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The Food Intolerance Network provides information and support for people worldwide using a low-chemical elimination diet free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE) for health, behaviour and learning problems.


Diet, ADHD and school suspensions

Gout and diet

Imagine if this was your daily life with fibromyalgia

Nitrites do not protect against botulism

Now targeting: Qantas snacks – what is in them?

Research: Ultra-processed foods linked to obesity; Scientists discover link between diabetes and bread preservative propionate 282; Titanium dioxide 171; Fast screening for coeliac disease

In brief: Reduced price for Wein Personal Air Supply AS180i; Marketing to children

Your questions: Anyone get (blurry) vision issues as a symptom of amine/sal intolerance?

Success stories: [1521] – [1532]; Heartwarming UPDATE TO [601] Bernard's arthritis story (February 2008)

Failsafe shopping list: Additive-free marketplace, New Zealand: worst and best food awards

Factsheets: over 100 science-based information sheets on symptoms and additives plus video resources. New factsheet on gout  Update on fibromylagia  List of 4 most popular blogs from Sue Dengate

Support community: Failsafers talking to each other. UK facebook group again accessible.

Cook's corner: Creative birthday cakes, Carob black bean brownies (V), Access to thousands of delicious recipes through At the Failsafe Table

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In this newsletter: 3 recent studies have linked ultra-processed foods to obesity and life-threatening health problems. Health experts now recommend: "eat less ultra-processed food and more unprocessed or minimally processed food" - just what we have been suggesting for 25 years.

New reader stories include the outstanding [1528]: "Pre-failsafe, my daughter was annoyingly hyperactive and inattentive. I was looking for one trigger." Instead,  this mother found her daughter reacted to six different food chemicals with completely different reactions lasting from a few hours to a full week. "Combine that and you've got a stupidly hyperactive kid who runs around like a total fruit loop with not one single care about discipline, boundaries or consequences ... I know RPAH (failsafe) elimination diet is huge and daunting ... but it really is the best (the only?!) way of clearly connecting trigger foods with symptoms".

And: "We are towards the end of Elimination Diet for Master 4 with ASD & ADHD. We have had significant improvements in behaviour - defiance, hyperactivity, stimming, concentration ..." from story [1526].

Gout: we didn't consider this a failsafe issue but now we do, due to common high-purine food additives that are ignored by virtually all gout diets; plus why were tomatoes listed as the 4th most common gout trigger in a recent survey? See our new gout factsheet and the extraordinary story [1532] "My partner  (47) has suffered from medically diagnosed gout for three years and has tried many things; prescribed medication, a low lectin diet, ... the prescribed medical low purine diet to no avail ... He avoids all amines and glutamates and he is now gout free."  
As well, a recipe for failsafe Carob black bean brownies that are a huge hit with visitors.

 - Sue Dengate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           heading2focus

 Diet, ADHD and school suspensions


A recent survey found that a quarter of students with ADHD have been suspended for ADHD-type behaviour with more than forty per cent of suspensions occurring in the first three years of primary school. Disappointingly, there was no mention of diet, yet failsafers tell us it makes a huge difference.

"By mid second term - pre-diet, in Kindergarten – my son (with severe ADHD/severe Anxiety Disorder/ ODD) had been suspended 7 times for violent behaviour ... Since the diet, he hasn't even been sent to the Deputy“ – from reader story [217]

School trials

Likewise, when Howard and I ran a 2-week additive free trial at Nana Glen primary school, Principal Laurie Renshall was extremely impressed by the results:

“… this year we’ve averaged 6 students on detention per week. Over this last week (the second week of the additive-free trial), we haven’t had one student on detention. It speaks volumes for itself.”

VNanaGlen   Watch video     Read Sue's full blog with references and reader stories

Gout and diet


Gout is the most common inflammatory arthritis, can be insanely painful, is linked to the Western diet, is increasing worldwide and Māori people have one of the highest rates.

“In men aged 65 and over, gout is estimated to affect 17 percent of non-Māori- non-Pacific people, 37 percent of Māori and 47 percent of Pacific people” (NZ Govt stats, 2019)

Twenty-five years ago, we started supporting families doing the RPAH Elimination Diet after it worked so well for us. We were surprised by how many failsafers mentioned an improvement in gout.

