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The Food Intolerance Network provides information and support for people worldwide using a low-chemical elimination diet free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE) for health, behaviour and learning problems.


Diet helps school results

Now targeting: Progress on petition - Reject a new way of hiding MSG in foods

Research: How many salicylates in Australian foods?

In brief: Good news: MSG for kids to be limited in Europe; Study finds 'potentially toxic' nanoparticles in Australian baby formula; www.fedup.com.au website issues; Australian government proposes to release new industrial chemicals without testing

Your questions: Wondering about the 93 food intolerance test and if it's worth the $380 to do it?; Are essential oils failsafe if they have been tested free of salicylates?

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Good news:  we have been reporting severe itchy rash reactions to flavour enhancer 635 since it was introduced 23 years ago, and have encouraged consumers to complain to food manufacturers. This month we heard for the first time that Maggi have apologised and given a $30 voucher to an affected consumer of their Continental Spring Vegetable Simmer Soup, see David’s story [1455] below.

People say they like the reader stories. Well, there are some outstanding stories in this newsletter including vertigo due to salicylates that led to our surprisingly popular blog post. See also reports about sleeping difficulties, angry outbursts and depression;  fibromyalgia and chronic, widespread pain; a message from a teacher about autism, and many more.  Story [1454] is a must-read, it’s a fascinating facebook thread (Eczema: “crying in pain from the welts” but specialists deny food link). Thanks to everyone for support so freely shared and to Lyn who wrote:

“Thanks again, Sue, for everything you’ve done, and continue to do. It must bring you such a feeling of vindication & joy when you read through the many different stories people have. I’m often amazed at the different ways people react to various things. Without you, our lives would all be much harder and I thank you sincerely from all of our family”.

More good news: in Europe, MSG for children is to be limited (see In Brief below). Meantime it is becoming more difficult to know what is in our food. Some food companies respond to consumer concerns by hiding additives as ingredients, or lately as "processing aids". Please jump in and sign a petition launched to stop a new way of hiding MSG in foods.

Happy failsafeing - Sue Dengate


 Diet helps school results

A recent Australian study found that eating more vegetables is associated with higher NAPLAN scores and drinking sugar sweetened beverages with lower NAPLAN scores.


Why is this a surprise? We failsafers have known for years that diet affects schoolwork and there is plenty of quality research. In a typical diet success story, this mother wrote:

“Last year I put my 8 year old boy on the elimination diet … now he is achieving amazing results at school. He achieved very highly in the NAPLAN … ” – Paula story [1201]

Emotional and behavioural problems

Another recent Australian study found that children with behavioural or emotional problems lag behind in maths and reading and “are at high risk for academic failure”.  Hmm, behavioural problems.  Our website is full of stories about them.  Paula explains:

“Before the diet my son was in trouble at school every day, he was argumentative, angry, hyperactive … one of the naughtiest children in the class”

Then there are emotional problems, like this story – the family had done the diet for their 8 year old “rascal” and were surprised by the huge change in their older son:

“My 12 year old son’s severe depression turned out to be due to amines and is gone completely on the diet. He is achieving so much more at school.” [1070]

Adolescents are affected too

A study in Western Australia found that school performance in adolescents is affected by diet. We agree. Years before that study, a teen named Russell wrote to us about how diet had given him back his old powerhouse brain:

“I am an 18 year old student. The diet has been immeasurably useful for me. I can now think better, clearer, and I can reason logically where before an idea would just revolve around in my head ...” [1019]

It’s worldwide

All over the world, researchers are suddenly finding that the Western diet is associated with poorer achievement and a “healthy” diet with better achievement. But what exactly is it about the western diet? A massive Korean study found:

Good: eating regular meals with fresh fruits, vegetables, milk
Bad: processed foods such as soft drinks, instant noodles, fast foods, sweets
Bad: skipping meals especially breakfast, eating unhealthy snack foods instead

Eat junk and flunk:  what exactly is the problem?

This is where researchers get fuzzy.  Ignoring years of earlier research about food chemicals, they say the problem may be due to missing nutrients.  But that doesn’t explain what every failsafer knows:

why does the diet work within days when you finally get it right?

Researchers always ask…

what are the good foods these kids are eating?  They don’t ask “what is it that that these kids are NOT eating when they eat vegetables 7 nights a week?”

We say …

the problem is due to additives (and for some children the natural food chemicals salicylates, amines and glutamates) in those junk foods – and some healthy foods - that are avoided in the RPAH elimination diet.  And that is why the diet can work so quickly.

“My son was diagnosed with ADHD and I started the diet. Amazingly the results were seen the next day when he actually completed a test at school (and received 100%) ....” – Victoria [643]

Why NAPLAN achievement is important

Asian countries top world achievement tables for education. According to the 2015 OECD rankings for 15 year olds, Singapore comes first, followed by Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. When the first tests were held in 2000, Australia ranked 6th for maths, 8th for science and 4th for reading (out of 41 countries). In the most recent tests, Australia had dropped to 19th for maths, 16th for science and 13th for reading (out of 65 countries). Despite large amounts of money being spent, the performance of Australian students in literacy and numeracy has flatlined for the past three years, according to 2016 NAPLAN data.

See the ignored evidence timeline and references in blog



Progress with our petition: 4,412 people have signed the Network petition about a new "processing aid" enzyme that increases MSG and glutamates inside your food without showing anything on the label. While several other enzymes have sailed through the FSANZ approval process and disappeared from labels as "processing aids", the MSG enzyme approval has been delayed and delayed. It appears that public attention to this sneaky trick may be working. Please sign and pass on to your groups. We'll keep you posted when this process comes up for public comment.

changeorgglutaminase The rash in this photo is a reaction to a dietitian-supervised MSG challenge [1398]

Reject a new way of hiding MSG in foods - permission is being sought for protein glutaminase as a "processing aid"

Please sign our new petition urging Government to reject it.

