in semen at time intervals...) - Jessie


You can scroll through the full text of all stories: for every story we report, there are probably another 10 that cover similar issues. And these are just the ones we get to hear about. Names have been changed to protect privacy.
Success story collections: organised by symptom or by additive keywords are proving the most popular downloads from the website. They'll be added to as time permits.

Again there are too many stories to send them all out in a Newsletter. Here are the titles of all reports you haven’t seen and some of the stories in full.

[1382] Encouraging short stories from facebook group (February 2016)

I don't think you will ever fully understand the impact your many years of hard work have had on thousands of lives. There are so many people who are thriving because you two helped them to discover the things that were causing so much suffering. No doubt you've had your fair share of scepticism & criticism over the years, but when you see the results of eating non-FS food it's impossible to deny that this is all very real! Thank you so much - Lauren

I started on the failsafe diet over 10 years ago and it made a huge impact. Without Sue's book and TV appearances, I would have never known what was wrong with me. Thank you to the both of you - Nat

I've just come out of the 5 week strict elimination with my 5-year-old, and I just wanted to encourage you as it's been a real change for us: bed-wetting and accidents have stopped, tantrums have been eliminated, etc. I'd encourage you to just keep it really simple for awhile. The kids won't mind about having the same things over and over again - Megan

I have let my daughter experience non-failsafe foods on holiday. Just quietly it is worth the effort to keep on FS all the time. She is going from meltdown to meltdown which doesn't make for a relaxing holiday! On FS she is calm, caring and clear headed. My daughter did have withdrawals, which initially looked worse than the original behaviour. But it was worth it in the second week when I had a child who I could really get to know - Bronwyn

[1381] Medication-induced salicylate intolerance (February 2016)

[1380] Stuttering due to paint fumes at school (February 201

[1379] “my rheumatoid arthritis pain is virtually non-existent” on diet (January 2016)

I have just started the failsafe diet because I have Crohn's Disease, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and GORD among other illnesses. Last week I could barely walk due to RA joint pain, this week since I've been on the FS diet (day 5) my morning stiffness pain has gone and my RA pain is virtually non-existent which is fantastic cause I have been struggling with the pain for a long time.

TWO WEEKS LATER: I’m having marvellous results with my RA through my dietician who put me on the low to mod salicylates diet. Although I only have very minor pain it would seem even bananas and red delicious apples (peeled) are a contributing factor for me.

I love being pain free, and being able to get out and enjoy life again. As an added bonus the diet has helped me in other areas of my health as well - Leann

[1378] 160b: feedback from annatto petition 2 (January 2016)

Here is selected edited feedback from the petition for Unilever Australia to remove the natural colour Annatto 160b from Streets food products, with 5,656 supporters to date. Sign petition at

The feedback is organised by symptom:

Allergy type reactions
Violence, anger and self-harm
IBS Irritable Bowel Symptoms
Hives, eczema and skin conditions
Depression and anxiety
Insomnia and night terrors
Migraines and headaches
Head banging

Clearly this additive has not been adequately assessed by those entrusted by the government to protect us and our children.

[1377] 160b: compulsive hair pulling or trichotillomania (January 2016)

[1376] ODD and tomatoes (January 2016)

We took tomatoes out of our diet almost 5 years ago as we were heading down the ODD road with our then 8 year old. I happened across something on the fedup website which said to try stopping tomatoes if you are thinking ODD. We have not looked back. Within 48 hours I was no longer being hit or sworn at and there was no more punching doors or walls. We were already trying to cut out all additives and preservatives and basically as many numbers as we could. The results were life changing, at home and school. We started the elimination diet in 2015 and have seen even more results, from everyone in the family! I definitely agree with everyone in the family doing it at the same time - Penelope

[1375] 621: "super sensitive to anything with MSG and its friends" (January 2016)

After all these years of checking labels and numbers I have found I am now super sensitive to anything with MSG 621 and its friends 627, 631 and 635 especially.

Yes I was sensitive to MSG before - it made me thirsty and gave me a headache but just this year I got caught with Aldi products (cheese and bacon balls, I had about 10 of them !). They say “no additives” etc and it has “NO MSG” in big letters on the packet but it was full of 627 and 631. They are worse than 621, 50 and 100 times more potent. After the pain I suffered Ii believe it.