Back then, the official gout diet was simply to limit high purine-containing foods and drinks: meat, seafood and alcohol, especially beer. Next, medical journals reported that gout sufferers might have to avoid certain medications especially low-dose aspirin (salicylates), commercial sweetened drinks and fruit juices and more foods such as tomatoes (high in salicylates, though this isn’t recognised) – and gout was still increasing.

Then - without a label warning - high purine food additives became really common in the late 1990s and the rate of hospital admissions for gout in NZ doubled over the next 10 years.

The diet we recommend (RPAH elimination diet) works so well for gout because it avoids:

  • high amine & glutamate foods - strongly flavoured meat and seafood that are also high in purines
  • most alcohol -  gin, vodka and whisky are the only failsafe drinks. One gout study found beer drinkers increased their risk by 50% for every daily serving, while those who drank hard liquor increased their risk by 15% for each drink
  • MSG boosters E627, E631 and E635 (guanylates, inosinates and ribonucleotides) - not even mentioned in most gout diets
  • salicylate-containing drugs like aspirin and high-salicylate foods like tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, fruit juice and flavoured commercial soft drinks

Everyone is different. A trial of the RPAH elimination diet with challenges can help to identify individual gout triggers.

See in particular story [1531] below. Read full blog Failsafe - best gout diet?

Imagine if this was your daily life with fibromyalgia


  •     widespread muscle and joint pain
  •     fatigue
  •     non-restorative sleep or insomnia, restless legs
  •     foggy brain

    Or these other conditions also known to respond to diet that can co-exist with fibromyalgia
  •     IBS (irritable bowel symptoms)
  •     headaches or migraines
  •     depression
  •     asthma, and many others

At my absolute worst, with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and IBS, with speech issues, constant headaches, psoriasis, untold medications and a very real chance of having to use a wheelchair, I can easily say FS saved my life.  I'm now fit and active, run a business, teach belly dancing and thoroughly enjoy life - Sue from [1273]

Wouldn’t you want to at least try an elimination diet? For chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, 4 weeks on the strict diet RPAH elimination diet including gluten and dairy free is recommended by experienced dietitians

  •    some people improve within one week
  •    some say a full 6 weeks or even longer
  •    some say, it only works if you follow the diet strictly, e.g. ”it didn't work for me until I was strict and df/gf” and “Once I went onto strict elimination, my health improved quickly and dramatically” - Melanie and Shireen from story [1449]

See Sue’s blog for more reader success stories, symptoms, science and tips.
See also Fibromyalgia factsheet

I’m 58 with severe salicylate intolerance. Thankfully, my avoidance of sals over the last 7 months has "cured", or put me in remission, for ulcerative colitis … My roseacea is also cleared after 3 years … My fibromyalgia is gone – Kathy from story [1473]

I have fibromyalgia and MSG/glutamates cause horrific pain through my whole body, but I'm ok with amines – from story [1479] (See scientific study The effect of dietary glutamate on fibromyalgia and irritable bowel symptoms.

Nitrites do not protect against botulism


A bombshell internal report written for the British meat industry reveals nitrites do not protect against botulism – the main reason ham and bacon manufacturers say they use the chemicals.

As failsafers we do not eat additives 249 and 250 anyway and we have said for years that they are unnecessary and potential carcinogens. But the Australian and New Zealand food regulator FSANZ seems deaf to such concerns. Will they act now?

The scientific study was commissioned by the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) to provide evidence that nitrites, which have long been linked to cancer, are essential to protect consumers from food poisoning and particularly potentially fatal botulism.

But, in a major blow to the industry’s claims, the research found there was no significant growth of the bacteria in either the nitrite-free or the nitrite-cured samples that were tested. The additives are not necessary – they are in fact only used to make the meat pink and appear more attractive.