There are two things wrong about this enzyme:

•    It considerably increases the level of free glutamates in your food. This makes your food more flavour enhanced or, to put it another way, increases the MSG which many consumers seek to avoid.
•    It will never be shown on the ingredients label because it will be classified as a “processing aid”, part of an international food industry trend to hide the additives which many seek to avoid.

If this enzyme is approved and hidden, there will be many more used to manufacture currently regulated food preservatives inside your food so that they are not listed on the label. You will have no idea that there are propionate or benzoate preservatives hidden in the food. You will have no idea that the free glutamates have been vastly increased then boosted further with hidden ribonucleotides. And the label may legally say “No MSG” or “No added MSG” or "No preservatives".

Please jump in and sign the petition now.

Why are people signing our petition?

Of those who made comments, the strongest by far with more than 700 responses is that consumers have a right to know what is in our food:

Adding it without our knowledge is just criminal – John
We have a human right to know what is in the food we eat - Monique
If they need to "hide it" we have a problem!!! – Renette



How many salicylates in Australian foods?

Some recent salicylate analyses have found results inconsistent with earlier analyses, an issue of concern to those intolerant of salicylates found in most fruit and some vegetables. See this issue addressed in the Question below. Naturally occurring dietary salicylates: A closer look at common Australian foods. Sreepurna Malakar, PR Gibson, JS Barrett, JG Muir. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 57 (2017) 31–39. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0889157516302241


Good news: MSG for kids to be limited in Europe

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have just reviewed the presently unlimited use of MSG and other glutamates – in flavour enhancers 620-625 - and have recommended that limits be set, particularly for children and adolescents and the foods they are likely to eat. They estimated that current glutamate exposure largely exceeds, in these population groups, the proposed ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) at levels associated with some adverse effects in humans.

The Food Intolerance Network has lobbied for over 20 years for glutamates to be taken seriously like this. Currently glutamates can be added “in line with good manufacturing practices”, whatever that might be. Only six forms of glutamate are subject to even this cursory restriction.

Given that EFSA’s conclusions were based on evidence freely available for many years, one could ask why there has not previously been a numerical safe intake level (ADI) specified for glutamic acid and glutamates in the EU or Australia? Read more detail

Study finds 'potentially toxic' nanoparticles in Australian baby formula

For information only, not to scare you, our food regulator FSANZ at work again: A recent study by the European Union's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety that concluded that needle-like nano hydroxyapatite was potentially toxic and shouldn't be used in oral care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash and declared them "fully synthetic". Then a world-leading team in nanotechnology at Arizona State University found 2 out of 7 off-the-shelf baby formula products contained these nanoparticles. A year ago FSANZ said these particles were illegal in baby formula - and now they've been found, FSANZ are saying they are safe. Incredible. http://www.smh.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/study-finds-potentially-toxic-nanoparticles-in-australian-baby-formula-20170622-gwwb2j.html

www.fedup.com.au website issues

Some people accessing the Network website using a PC may be seeing a blue background and non-functional main menu - sorry about that. Working on it. Try using the search function, the quicklinks or a tablet or mobile to access the information.

Australian government proposes to release new industrial chemicals without testing

Food chemicals are poorly assessed before approval. Now Cancer Council Australia, unions and public health advocates have expressed alarm over a proposed move to slash industrial chemical regulation, which mean more than 99 per cent of new industrial chemicals will not be officially assessed for threats to public health and the environment before being introduced to the public. It will save industry about $23 million a year but, don’t you worry about that, it will be “balanced by increased post-market monitoring, to ensure that health and environmental protections are maintained”. We’ve heard that before about food chemicals. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/industrial-chemicals-turnbull-government-moves-to-slash-safety-testing-regulations-20170816-gxxzt0.html


Q: Wondering about the 93 food intolerance test and if it's worth the $380 to do it? - Tegan

A: Our experience in the Network is that tests such as hair/AAE/Igg/Elisa/Rast/Imupro don't work for food intolerances (although they may be of value for true allergies). Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit researchers, whose diet we support, say “Unlike allergies, there are no skin tests or blood tests that can help diagnose intolerances” (page 19, RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook).

This website lists 15 allergy tests to avoid and is worth reading because some also claim to diagnose food intolerance: http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org/page/unproven-methods-food-allergy-tests.aspx. Ditto this from an Australian source https://www.allergy.org.au/patients/allergy-testing/unorthodox-testing-and-treatment 

The tests may appear to work because they exclude so many things, and some of them people do react to. The trouble is that you are also excluding some foods that you can in fact tolerate (false negatives), and still taking some foods that you can't tolerate (false positives). People who try this approach will often find that they believe that they can tolerate more than they expect initially, but it is very difficult for an individual to measure symptoms that change by small amounts on a day to day basis - this can be because symptoms are changing (eg going from restlessness to loud and annoying) or because the changes are tiny each day but can build up.

Here is our test: if the person who diagnosed it wants to sell you something, a supplement or more tests, be suspicious and ask for scientific evidence.

There really is no substitute for doing a thorough and systematic Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Elimination Diet and challenges, preferably with an experienced and supportive (both!) dietitian.

Do it once and do it properly and then you will know for sure what affects you is my motto and then you can eat failsafe or explore other avenues from then on with confidence - Howard.

A dietitian’s response:

A positive IgG test results just indicates that person has been exposed to that food. It does not give reliable information about whether the person has an allergy to that food, and it certainly doesn't reliably determine food chemical intolerance (which is not caused by an immune system pathway) - Melanie Reid

Another response:

Those I know who have had IgG testing done - it was a waste of money. Gave both false positives and false negatives, which they didn't realise until after years of avoiding around 100 foods while symptoms continued (although to a lesser degree). In fact, I know of someone who ended up in hospital after IgG testing told him his long-term allergy was actually safe. It wasn't - Tracy Gaze

Last words from two parents: 

I had IgG food intolerance testing done. It came out saying I was sensitive to egg white and beans, but nothing else. I have never reacted to these foods and yet an elimination diet has shown I have major intolerances to salicylates, amines, glutamates, preservatives, dairy, gluten & environmental chemicals. My conclusion is that intolerance testing is a waste of time - Bron

In my opinion it is a waste of money and the only true test is an elimination diet - Jennifer.