The bowel pain and diarrhoea was instant, that is my first bad attack since I have been on a strict “no 600’s” diet.  The pain was so intense I thought I was dying ! - Enid by email. See 129 ways that MSG is hidden from consumers

[1374] Salicylates cause buzzing ears, unpleasant blocked ear sensation (January 2016)

[1373] Salicylate cravings during pregnancy - do they predict a child who is sensitive to sals? (January 2016)

[1372] Major Depression, anxiety, muscle pain and other symptoms overcome with the help of a recommended dietitian (December 2015)

I hope my experience is of help or encouragement to someone.

I first did the RPAH Elimination Diet (strict dairy and gluten free) in 1997 after experiencing chronic hives. I had the help of a dietitian and had seen an immunologist. The diet showed I was sensitive to salicylates and amines. For many years I successfully managed my hives by taking a daily antihistamine and also by reducing my intake of very high chemical foods, although I wasn’t very strict at all with managing the food side of things.

Over the last 5 years, I rarely had hives anymore, and thought maybe I had outgrown my intolerance. So I gradually increased my food chemicals again. Then in 2012, I experienced a Major Depression for 8 months. I was feeling so low, so hopeless, and crying all the time, it was the darkest time in my life. I work as a Graphic Designer, and I found my creativity totally vanished when I was depressed. This was very frightening, being creative always came so naturally to me, and losing this ability had a big impact on my livelihood too. READ FULL STORY

[1371] A failsafe journey (December 2015)

I'm happy for you to share our story, maybe it will help some other poor mum out there who is ready to strangle her kids.  Life just shouldn't be this hard.

My life has changed immensely since embarking on our journey in January 2014 after the heavy prodding of my husband. I will admit I was a cynic, however after 3 days of eliminating a few things just to get started while I was researching, I have become a massive convert and preacher of elimination and food intolerance! I saw my 4 yr old turn into an emotional loving boy within just 3 days. It was a massive change. READ FULL STORY


[1370] "She came back a different child" (December 2015)

[1369]: High salicylate mint flavoured blue Savacol mouthwash causes eczema, behaviour problems (December 2015)

[1368] My baby was eating all of the very high salicylate fruits and vegetables (November 2015)

I am a first time mother to a little girl who has just turned one. She was a contented baby who always slept well until 6 months (when I started her on solids). Night time wakings usually consist of severe tummy pain, wind, reflux and very irritable. After that, things got progressively worse. Once we thought it was teething and she was given nurofen (high in salicylate compounds) over a few nights. After having a UTI infection recently things went downhill and she had a major reaction to an antibiotic called Bactrim (syrup contains two benzoate preservatives). Since this episode our daughter has suffered SEVERE reflux and improved after Gaviscon. I found it hard for doctors to believe initially that it was reflux, but found a specialist (paediatric doctor) who examined my daughter and was witness to her wet burping. My specialist has prescribed Nexium and Gaviscon for 6 weeks.

Having looked for answers as to what my child might have, and no help from any GPs I decided to write a diary of food and when these behaviours started.   I have tried my daughter on gluten, dairy and wheat free diets with no success. READ FULL STORY

[1367] Medical ignorance of the role of food in alopecia areata (patchy baldness) (November 2015)

[1366] Seizures due to salicylates (November 2015)

[1365] Asthma related to preservatives (sulphites, benzoates, nitrates) and colours including natural colour annatto 160b (November 2015)

Our son's breathing problems and wheezing started at four months, when a GP put him on antibiotics. He was on the nebuliser at least twice a day with corticosteroids, ipratropium and salbutamol and oral steroids thrown in when he got really bad. He had all the tests for causes - dust mites etc - which proved negative. Then he started solids at 5 months and got worse.

When he was two and a half we started on the elimination diet. His asthma disappeared in the second week.

Challenges showed that Joe reacted to sulphites, benzoates, nitrates and colours, both artificial and natural. One musk stick (artificial colours azorubine and erythrosine 127) started him coughing within three minutes. Annatto natural colour 160b took a little longer. Artificial yellow colour tartrazine 102 turned out to be the worst of all. Through experience, we learned that Joe gets asthma from colours in antibiotics and toothpaste. Additives can also be absorbed through the skin, so he also gets asthma from coloured shampoo and liquid soap.  - from Fed Up with Asthma

[1364] 202: Sorbates - took 20 years to realise that flatulence, belching and loose stool were caused by preservatives (November 2015)

Don’t forget, you can scroll through all current stories


**WARNING** Logan Farm Guilt Free fries are no longer failsafe as they’ve added 160b annatto, as mentioned in last newsletter. But are they using up old packaging and not yet declaring the presence of annatto in their Straight Cut chips? This is legal but could be misleading for the many who react to annatto 160b as badly as to any artificial colour. See full article