This blow comes just after food and medical experts and politicians in the UK united to tell the meat industry to stop adding these cancer-causing chemicals to bacon and other cured meat products.
Food intolerant people report headaches, stutter, eczema, mania and depression from these additives and there is growing scientific evidence of harm.

More at 

Factsheet on nitrates and nitrites                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   heading6nowtargeting

Qantas snacks – what is in them?

On our recent flight, we were handed this ‘bush tucker’:


Underlined in red are two artificial colours known to harm children and a sorbate preservative.

The artificial colours would have to carry a warning in the EU ‘MAY HAVE AN ADVERSE EFFECT ON ACTIVITY AND ATTENTION IN CHILDREN' and are warned against in the National Healthy School canteens guidelines p42 )

The flight was on Wednesday 17th April. The first sign of mould was on 20 May, 5 weeks later, so not actually immortal sitting on my desk at room temperature.

Qantas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. responded: “I know our catering team will want to know how you felt about the ingredients on the snacks provided onboard. We do cycle our menus regularly, so your comments are appreciated will be used in our next review of this service.”

You could email them too if they give you snacks containing nasty additives. Thanks! (More information Artificial colours  Sorbates factsheet)


Ultra-processed foods linked to obesity

Our readers have been telling us for years that they lose weight when they switch from the typical Western diet to failsafe eating. Now a world-first (and world-class) study published last week agrees. On average, participants gained nearly half a kilo a week on the ultra-processed diet and lost nearly half a kilo a week on the unprocessed diet – failsafe eating emphasises an unprocessed diet. Hall KD et al, Ultra-Processed diets cause excess calorie intake and weight gain: an inpatient randomized controlled trial of ad libitum food intake. Cell Metab. 2019 May 16. pii: S1550-4131(19)30248-7.       See Sue's blog with references and reader stories

Scientists discover link between diabetes and bread preservative propionate 282

A team of US and Israeli scientists has found a link between propionate, a common food additive, and diabetes. Upon administering propionate to mice, the scientists recorded a hormonal surge that caused the mice to gain weight and develop a resistance to insulin. Researches then conducted a study on humans, observing higher levels of glucagon in people who had ingested propionate. Glucagon works to increase the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream.           See Sue's blog on this topic with how to avoid propionates, references and reader stories

Titanium dioxide 171

The common whitening food additive 171 may have ‘harmful’ influence on human health: a recent mouse study reported that nanoparticles found in more than 900 products including chewing gum, medicines and mayonnaise could be doing significant damage to people’s gut health and even cause serious diseases such as cancer. Health researchers say dementia, auto-immune diseases, cancer metastasis, eczema, asthma and autism are among a growing list of diseases that have been linked to soaring exposure to nanoparticles. In France, health experts are so concerned about the effects of E171 that the government is banning its use from next year, as reported by our Network - full text

Fast screening for coeliac disease

The Wesley Medical Research Institute in Queensland has developed a 10 minute diagnostic screening test for coeliac disease, using a droplet of blood to indicate whether the subject requires further testing to confirm the presence of coeliac disease. It can currently take a number of years to diagnose a case of coeliac disease once a person first presents symptoms. where you can also join their clinical trials if in Queensland.

Reduced price for Wein Personal Air Supply AS180i

10% has been taken off the price of this tiny silent wearable device, available at - it creates a bubble of pure air about your head and face as a defence against perfume, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses, mould and smoke. Many food intolerant people are also sensitive to perfumes and many have found this device useful, particularly to avoid respiratory illness after long flights - see feedback in link above. See recent blog from Sue on how the Wein controls bushfire smoke (and flu virus)


Marketing to children

Food Legal are now selling food industry courses on MARKETING CHILDREN'S FOOD PRODUCTS, covering issues such as How you market your products as “healthy”? and How to design compliant TVCs, competitions and advertisements which appeal to children? – note that consumers are not being asked to attend.