Q: Are essential oils failsafe if they have been tested free of salicylates?

A: Essential oils are NOT failsafe, based on clinical evidence. Some essential oil products have been tested to be free of salicylic acid BUT with food intolerance, when RPAH say "salicylates" they use this as shorthand for a wide range of ring compounds to which they have found people reacting. Every food consists of many hundreds of chemicals and nobody could isolate exactly which chemical is causing the food intolerance reaction. We understand that RPAH have simplified their findings by lumping together those foods which people react to which usually contain salicylates. Not very exact, but a useful tool when it comes to deciding which foods. In this case, older and less exact methods of chemical analysis are more useful than more specific analyses. See more https://www.fedup.com.au/factsheets/support-factsheets/fumes-and-perfumes and https://www.fedup.com.au/factsheets/additive-and-natural-chemical-factsheets/inhaled-salicylates

Some years ago we spent a considerable sum on salicylate analyses through an Australian laboratory and found that the results did not coincide with those from RPAH results, which were based on a more difficult form of testing. At that stage we stopped, but the fact is that the RPAH elimination diet and challenges WORK based on considerably clinical evidence, whereas we have yet to know whether liberalisation based on these new analyses will work for food intolerances.

If you have done a thorough elimination diet and challenges and are thus certain that you react to salicylates, we would be very interested to know whether you can tolerate any essential oil in genuine salicylate-free form. It wouldn't mean that others can tolerate it, but it would be useful information.


You can scroll through the full text of all stories: for every story we report, there are probably another 10 that cover similar issues. And these are just the ones we get to hear about. Names have been changed to protect privacy.
Success story collections: organised by symptom or by additive keywords are proving the most popular downloads from the website. They'll be added to as time permits.

All stories are now given in full in newsletters because people tell us that they are so useful and positive!

[1459] "assumed on a gluten free dairy free diet they are only eating good food ..." (August 2017)

I have 2 children, aged 4 and 16 months and I have been battling for years to figure out what is going on, gut wise and behaviour wise.

They are both on gluten free diets as there is Coeliac disease in our families, and my 16 month old is also on a dairy free diet because of his issues and I cannot figure out why he in particular is not getting any better.

I would have assumed being on a GF and dairy free diet they are only eating good food, but from your website I'm now understanding there is so much more to look into food additives/preservatives/salicylates. As it turns out, some GF breads have preservative 282 in them. Apple juice has preservative 202 so too the butter I have been putting on her bread. That is easy to cut out now because of your website, but there is still so much more that makes my head spin, in particular the flours and what goes into GF products ... tapioca starch, tapioca flour, cornflour, corn, potato starch, potato flour… argh! it's so hard to know what is ok and what is not!!

UPDATE:  I have been seeing a dietitian for 5 weeks now to help work my son out. It is definitely looking like salicylates are one of his issues! With corn high on the list! On this trial I have now had almost 1 full week of him sleeping through the night, he is so happy to eat and generally all round a much happier 17 month old. I am back to dietitian on Tuesday for a follow up and to talk about the next step. Your website has been the best thing for my life!! - Tennille

[1458] Salicylates in white willow bark and vertigo (August 2017)

I was searching for symptoms after making a connection between intake of white willow bark tincture for back pain and vertigo. I've just seen your Salicylate Factsheet and it all makes sense - especially as I’ve been using Ibuprofen regularly for my chronic back pain made worse by a car accident a year ago.
Initially I used a product recommended by the health shop called 7 Solgar. It helped the pain but didn’t agree with me so I switched to white willow bark and have had vertigo for 2 weeks.

I stopped taking all my herbal medicines and the vertigo subsided but came back today after taking white willow bark and then a light bulb came on! Not helped by mixing it all in a nutribullet with fruit!!  Thanks for the article – real help. - Ramesh, UK

(Sue’s comment: And see my blog post Vertigo and salicylates - we have been surprised by the huge amount of interest in it.)

[1457] Amines: a lighter look in dialogue (August 2017)

Do you think 'your honour, I was testing adding in amines again' would work as a defence in court?

Depends whether the judge was a failsafer - Rachael

I feel like understanding this post is a "laugh or cry" moment - Nik

I like to think of them as angry amines :( - Rachael

Mainly angry cheese woman :(

Speaking as a 'nightmare scary chocolate psycho' I can fully sympathise! - Kathy

We have antagonistic amines here. It would be me on trial, not the child.

Bahahaha - Ruth

That gives you the perfect excuse to lock yourself away In a Epsom salt/bicarbonate of soda bath! -  Teresa

BwahahhahHaha I sure hope so for my children's sake!!!! – Adreanne

(If this dialogue puzzles you, see Factsheet on amines, a natural chemical found in foods).

[1456] Adults too (August 2017)

I would just like to say that preservatives affect adults too. I discovered some years ago that additives in the 200-300 range seem to make me ill even to the point of giving up my job. Two out of three of my children are also affected by preservatives in food. I live on fresh food and for the last 3 years mainly vegetarian. I no longer suffer with the severe headaches that plagued me most of my life. I am just so pleased to see that it is not all in my head. - email (this report first appeared in Failsafe Newsletter 34 in 2002 but was not numbered)

[1455] 635: “severe rash with blisters” (August 2017)

I have just experienced a reaction to eating Continental Spring Vegetable Simmer Soup with flavour enhancer 635. I broke put in a severe rash with blisters under the skin. I had a warm bath and used a soothing cream and medicated powder. Most of my body is affected. I have taken an antihistamine tablet. Is there anything else I can do to get relief? - David

A Caltrate tablet helped kill the reaction for me in about 30 minutes. I haven't touched msg for about 14 years now - was the main thing that caused my asthma, migraines and I would vomit the next day - sensitive side of things - Tracy

