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ADHD costs $20 billion a year but no mention of diet?

Vale Dr Velencia Soutter 23 September 2019

Perfume/smoke sensitivity and air purifiers

Research: BarleyMax – Can you help with feedback please?; Acid reflux and heartburn

In brief: How do they get away with hiding MSG? ; Diet fads and fashions - from Friendly Food; Who looks at our website?

Your questions: I have a son who appears to be very sensitive to annatto 160b. How long should the effect last?; Can you give me any suggestions about how to tolerate more salicylates?

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In Failsafe Newsletter 94, just out:

When our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in the 1990s, most people had never heard of it, didn't believe it existed, and experts estimated about 2-3% of children were affected. According to a new report, ADHD is now affecting more people and costing Australia more than $20 billion a year, so why was diet virtually ignored? See what our readers say in the newsletter, like this "We did diet for explosive ADHD symptoms. It made a massive difference" and this "We had huge results after first 2 weeks (of diet). Concentration, focus, calmness". See ADHD blog too.

After Dr Velencia Soutter's sad and unexpected death in September, Network members have written tributes like this "Dr Soutter led our family on quite a journey at RPA, starting in 2007. An amazing doctor, a huge loss to the field" and "She was the one who pinpointed the issues for my daughter and we will be forever grateful". See more in newsletter below.

Living as we do on Australia's mid-north coast means our home has been enveloped in a thick cloud of bushfire smoke for months. To minimise health risks from breathing smoke, we each use a Wein personal air supply when outside and will shortly stock the Wein Vortex VI-3500 Room Ionic Air Purifier. More below.

Reader stories in this newsletter range from one-liners such as "My 3yo self harmed, hair pulling, biting her own fingers, kicking, screaming prior to a change in diet. Two weeks after changing her diet we had a different child ..." to diet-induced pulsatile tinnitus and a fascinating facebook thread about "What are the symptoms that make people go  failsafe?" (answers include migraines, dizziness, nausea, dry eyes, swollen glands, arthritis, asthma, clogged ears, foggy headed feeling and fatigue .... and many more).

Cooks' corner includes a recipe for pasta sauce that you can use to safely eat 2 min noodles (the ones from our shopping list with no flavour enhancers, that is!) 
 - Sue Dengate

ADHD costs $20 billion a year but no mention of diet?


ADHD is costing Australia more than $20 billion a year in productivity losses, disability, crime, accidental deaths or suicide, according to a sobering analysis by Deloitte Access Economics.

  ADHD in Australia

  •    Affects roughly 281,200 children and adolescents, and 533,300 adults
  •    Productivity losses for individuals and families cost more than $10 billion in 2019
  •    Loss of wellbeing was valued at $7.59 billion ($9,300 per person) per year

"There is a huge economic burden that cuts across the whole of society,"
said Professor David Coghill, vice president of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association, which commissioned the report.

So why was diet virtually ignored in the report? “Dietary modification” was lumped in with unproven alternative therapies but there is sound scientific evidence that

most ADHD behaviours can be hugely improved or eliminated using a diet that avoids certain additives and natural food chemicals

We did diet for explosive ADHD symptoms. It made a massive difference … Kat from story [1529]

We had huge results after first 2 weeks of strict elimination. Concentration, focus, calmness. The boy’s dad thought I had sedated him – Tracy from facebook thread on Does diet work for ADHD? story [1503]

READ FULL BLOG with scientific references

Vale Dr Velencia Soutter 23 September 2019

Network members will be saddened to hear of the death of Dr Velencia Soutter, lately of RPAH and co-author of Friendly Food, whose efforts in food intolerance helped so many.