Q: Anyone get (blurry) vision issues as a symptom of amine/sal intolerance? – Rachel (facebook group) [1525]

I have noticed I don't see as well when I'm reacting to foods – Ann

I can confirm that when food was making me so I'll that I ended up on steroids (there was a waiting list for the rpah Dr and I didn't know what was going on yet) I got so inflamed from all the histamines released in my body from eating non fs foods that my vision blurred – Jen

They interrupt my motor skills so everything is on slow motion, including the messages to the brain, hence the "blurred' or distorted vision - Amanda

Yes me too! I thought it was just me until I joined this group. Mostly for me it’s like the beginning of an aura migraine where I get a spot in the middle of my vision and just can’t quite see ‘clearly’ all day. It’s so frustrating. This diet has been life changing - Kath

I used to. I had so much constant, thick congestion for 9.5 years. Always a sinus headache/vision and eyes achy at times. For me, going Dairy Free and eating low sals has totally changed my life. Life is so much better now. Remember, what works for one, might or might not work for you – Karen

After eating 2 tamari and some corn chips, woke up the morning had blur vision! Haven't had corn for a while and try to reintroduce back but didn't work & at least know the cause! - Fiona

You can scroll through the full text of all stories: for every story we report, there are probably another 10 that cover similar issues. And these are just the ones we get to hear about. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Success story collections: organised by symptom or by additive keywords are proving the most popular downloads from the website. They'll be added to as time permits.

People tell us that stories are so useful and positive!

Heartwarming UPDATE TO [601] Bernard's arthritis story (February 2008)

The most remarkable story comes from Bernard in Wollongong. Now active and virtually arthritis-free, Bernard suffered from painful and crippling arthritis for nearly 30 years. In 1994, he was told that if his arthritis was not controlled by daily use of medication, he had 'only four or five years of active life left'. After extensive reading, Bernard opted to try an elimination diet against the recommendation of his specialist, and achieved remarkable results...

UPDATE 2019: My wife and I are doing fine we think, and thanks to being basically failsafe for nearly 23 years … I  now have had 23 years virtually without pain.

[1532] RPAH diet works better for gout than prescribed medical low purine diet (June 2019)

My male partner  (47) has suffered from medically diagnosed gout for three years and has tried many things; prescribed medication, a low lectin diet (as per the Plant Paradox book by Stephen Grundy), the prescribed medical low purine diet to no avail. His gout was in his foot/ankle and when it flared he could not even stand the bedsheet touching his foot.

I had done the failsafe diet for my daughter 20 years ago with success and I encouraged him to try failsafe. He undertook the failsafe diet as per the RPAH regime (no dietician). We only challenged salicylates, amines and glutamates as we do not eat artificial additives. He is gluten free and only has A2 milk (prior to failsafe as these foods suit him better). When we undertook the challenges he passed the salicylate challenge and failed miserably with amines and glutamates; both bringing on gout. He avoids all amines and glutamates and he is now gout free. – Susan

[1531] Gout one-liners from our facebook group (May 2019)

Mango (high in salicylates) gives me gout in 1 foot  … Really sux cos I have two huge mango trees on my property! Lol – Tanya from facebook group

Dad's not on failsafe diet, this is what he gets. All joints crystallised including his toes. Coconut and beer are the worst triggers for him – Emma from facebook group

My husband’s gout has improved since our family went failsafe. He’s not really on the diet but eats a lot of our failsafe food – Michelle

[1530] Gout and oyster sauce (May 2019)

I started getting gout attacks a few years ago - eventually I realised it was the day after we ate in our favourite restaurant (Thai). We still eat there but I avoid the oyster sauce and we don’t take a bottle of wine.

Sue’s comment:  What’s in oyster sauce?  In Maggi brand, one of the main ingredients is flavour enhancers (621,635) and oyster extract forms only 0.4% of the product. Flavour enhancer 635 is strongly linked to gout. See Gout factsheet

1530oyster   INGREDIENTS: Water, Sugar, Salt, Thickener (1422), Flavour Enhancers (621, 635), Yeast Extract, Flavours (Crustacean, Fish, Soy), Food Acid (Citric), Colour (150c), Oyster Extract (0.4%), Preservative (202).