I still have the rash but it has reduced in intensity. I have resisted the urge to scratch but it is like a living hell. This is the first time for me. It is starting to now. It made me very weak as well as heart palpitations and migraine - David

(Howard's comment: David lodged a formal complaint with the state food safety authority, with no reply after two months, and also with the food company, who apologised and provided a $30 voucher)

[1454] Eczema: “crying in pain from the welts” but specialists deny food link – facebook thread (August 2017)

This time last week my 3 year old son was crying in pain from the welts, open sores and eczema that covered his entire body. I had ice packs on him and was dosing him up with pain medication, steroids and anti-histamines... again. He has suffered like this from 4 months old. We have done everything under the sun to help him (and his older brother) but nothing has really worked. We use steroid creams every single day, as well as wet wraps etc. Their skin specialist denied that eczema has anything to do with allergies or food intolerances. Over and over she said "they are born that way, the creams are the best way to help them". Well, after much research and getting in to see a dietician, I started my 3 year old on the strict failsafe diet on Monday (we were already gluten and dairy free). Within 24 hours the redness in my son's skin was gone, he had stopped scratching. Within 48 hours his sores had stopped oozing and started to heal. Just 7 days in and his skin actually feels human and not reptilian. He keeps telling me how much better his skin feels and for the very first time in his life he slept through the night. The WHOLE night!!! I'm blown away and kicking myself for not doing this years ago AND very scared to start challenges. I have had them on an organic fruit and veges diet, full of fermented and cultured foods, bone broths etc. turns out I was making them worse. But all in all, a result I had never even thought was possible! You can see the massive improvement in the pictures! - Emma


My daughter had the same experience - covered head to toes in eczema and medicated creams did virtually nothing. 11 years of now being Failsafe and she has only had a tiny patch of eczema a couple of times, always for her linked to an overload of salicylates. I never believed that healthy fruit & vegetables could cause such dire eczema, but it absolutely does. Best wishes to you and your son for an eczema-free life - Louise

My son's dermatologist told me this too, that his eczema was nothing to do with food. I didn't believe him, because I had already seen his eczema worsen every time I ate eggs (he was fully breastfed at the time). His eczema (and tantrums and night terrors, too) melted away completely within 3 months of going off artificial colours, preservatives and additives. That was several years ago and we have not looked back. Well done to you for finding the answer!  - Paula

Wow! What an improvement! I have seen first-hand the effects of diet on skin conditions in my family. It's irrefutable to me - Nicky

I totally agree. The change in him is completely undeniable. Anyone who knows us has commented on the massive improvement in his skin. He looked like a leper a week ago and today a normal child. I can't believe that a specialist would completely dismiss food intolerances?!! – Emma again

My child's meltdowns melted away after removing artificial food dyes, preservatives, and artificial flavors. But of course, like yourself, two different doctors told me food had NOTHING to do with her meltdowns and constant crying. Ya right. They actually told me she needed therapy and to seek out a mental health professional – Kathy

I was also shut down by medical professionals, I'm diagnosed a mental illness called somatic symptom disorder because of that diagnosis I've been told I have to stop all investigations and just treat the pain I get, but now I know the pain is definitely from food! – Lauren

Well done for trusting yourself! We got told the same thing about both of my kids, my daughter was full body eczema and it kept getting infected. My son not so bad, but upset tummy all the time. When she was around nine months we started the failsafe process for both kids and myself. They are so much healthier for it. Only small amounts of cortisone now and usually only when we have a challenge or slip up. Be brave and do the challenges, you will probably find that there are only a few that trigger symptoms and then you will be able to broaden your diet. I have also found that recovery from the challenges is quicker than the initial healing. And if they are like my kids you might be able to stop after only two days of a challenge because you can already see the dreaded return of eczema. Also you may be surprised what other things improve as well as eczema and sleep - Megan

The best help I got from any Dr was when he said 'just keep doing what you are doing, because it's working' - Kim

The medical profession as a whole don't know, and they can't pass on what they don't know – Paula again

I think something we need to keep in mind when talking to doctors is saying "Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit elimination diet".  They may take more notice of a diet that has been studied and comes out of a hospital - Tania

[1453] “It is 1000000% worth it. Now he's a happy calm boy” (August 2017)

We are on day 124 of failsafe (yes I count the days in their food journal haha) and the improvements we have seen are phenomenal. We originally started for behavioural issues with my 3 yo (eldest of three) which have improved 10 fold but also in the process have completely eliminated the angry rashes that used to flare up "for no reason" (we now know salicylates or ‘sals’ were our culprit). Definitely a journey but completely worth it! And thank you!

We have come such a long way and I'm so proud of myself but even prouder of them. Gone are the days of chicken nuggets. Today for lunch we are having coleslaw (cabbage, celery, choko with him mayo), mini chicken mince balls and potato chips!


Our issues started around 2.5yrs with anger, defiance, hyperactivity, short fuse, one track mind, resisting sleep, poor speaking, not playing well with other kids, argumentative, constantly frowning, horrible behaviour out in public. You know the screaming child doing the ragdoll out in public? This was him.

The day that made me realize I had to do something was when I bawled to my husband in the shower after a bad day saying "I'm so disappointed in myself and I'm so angry I have a child like this!" I was completely defeated
My mum recommended failsafe to me and gave me the book to read. Haven't looked back. First month was rough as he had withdrawals which made his behaviour worse but now that we have come through the other side I'm just amazed. It is 1000000% worth it. Now he's a happy calm boy that listens and we can take out without dreading how he's going to react - Elizabeth

Lisa: I've been chatting to my husband about the diet. My son is 4 and is very active, doesn't listen, tantrums when he doesn't get his way. His language is very good it's just his behaviour. He starts school next year. He craves our attention so much and having 3 kids means we can't give it all to him and so hoping we can work out what foods are triggering certain behaviours. Thanks. It helps to chat to people who have similar issues.