SUCCESS! Macca's fries are failsafe again. In early December, watchful failsafers saw that McDonald’s had changed to using the synthetic antioxidant BHA 320 in their fries. We wrote to them and five weeks later McDonalds reverted to using the failsafe antioxidant 307 tocopherol, as you can see at (accessed 22/01/2016) See full article


Failsafe toothpastes: Oral Hygiene Solutions website is now 

Red wines - for those who can tolerate salicylates and amines or who are willing to suffer the consequences for the sake of celebration, here are some red wines grown biodynamically with no nasty chemical sprays in the vineyard and no additives to the wine. To anywhere in Australia from Albany WA, from one bottle to one dozen they can post using the wine producers discounted postal rates - thanks Irene Bunn 08 9842 6266


These provide science-based access to information on added and natural chemicals, on symptoms and support. See full list of over 100 factsheets and remember that you can use the search function to search all factsheets (Information>Factsheets>Search all factsheets)


Thanks for your continuing support of each other!

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Finally a failsafe blog in Hebrew (“as Failsafe in Hebrew sounds too alarmist”). “We've been hobbling along, and two of my friends have been able to stop their kids' Ritalin thanks to failsafe. Greetings from one more family you've changed the life of” - Emma, our local contact in Israel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diet not working as well as you'd hoped? One tiny mistake can make a huge difference. For fine-tuning, see the Checklist of common mistakes. Readers tell us this list is very useful. You can also ask for our Salicylate, Amine and Glutamate mistakes sheets This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Food Intolerance Network hit 8 million visitors in February 2016. Interest in food intolerance and in eating food without additives continues to grow.

Local contacts: can generally answer some questions about failsafe eating - many have brochures and a copy of the DVD to lend out. They can also advise on supportive dietitians locally.

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All Failsafe Newsletters can be searched and printed. There is a wealth of research, issue discussion, recipes, personal reports and recipes now available in one place. But some of the links are out of date and you must always check current products rather than relying on historical information.

Success story collections: These are the most popular downloads from the website,
organised by symptom and by additive.

The Food Intolerance Network strongly supports the peer-reviewed publication of evidence regarding the effects of salicylates on health, behaviour and learning and acknowledges that more research needs to be published, particularly using dietary salicylates. However the very foundation of science is observation and these observations over many years show an astonishing and convincing range of real symptoms. We hope that they may assist in stimulating further research publication.

Reintroduction guidelines: for people who are extra sensitive, the new RPAH reintroduction guidelines recommend much smaller servings of salicylate and amine containing foods than previously, see reader comment below. Available on request from
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you so much for the new RPAH reintroduction recommendations. I now understand why when I tried to ascertain my tolerance levels and did as my dietician recommended (try 1/2 a cup of salicylates) that my symptoms returned very quickly. ½ a cup is 100 times ¼ of a teaspoon, and given my scent problems I’m probably highly sensitive. Now I can try again. - failsafer, NZ


On a lighter note, the ideal diet has been found!


Noodles for Miss 7


I've been getting frustrated with cooking two different meals each night because little Miss 7 didn't like what I had! Tonight though I had a winner. My gosh it was delicious!  - thanks to Joanne

1 packet (200g) thin egg noodles (eg Chef’s World from Costoc or alternatives, see Failsafe shopping list)
3 tbsp rice syrup
1/2 leek, chopped fine
1 cup green beans, chopped
1 cup cabbage, chopped fine
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp rice bran oil
4 eggs

Boil rice noodles in salted water according to directions on packet, drain and stir in rice syrup. While they are cooking, stir fry vegetables in oil in a wok or pan. Tip vegetables out onto noodles. Pour beaten eggs into the same pan to make an omelette, roll up, cut and serve on top to noodles.

Besan Crackers


They're easy to make, taste great plain or with poppyseed or garlic, on their own or with dips (especially hummus, strangely enough) and they stay crunchy for weeks in an airtight container. I suspect there also work well as 'corn chips' in nachos. I always make a double batch - thanks to Stephanie

1 cup besan (chickpea) flour
2 tbsp failsafe oil
3-4 tbsp water
Salt to taste (about 1/4 tsp)
Poppyseeds (about 2 tbsp) or garlic powder (about 1/2 tsp) optional.

Combine all ingredients well, adding enough water to make a stiff but rollable dough. Divide into 2-3 (depending on the size of your baking trays and roll each part as thin as you can between 2 layers of baking paper. Remove top layer of paper, score the dough into shapes as desired, and slide onto a baking tray. Bake 200°C for 5-8 minutes.

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