[1529] “Explosive ADHD symptoms” (May 2019)

We did diet for explosive ADHD symptoms. It made a massive difference. The thing that helped us the most during elimination was focusing on what we COULD eat. I wrote the list on my fridge so it was visible. And I found adapting recipes wasn't that difficult once you got into the swing of it. I highly recommend going the whole hog and doing full elimination. We tried just doing low and moderate and it didn't give us a clear enough picture of what the trigger/s were. I promise it's not as hard as it looks. Just be prepared for lots of white food. But it doesn't have to be boring! – Kat

[1528] ADHD: “I was looking for one trigger” BUT... (May 2019)

Pre-failsafe, my daughter was annoyingly hyperactive and inattentive. I was looking for one trigger. What I learned was...

•    Salicylates make her vague
•    Amines make her antagonistic
•    Glutamates make her highs extra high and her lows extra low
•    Colours make her silly but only last a few hours
•    Antioxidants make her completely ridiculous, an absolute pain in the neck, you can’t reason with her, you can’t discipline her, there’s no comprehension of consequences and it lasts for a week
•    Nitrites stop her sleeping

Combine that and you’ve got a stupidly hyperactive kid who runs around like a total fruit loop with not one single care about discipline, boundaries or consequences, who loves to annoy the living crap out of her parents but who melts down when corrected and whose ears don’t work - ever.

But because the worst one - the antioxidants - lasted a week, I never connected the small Maccas fries she had on Sunday to the crappy behaviour on Thursday, and because amines took WEEKS to build up and was always there, there was no way I could have linked it to aged meat and bananas.

But if I keep antioxidants out, and keep glutamates to a minimum I have a kid who gets vague when she eats too much fruit or spices and whose eyes light up with pleasure at annoying the crap out of me after eating too many bananas. She lives with her reactions. She understands what does what. She doesn’t live on strict diet (or at baseline) she just keeps it “ok”.

I know rpah (failsafe) elimination diet is huge and daunting and really inconvenient but it really is the best (the only?!) way of clearly connecting trigger foods with symptoms – Rhonda

[1527] Bedwetting and diet – facebook thread (May 2019)

What’s your opinion on bed wetting that may be triggered by diet? My son said he’d rather continue to wet the bed than give up fruits ?, he LOVES fruit. I’m just guessing there is a link to fruit - Helen

Salicylates were certainly a trigger for my son in night wetting -Kelly

One sign of intolerance is often that we crave our problem, kind of like an addiction (withdrawals and all) - Tracy

My 5yr old daughter is the same ? - Deb

Sals here ? - Rebecca

Amines cause my daughters oppositional defiance and part of that is holding onto her wee until she wets herself - Tess

4 weeks on the full elimination diet and my son (almost 6) has only had 3 wet nights when it used to be pretty much 5/7 days. Yet to find out our trigger, but it’s been amazing for him. He’s so proud of himself - Marie

Sals was definitely the trigger for my almost 7yo. We changed to moderate and low sals last yr and within a month she was dry at night or waking to pee. Was extremely hard as she loves fruit and didn't want to give it up either but we were also having other issues which also got much better when we cut the really high stuff - Peta

Sals triggered bedwetting in my DD but DS doesn't seem to be any food trigger – Lee

Sals cause bedwetting here for two of mine, one is also additives. Having progressed with tolerance to moderate level, now only happens if consuming over threshold so definitively related here – Emma

(Lightly edited from May 2018 to focus on possible dietary causes. Thanks for the other supportive ideas. See also factsheet on bedwetting)

[1526] ASD and ADHD “significant improvements” (May 2019)

We are towards the end of Elimination Diet for Master 4 with ASD & ADHD. We have had significant improvements in behaviour - defiance, hyperactivity, stimming, concentration. He failed Dairy, Wheat. He can tolerate Moderate Salicylates and Amines. I make up big batches of allowed foods and freeze . I make G/F cupcakes from Ethan’s failsafe Recipes and we are under guidance of a dietician – Sharon

ADHD and diet factsheet

Blog on ADHD label

[1525] Blurry vision issues from food intolerances (May 2019) - see under Your Questions

[1524] "Food cravings go away entirely for the first time as an adult" (April 2019)