My hubby wasn't 100% convinced with the diet until we reintroduced foods on a "challenge" and Mr 3s behaviour turned horrible again, then we both realised how much he'd changed - Elizabeth

Karina to Lisa: your son sounds very similar to my now 5.5 year old before we started the diet 2 years ago. Believe me when I say it's worth it xo. We are a happy functional family again. Sure, Mr 5.5 still has his moments, but it doesn't even compare to when he is off the diet. It was a good week before we saw any improvement. What we now know as 'normal' son took 3 weeks. In saying that he's particularly sensitive to the additives and preservatives and colours in food (one red lolly and we've got an angry aggressive boy again for a week) so it might be quicker for you. Good luck and best wishes.

Corrie: I am right there with you. We are not far in and have not gone the full diet and already we have a calmer child. She is still fairly inattentive but that we can manage, it is the tantrums, defiance, and aimless activity that is the tiring part.

[1452] Autism: thank you for “changing his life” (August 2017)

Just thought I'd share. My son (now 12) was on the failsafe diet for a number of years due to his behaviour which was a result of food intolerances.

As a teacher, I see so many kids that would benefit from a change in diet but it is a very tricky subject to raise with parents. About 5 years ago, I taught a little boy with Autism. He was very bright but his behaviour was extremely challenging both at home and at school (picture a 5 year old hurling chairs through the classroom with 20 other kids ducking for cover).

Last week I received a lovely message from his mum, who found my name on facebook. She wanted to thank me for "changing his life". She did look into food intolerances and has made changes to his diet (and hers) and it has made a huge difference.

My point is....I know that this is a long and difficult journey. And sometimes people think you are crazy and don't believe that food is the culprit.

But I truly believe you can change your child's life by eliminating those foods that are not working, for whatever reason.

So stick with it. You are all doing such a great job at helping your child (or you) to become the best possible version of you - Jenny

[1451] 210: Benzoate preservative reactions (August 2017)

We've just completed the Benzoates challenge. Holy moly I've never seen my 2yr old act like that - Belinda

We just had a 10 day reaction to benzoates with my 5 year old. Not pretty is it ???? - Louise

Benzoates are UUUUUUUUUGLY!!! - Lucinda

(Howard's comment: for challenges, dietitians usually recommend lemonade which contains a benzoate (210-219) preservative. Benzoates are also common in medicines, fruit juices, cordials and in many personal care products. See more in Benzoate story collection)

[1450] 160b: “his throat itched” (August 2017)

My 12 year (gluten sensitivity, nut and seasonal allergies) just had a reaction to the Annatto extract used in Earth Balance Soy Free Vegan butter. We've never used this product before but did some gluten free baking with it. Each time he ate the cookie we made, he had a respiratory reaction. He said he felt like his throat itched, he needs to cough and he keeps clearing his throat – Frances USA

[1449] Pain from fibromyalgia – facebook thread (July 2017)

Has anyone had any success with fibromyalgia as my best friend is really struggling with chronic pain and depression and her sons have allergies and ASD? – Jen

I haven't formally had a diagnosis of fibro but I do suffer all over chronic pain, headaches and severe fatigue which was ruining my life. After 6 weeks failsafe, df and gf and although It's not completely gone it's 80% better than it was... I have tried all sorts of meds, nothing has worked better than this diet and I've tried a lot of different ones and doctors didn't know how to treat me or what was actually causing my illnesses so I gave up on them.. so this diet was a desperate resort and don't regret it.. tell her give it a go for 6 weeks if no changes then stop... got to do it strict tho it didn't work for me until I was strict and df/gf.. so good to not be in bed sleeping for days or not able to do anything because of the constant pain I couldn't explain because it is invisible to others they think it's in your head. . It kind of messes with your mind because you know it's not normal but nothing I did helped. Like I said I still suffer chronic pain and fatigue but it's controlled now when I never thought I'd find anything that would work – Melanie

I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), previously accompanied by FM (Fibromyalgia). The FM pain disappeared with the fs diet. It was excruciatingly painful all through the night for the sals challenge and now only comes back if I eat the wrong foods – Elaine

I went on this diet for other symptoms but have found my FM pain has significantly reduced - Sharyn

I've had a great help with my pain through this - Bianca

I might interest her to research Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome. A lot of people who have fibro fit the EDS criteria and there is a strong link with ASD and depression – Peta

Low salicylates might be good to try - I have a related immune issue and it completely eliminated my symptoms within a week - Clare

My mother had fibromyalgia for years (undiagnosed for most of it). At dietician’s advice she went off dairy and wheat and a few vegies and became a new person, she had energy, pain went. Amazing. The last few years she has been able to have small amounts of wheat and dairy without symptoms returning – Jasmine

Another fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue success story here. Getting started was so difficult as I was really unwell, so I spent a month gradually working my way up to it. Once I went onto strict elimination, my health improved quickly and dramatically. It's very surreal. I never considered that all my symptoms could be intolerances (I did the diet to support my daughter) and I have found very little about chronic, widespread pain being a possible sign of intolerances. Within 24 hours on my sals challenge I could barely walk again, due to pain... is this a really abnormal response, or just not talked about much? I'm 8-9 months down the track now and amines in particular give me fatigue symptoms and salicylates give me fibro-type pain. Sorbate preservatives also gave me pain throughout my body, but of a slightly different sort - Shireen

See also other stories:


[1448] One-liners (July 2017)

Just a little bit excited and wanted to share.....after 4 long weeks plus two weeks waiting to see the dietitian and trialling the diet by ourselves Mister 5 has hit baseline. His sweet little personality is shining through and he is happy, sleeping through the night, rash gone and life is harmonious. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way - digital support groups rock and I'm super grateful – Jackie

Once again, thank you SO much. Your care, concern and attention to detail are amazing – Sylvia

Thanks for your book and the information, having been ill for years and not realising that it is the food that I eat, it’s amazing, it’s so hard to get any Doctors to understand – Jean

Thanks again, Sue, for everything you’ve done, and continue to do. It must bring you such a feeling of vindication & joy when you read through the many different stories people have. I’m often amazed at the different ways people react to various things. Without you, our lives would all be much harder and I thank you sincerely from all of our family ­ - Lyn

[1447] Anaphylaxis reactions to salicylates (June 2017)

I've been told after many years of torture with allergies that I'm salicylate intolerant. Can you please send me the factsheet on what is safe to eat. I've been eating oat bread with chia seeds thinking it was a healthy choice. I'm from Ireland and when I ask for salicylate free products they look at me like I've two heads.

You'd be surprised at the number of pharmacists and medical profession who have no idea of sals allergy/intolerance.

I've been in intensive care five times due to anaphylaxis: the first one was penicillin, the second and third were anti-inflammatories: diclac (diclofenac) and then ibrupofen. I was being trialed for a non penicillin antibiotic and my airways closed within twenty mins. The other two times one was a take-away chicken curry and the last one was a cake while in the hospital. I had it in the cafe so they were able to take the cake for testing and (after two years of being tested for everything by the immunology team) they were finally able to tell me it was salicylates I was having an allergic reaction to. I knew I was allergic to aspirin after the anti-inflammatory episodes and as I thought penicillin but they think now it could be the colours in the capsules but they're not sure yet without further testing. However that was a month ago so I've been trying to cut as many salicylates as possible from my diet thanks to your site. For years I was prone to asthma attacks, blocked sinuses, swollen feet, bloating, constant tingling on my tongue, fatigue, fybromyalgia, streaming eyes and sweating. And to top it off I now have hypothyroidism and the eltroxin medication has not worked for me over the past two years.

Since trying to cut down on salicylates I've noticed most of the above symptoms have lessened greatly (apart from hypothyroid problem) but at the moment it's trial and error. Thanks again for you help. - Mary

Sue's comment: see a similar story [093] Life threatening anaphylactoid reaction to salicylates (October 2000)

[1446] Diet cures 5 years of chronic back pain … and joint pain, anger outbursts, depression (June 2017)

I originally found your web site searching for a relationship between my anger outbursts and my food consumption and found it also got rid of my 24/7, five year, day-in day-out chronic back pain. I also had ongoing knee and wrist pain from years earlier that I had put down to being overweight as the pain started when the weight did and no xrays or ultrasounds found any issues.
In June 2010, I injured my lower back, it got better, then I would do some gardening or cut my toe nails, or spend too much time in the kitchen (I like to cook), and it would set it off again. After two years of pain /no pain, pain /no pain it stayed for five years.  Every second, day and night. I’m not fussed on pharmaceuticals available to me as they either didn’t work or I was a zombie, so I just put up with it. I bought a tens machine, table inverter, saw an osteopath, medicine man, two pain clinics, acupuncture … nothing helped for more than an hour or two.
In September 2016 I started ridding my diet of preservatives and numbers as I did some research on anger and food as I didn’t want to have to take the ”don’t kill people tonic” (black cohosh, chaste tree etc) for the rest of my life. I trialled this abstinence for six weeks as recommended, I wasn’t 100% off everything but probably around 80-90%. I went overseas for a couple of weeks which blew the diet then resumed the diet after Christmas realising that the anger crept in the more the preservatives did. I also noticed that the less numbers and preservatives I consumed the less back, knee and wrist pain I suffered. The more high preservative, high number foods I consumed the back, knee and wrist pain would kick in.
I already bought bread, toothpaste, wine and juice without numbers or preservatives and a year earlier had stopped buying baked beans, tinned spaghetti, sauces, soy and almond milk and changed my brand of peanut butter all because the ingredients in these pre-packaged delights had too much sugar/oil/salt. I didn’t realise preservatives and/or numbers were also in vegemite, crumpets, dried fruit, large volumes of oil like the type restaurants, takeaway shops and packaged food businesses (crisps, popcorn etc) use, cheese, dips, soda, jam, cordial, gherkins, artichoke hearts, beetroot (the last three pickled or tinned), biscuits, grapes, crackers, tacos, cakes, gravy as well as processed meat and prawns. I can’t believe the list goes on forever, other than the last two items these were things I ate, daily. Most thankfully I’ve found have alternatives for within other brands or other shops like health food stores for dried fruit or the Italian fruit shop for pickled vegies.
The damage within my back still exists as it kicks in hard with every period or too much party food. Chronic pain could all be resolved with a lack of acceptable poison.
Here are some recent examples….

* My husband & I went to trivia last Thursday night and to make it on time we needed to eat at the pub. The only vegan item on the menu (yes, I’m also vegan) I had eaten at the other pub they run on Tuesday, felt a bit of back pain on Wednesday and so have crossed that meal off the list as preservative free. Instead, I ate a large bag of crisps for dinner (I hadn’t bought crisps at home for two weeks to avoid them as I was eating a small amount almost every day…), took me two hours to consume but my back and knee pain was excruciating on Friday. You see, my brain can’t comprehend this, but it will eventually as Saturday, my back was a tad stiff but no pain and no pain in my knees.
* During my chronic pain I needed to do stretches and exercises every morning otherwise my entire back would stiffen up, if I missed four consecutive days I could barely walk. In the last two weeks I’ve not exercised or stretched four days straight, twice, and all without pain and minimal stiffness.
* Today I prepped food and cleaned up the kitchen for two hours, before I could just manage 30 minutes without needing to sit on a chair.

A lack of preservatives and numbers/additives in my consumption has also has greatly reduced/rid my recently developed OCD of locking my car multiple times and my depression that I’ve had since my late teens.
My injury is still with me as the damage has been done, but I can’t feel it unless I consume something silly. As is my anger, negativity, depression etc but it seems so far away I can scarcely feel it, it is no longer a highlight in my day.

I didn’t figure people wouldn’t believe me as everyone believed I had the pain I endured.