I finally had some success with following the diet based on burning mouth syndrome diminishing (see also story [1466])  ... I have new hope for losing weight. I've had food cravings go away entirely for the first time as an adult, which has let me endure some hunger without tears, and I have my peak mental clarity, which I prize - Laura

[1523] "Fleeced by grandchildren" - getting children to stick to diet (April 2019)

I have been failsafe for 8 years and have just completed another round of the elimination diet for some new minor health issues. I'm currently being fleeced by my 2 gorgeous grandchildren (8 years and 6 years) because I promised $1 each per day for their piggy banks for every day they stick to the elimination diet. It's working so far.... for them anyway.- Nicola

[1522] 635: Kathmandu gout man due to flavour enhancers? (April 2019)

About five years ago in Kathmandu, Nepal, we met an American guy sitting in our hotel restaurant with his foot on a chair.  Aged maybe 35, he was barely able to hobble. He said sadly: “I came here to do a trek. But now I have gout – it’s so painful I can’t even walk. My whole trip is wasted”.  Both he and his doctor were mystified about the cause. Gout is usually associated with too much meat and alcohol in older age men - not the case here.

According to a local journalist, gout is common in Nepal, and attacks "seem to start at a younger age group (less than 40 years) in Nepal than what is usually noted in Western medical textbooks (over 60 years)", for unknown reasons. - Sue Dengate


A ribonucleotide-containing noodle soup advertising blimp being towed through minor towns in Nepal

Sue's comment: I guess the culprit in both cases would be ribonucleotide flavour enhancer additives. These additives are heavily used in Nepalese food such as instant noodles, soups, sauces, fast food and snacks. These high purine additives are as strongly associated with increased uric acid and risk of gout attacks as high purine foods although, oddly, they are never mentioned in any medical gout diets or lists of high purine foods.

These additives can be called inosinates, guanylates and ribonucleotides (E627, E631 and E635) or  in America flavor enhancers Disodium Inosinate (DSI or IMP), Disodium Guanylate (DSG or GMP), and the combination of IMP and GMP (I&G).

"Ingestion of large amounts of these compounds by man can increase the serum uric acid level and urinary uric acid excretion and this needs to be considered in relation to people with gouty diathesis and those taking uric-acid retaining diuretics. Hence, specific mention of the addition of these substances on the label may be indicated (but this didn't happen - ed). The changes in dietary purine intake from the use of flavour enhancers are no greater than those likely to be occasioned by changes in consumption of those dietary items which are the main contributors of purine." - JECFA (the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives who assessed these additives in 1974)

[1521] Eczema due to Lyrica (pregabalin) (March 2019)

I have osteoarthritis … lots of nerve pain & damage - and was put on Lyrica to which I reacted and hated being on. After coming off it, I developed skin rashes … diagnosed as very late onset (I’m now 68) eczema which I have never had before. I have heard of (via FB) several others who have also had major skin problems coming off Lyrica - Barb

Don’t forget, you can search for stories/symptoms or scroll through all current stories                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        heading7shoppinglist

Additive-free marketplace now live at, run by Frankie, additive-free food coach and consultant. Not all the food sold is failsafe (watch out for salicylates, amines and glutamates), but it is certainly additive-free and avoids the additives proven to cause problems to failsafers.

New Zealand: worst and best food awards

During a recent family visit to NZ, we were horrified by some of the food and by the lack of awareness of the nasty additives.

The worst

A tie between this ice cream (“people love it, it is the favourite icecream of most children” one mother told us) with four nasty artificial colours.

Three of these would require a warning label in EU ‘MAY HAVE AN ADVERSE EFFECT ON ACTIVITY AND ATTENTION IN CHILDREN'.


And these ‘Garden spinach’ (2%!) wraps with four artificial colours, two preservatives and a nasty synthetic antioxidant.

Even worse than Australian green wraps.


And the best

A wrap and a pita bread


Yes, this wrap contains olive oil which is not failsafe, but only at 1.8% so tolerable for such a useful wrap, also in wholemeal. Hard to find one as good in Australian supermarkets other than Mountain Bread.