I was suicidal for the last 5 years coming to grips with the fact that this is as good as it gets and I’m only 40, how bad will this pain be when I’m 80. Not just my back pain, knee pain, chest pain, wrist pain, but can I stand to live with this pain for another 40 years. I changed careers because of it in my forties. Specialists have been telling me to lower my stress levels or lose weight or pace activities. I do all these things for months and no change. I stop consuming preservatives and after a couple of months I cannot feel the pain even if I look for it. And no one cares, no one believes me, maybe because I can’t get my head around it either but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Both pain clinics I’ve been a patient at over the last few year just ignored me. I really appreciate that you have a place to share with the world the horrors of the food industry. – Alison

[1445] Six days and rash nearly gone (June 2017)

My daughter has been on strict elimination diet for 6 days, her rash has improved so much to the point of nearly being gone.  I knew tomatoes, strawberry, soy sauce and vegemite were definite triggers and I am still waiting to hear back from dietician about challenges after her skin has completely healed – Hannah


[1444] 635: suspected food allergy to flavour enhancer 635 (June 2017)


I suffered my first allergic reaction yesterday afternoon and didn't know what was happening to me. After eating half a bag of CC's for the first time in many years, I began to get increasingly tired and had a nap. When I woke up I felt a burning sensation in my lungs as I breathed in, followed by an intense itching and redness on the palms of my hands. After a minute or two the itching became a painful burning sensation, then the burning stopped and the itching spread to the back of my hands. I then noticed that the skin on the back of my hands seemed to be puffy and fluid filled and my fingers were swelling. 

The itching then spread to the soles of my feet and the rest of my body. The skin on my torso and thighs broke out in red spots and hives, I also noticed that swallowing was painful and there was an itching sensation in the back of my throat and on my tongue.
Luckily it didn't progress to anything more life threatening and my partner was there to take me to seek medical treatment.
I will contact the manufacturer to let them know I suspect flavour enhancer 635 as the culprit of these symptoms. Thanks again for the information, being able to make comparisons on the symptoms I had helped me understand what might have been happening with my body - Lubov

Lubov's update

I got in contact with the Snackbrands Australia, who produce CCs, and their representative was lovely and very concerned. I let them know that I had a reaction to what I suspect was the flavour enhancer, and she told me I should check all labels carefully and avoid the ingredients that caused the reaction in the future. Common sense, but I appreciated the gesture all the same.

The doctor prescribed an antihistamine and Prednisone, that seemed to work really quickly. The chemist also recommended I try the foods again in small amounts to try and build up a resistance to it, but I haven't been game to do so thus far.

Sue's comment:

Our recommendation would be to take the advice from The Snackbrands rep - avoid the ingredients that caused the reaction. In our experience, 635 is different from all other additives. It is the only group of additives that actually affect the immune system and reactions seem to get worse not better in many people, see a few excerpts below.

Jennifer from story [483]  Started out with "the itchiest hive-rash I have ever had" - over several years, this progressed until every time she ate 635 by mistake "the swelling seemed to get worse and worse to the point where I was definitely at risk of anaphylactic shock ..."

Sharon from story [1443] "I ate about a handful of Dorito's or CC's or whatever, and the next day I had a lumpy itchy rash all over my breasts and upper chest that lasted two weeks.... " With several worsening reactions to small amounts over several years, Sharon avoided this additive. Then one day, she unthinkingly licked the fork she had been using to stir her husband's instant noodles (containing 635). The result was an immediate and lifethreatening swelling of the lips, tongue and throat. This additive has now been banned from their house.

[1443] 635: Sharon's 635 story with life-threatening update (June 2017)


Last year (2001), I ate about a handful of Dorito's or CC's or whatever, and the next day I had a lumpy itchy rash all over my breasts and upper chest.  Also on my upper thigh. I went to the bin and found the empty chip packet and noticed the new number 635.  Then I went to the doctor who, truth be told, didn't even wait for me to finish my "theory", but told me that it was probably because I have changed soaps or shampoos (which I hadn't).  I waited (painfully) for the rash to go away - about 2 weeks.  Then I tried the chips again, and the rash was back again.  Since then, I have re-read every label on everything we have bought.
Yesterday, I bought a packet of barbeque chicken flavoured rice crackers.  I had 6 of them, and about 30 minutes later my face felt as if it was on fire, and I got a few lumps on my face and neck.  I read the label - it has 635 in them.  I thought, this might be a coincidence, and I won't get the rash.  I tried to convince myself that I just had a few blemishes.  This afternoon the rash is back and exactly where it was last time, and driving me mad again.  My husband has just told me that my upper back is also covered.
First Update

 I have just inadvertently consumed some more 635!  Eek.  My daughter's friend made some two minute noodles "No MSG Added" - and I had a dessertspoonful - no more because I didn't like the taste - ten minutes later, whammo!  The burning started, so I went and checked. The ingredients list included chicken flavour and hydrolyzed vegetable protein (and there was 635).
Guess I should have read the packet before accepting!!!  Am I correct in thinking that the chicken flavour and hydrolyzed vegetable protein would both contain some form of MSG? (YES.- S) In which case, does the "No MSG Added" tag really carry any weight, as the MSG is added within these products? (NO. - S)
 I'm feeling very itchy and burny all over, and incredibly stupid for not checking ingredients before consuming!!!!

Second update

I bought a packet of rice crackers (Fantastic brand, I think, I have to check) - they were PLAIN - but had "Flavour Enhancer 635" added - what, are they really, really plain??  I fed the crackers to a friend but kept the wrapper!

Third update

After scrupulously avoiding these additives for several years, Sharon inadvertently licked the fork she had been using to stir her husband's instant noodles (containing 635) - the result was an immediate and life-threatening swelling of the lips, tongue and throat. This additive has now been banned from their house.

[1442] Amines: "my son slept for 4.5 hours straight for the first time in 8.5 months" (June 2017)
I went to see a dietitian about my son waking on average every hour, having been on a strict elimination diet for 2-3 weeks with no difference to his sleep. The dietician didn't tell me that the probiotic I was using was high in amines and didn't pick up that he was probably having too many amines from other food he was eating. I found out through the facebook group that the probiotic is high in amines. After two days of stopping it, my son started sleeping better. Last night, my son slept for 4.5 hours straight for the first time in 8.5 months. I can't thank you enough.
I've spend thousands on specialists trying to find out what is wrong with my son. Through your books and the forums, I've found out more than going to all of the specialists combined - member of facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/128458328536/

[1441] Severe eczema in a child (June 2017)

I wanted to say thank you for all of you help and support towards my son. We have seen a huge improvement, strict failsafe diet with no dairy and no wheat. I can't believe the change. Tummy and back are completely clear and face is nearly all clear too. – Jasmine


Don’t forget, you can search for stories/symptoms or scroll through all current stories


Failsafe sausage list updated. Thanks to everyone who responded, the failsafe sausages list has been expanded and updated. Many of the speciality butcher shops now understand failsafe, a credit to all in our Network. READ MORE

“My son has been in heaven since he got failsafe sausages and I think he’s starting to look like a sausage” – thanks Gwenda


Allergy Train, a store and community run by  dietitian Jenny Trezise in Melbourne, caters specifically for people with food intolerance at www.allergytrain.com.au. Allergy Train can now ship internationally to many different countries based on the weight of the parcel. Covers USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK so far, enquire for others. 


Factsheets provide science-based access to information on added and natural chemicals, on symptoms and support. See full list of over 100 factsheets and remember that you can use the search function to search all factsheets (Information>Factsheets>Search all factsheets)


Thanks for your continuing support of each other!

A video-graphic introduction to food intolerance from one of our Network members (2 mins): Food intolerances, what are they? Thanks to Steph Aromataris www.stepharomataris.com


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Reintroduction guidelines: for people who are extra sensitive, the new RPAH reintroduction guidelines recommend much smaller servings of salicylate and amine containing foods than previously, see reader comment below. Available on request from
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Thank you so much for the new RPAH reintroduction recommendations. I now understand why when I tried to ascertain my tolerance levels and did as my dietician recommended (try 1/2 a cup of salicylates) that my symptoms returned very quickly. ½ a cup is 100 times ¼ of a teaspoon, and given my scent problems I’m probably highly sensitive. Now I can try again. - failsafer, NZ


At the Failsafe Table is a fantastic resource for busy parents. For instance these spring rolls:

Healthy spring rolls

For lunch for everyone today. Filled with poached chicken, fried egg, fried leek with garlic, thin slices of bean and celery, rice noodles (I put in carrot too as we are mod sals) sprinkled with poppy seeds…I love when you make food and you wouldn't even know it's failsafe! – thanks Elizabeth


Lentil loaf
Tastes great, freezes really well, use as a popular vegetarian burger in a bun.


1 cup dry green lentils
2.25 cups water
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 leek, finely chopped
½ bunch shallots, finely chopped
1 tbsp failsafe oil eg canola
1 carrot, grated
1 celery stalk, finely chopped
¾ cup rolled oats
2/3 cup plain flour OR 1 cup tapioca flour if GF
2 tsp guar gum
½ -1 tsp salt to taste
1 tbsp carob sauce with 2 tsp brown sugar to glaze (optional)

Boil lentils with water for 40 mins, covered, then set aside without draining. If you use a large saucepan you can do all the mixing in it later. Preheat oven to 170˚C. Stir fry garlic, leek, shallots with oil until translucent, add carrot and celery and continue until cooked. Remove ¼ of lentils and add to stir fried vegetables. Blend remaining lentils, with a top blender for instance. Add vegetables to blended lentils, mix and add dry ingredients. Mix well. Pat down into a greased bread tin, glaze to stop drying out during baking. Bake 45 mins. Allow to cool thoroughly before slicing. Makes about 12 serves and is best served with a sauce like That Cheese Sauce. Spray a pan with oil and fry slices  to make popular lentil burgers.

Meringue in Thermomix


3 egg whites at room temperature
Pinch cream of tartar
½ cup caster sugar
Pinch salt
1 tsp cornflour

Wash and dry the Thermomix bowl so that it is completely clean and there is no moisture whatsoever remaining. Using butterfly, whip egg whites to stiff peaks, 3-4 mins, 50˚C, speed 3.5. Reduce speed to 2.5 and add the sugar, salt and cornflour mix 1 tbsp at  a time, pausing to allow sugar to dissolve over another 3-4 mins. Spread using a broad spatula and bake about 10 mins 180˚C until browned but not burnt.

See also Lemon Meringue Pie recipe, a great favourite from the Failsafe Cookbook

Big Anzacs
This version is with failsafe oil, not butter and so has much lower saturated fat. Total fat content 12.9% instead of 16.6%.


1 cup plain flour
2 cups rolled oats
¾ cup sugar
½ to 1 tsp salt, to taste
80 g failsafe oil (eg canola)
2 tbsp golden syrup
2 tsp sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
3 tbsp boiling water

Mix together flour, oats, sugar and salt. Heat oil and golden syrup together in a saucepan. Mix bicarbonate with boiling water and add to oil mixture which foams up (make sure it is a large enough container). Pour into blended dry ingredients and stir to combine. Place large spoonfuls of mixture onto greased oven tray, pressed together between bare hands if you like, leaving room to spread. Bake at 160°C for 15 mins fan-forced, don't burn! Allow to cool somewhat before lifting gently onto a cooling rack.

Many many more recipes

At http://www.fedup.com.au/recipes/blog and you really can't do better than to get the regular newsletter from the new website of At the Failsafe Table



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Failsafe Thermomix group with recipes and a place to ask questions etc https://www.facebook.com/groups/139914166142279/

I bought a Thermomix a couple of months ago, and absolutely love it. These machines are totally awesome, so pure and clean, and I truly believe that if we’d had a Thermomix years ago when our son was at his worst, it would have saved us a lot of heartache, as well as time and money - Susan.

And the very useful weekly meal plan website https://mealsplans.wordpress.com/


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