IMG 1619pitaNZ

This pita bread was a real find!

It was also interesting that of 6 random loaves of sliced bread in the supermarket, only one had added propionate 280-283 bread preservative (as “fermented wheat”!) and that was the most expensive brand. The same brands in Australia all contain added bread preservative.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            heading8factsheets

Factsheets provide science-based access to information on added and natural chemicals, on symptoms and support. See full list of over 100 factsheets and remember that you can use the search function to search all factsheets (Information>Factsheets>Search all factsheets)

New Gout factsheet

Updated Fibromyalgia factsheet

Here are the 4 most popular blogs, listed from the highest to the lowest number of hits:

129 ways to add MSG and fool consumers

Caution: “cultured dextrose”

Update on failsafe sunscreens

What's wrong with potatoes? NOTHING!!! ... except that it is so hard to buy white ones ...

Don't forget that there is great collection of short videos to help answer your questions and understand food intolerance.

Thanks for your continuing support of each other!

A video-graphic introduction to food intolerance from one of our Network members (2 mins): Food intolerances, what are they? Thanks to Steph Aromataris


Diet not working as well as you'd hoped? One tiny mistake can make a huge difference. For fine-tuning, see the Checklist of common mistakes. Readers tell us this list is very useful. You can also ask for our Salicylate, Amine and Glutamate mistakes sheets This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Dietitians: for failsafe-friendly dietitians, see the regularly updated There is no longer any need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for this list.


DVD "Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour” has subtitles in six languages. (In PAL format only, not available with subtitles in NTSC format. But NTSC format DVDs are at a reduced price of only $14.50 including postage through the shop on As a reward for reading this newsletter so thoroughly, the first two people to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their mailing address will receive a copy of our DVD free!

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The Food Intolerance Network strongly supports the peer-reviewed publication of evidence regarding the effects of salicylates on health, behaviour and learning and acknowledges that more research needs to be published, particularly using dietary salicylates. However the very foundation of science is observation and these observations over many years show an astonishing and convincing range of real symptoms. We hope that they may assist in stimulating further research publication.

Reintroduction guidelines: for people who are extra sensitive, the new RPAH reintroduction guidelines recommend much smaller servings of salicylate and amine containing foods than previously, see reader comment below. Available on request from
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you so much for the new RPAH reintroduction recommendations. I now understand why when I tried to ascertain my tolerance levels and did as my dietician recommended (try 1/2 a cup of salicylates) that my symptoms returned very quickly. ½ a cup is 100 times ¼ of a teaspoon, and given my scent problems I’m probably highly sensitive. Now I can try again. - failsafer, NZ


92cake  92cake02 The creativity of failsafers with failsafe birthday cakes never fails to amaze! (thanks to Julie and Janine)

Carob black bean brownies  (V)
Keep plenty of these in the freezer for those drop-in visitors. Adapted from the Vegetarian’s Complete Quinoa Cookbook by Mairlyn Smith, thanks to Rosemaree


1½ cups (375 ml) cooked quinoa made with water
1 can black beans (540g), rinsed and drained (red kidney beans can be used too)
1 cup (250ml) water
2 cups brown sugar, packed
1½  cups (375ml) quinoa flour if gluten-free (or other flour)
1¼ cups (310ml) carob powder, sifted
1 cup (250ml) coarsely chopped cashews (optional)
1 tsp (5ml) baking powder

Cook quinoa and cool. Preheat oven to 175˚C. Lightly spray a 30x25cm metal baking pan with canola oil. In a food processor, pulse the beans and slowly add the water to puree. Set aside.

In a large bowl, mix together the brown sugar, flour, carob powder and cashews (if using and they are delicious) and baking powder. Gently fold in the cooked quinoa.

Add the bean puree and stir well to combine. The batter will be very thick. Spoon the batter into the prepared pan and flatten the top with a spatula. Bake in the centre of the oven for 50-55 minutes, or until centre if firm and a toothpick comes out clean. Remove from oven and cool completely on a wire rack before cutting. Makes 16-20 brownies. Keeps in a covered contained in a cool place for up to 4 days and freezes very well.

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