A wonderful Dr who certainly made our life a lot easier over the years – Karen

She was a lovely lady, very sad to hear this – Shona

She was a wonderful help to our family and an amazing doctor – Doris

She was the best doctor our family had ever seen – Marissa

She was so wonderful and so full of knowledge – Renae

Velencia was and will always be a huge part in my family's lives. – Rachel

She was the one who pinpointed the issues for my daughter and we will be forever grateful. The first person who didn’t just think I was a neurotic mother who couldn’t cope with colic! – Janelle

She was inspiring and tough at the same time - made us change all our eating habits for our children’s sake and haven’t looked back – Nita

Dr Soutter led our family on quite a journey at RPA, starting in 2007. An amazing doctor, a huge loss to the field – Caroline

My daughter was seeing Velencia for over 10years. She changed our life! – Kylie

Dr Soutter has been looking after us since my daughter was three (now 12). We are truly grateful for her wonderful help, support and wisdom  - Annette

See two stories in tribute to Dr Soutter below [1546] [1545]

Donations to support research into food intolerance at (choose Velencia Soutter Memorial Fund as direction for the donation). The Food Intolerance Network has made a donation of  $200.00.

Perfume/smoke sensitivity and air purifiers

Many people who have food intolerances are also sensitive to perfumes, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), essential oils and various fumes, some exquisitely so.

After considerable research, we decided to stock Wein Personal Air Supply units to help these people. The Weins are proven to be much better at managing this issue than other units, as you can see for instance in this table that compares HEPA filters, ionic competitors and Weins.

Feedback both positive and negative has been provided by failsafers. See full feedback and access scientific references at

'The best thing I have done about my perfume sensitivity ever' – Sue Dengate

You might be interested in this interview with Oprah about a school student who uses a Wein at school

Wein Personal Air Supply - two models are available:

    AS180i with a battery (60hrs continuous use) $134.09 includes all postage and GST in Australia
    AS300R which is USB rechargeable (about 30hrs continuous use) $187.73 includes all postage and GST in Australia

We will shortly be stocking the Wein Vortex VI-3500 Room Ionic Air Purifier, the most advanced pulsed ionization purifier available as we think it will be very useful for travelling and school rooms.


BarleyMax – Can you help with feedback please?


When we first started this website 25 years ago, doctors had only recently realised that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may be food-related and was not psychosomatic, as previously thought. And that a high fibre diet, as commonly prescribed then, could make things worse, especially if the fibre was derived from wheat. More recently, the importance of the gut microbiota has been recognised and that pro- or pre-biotics may be able to help. Research has shown that barley has the lowest GI of any grain and reduces appetite.


Acid reflux and heartburn

Around one in five Australians regularly have reflux or heartburn. If symptoms are frequent or severe, this is known as GORD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease). PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors), are often prescribed, but if they don’t work changing your diet and other lifestyle factors can help. New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found many people being treated for GORD have something else altogether. 

ABC news article
Research paper
Food Intolerance Network factsheet


How do they get away with hiding MSG?

An enquiry about the 'natural flavours' in an Aldi bread mix revealed that they were “a mix of hydrolysed maize protein, yeast extract and vegetable powders”. In other words, multiple sources of free glutamates, chemically identical to  MSG. This should be on the label as an INGREDIENT, not hidden as ‘natural flavours’. What a joke our food labelling is.

Diet fads and fashions - from Friendly Food (p19, Murdoch Books 2019)

"Popular diets come and go, depending on what theories are currently in fashion. Those based on elimination of various food groups (for example wheat, milk, yeast, sugar, 'nightshades', 'acid', foods) or particular dietary components (for example FODMAPs) also eliminate a wide range of foods that are rich in natural chemicals, so it is not surprising that people with food chemical intolerances who follow these popular diets often feel better, at least temporarily.

"If your health improves on one of these diets, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that you've identified the problem, However, when symptoms recur (as they usually do) you'll need to adopt a more systematic approach to tracking down the real culprits". The charts and recipes in Friendly Food are an excellent starting point.

Who looks at our website?



Q: I have a son who appears to be very sensitive to annatto 160b.  He is 12, and I allowed him to have a golden gaytime the other day as a “test”, given he is a bit older….and very much regretted it as he had a major meltdown 24 hours later.  My query is about how long the effect should last?  After the first episode, he was very much back to his lovely self.  But he had a very violent episode last night….4 days after consumption of the annatto.  I thought that was too long a period to connect his behaviour to the offending substance, but I thought I would check in with you just in case.  I would feel better if I could link his behaviour to something….otherwise it was just a very bad unexplained episode! - Karen

There seems to be two phases. The initial reaction, which can be delayed up to 72 hours but also can occur pretty quickly. Then, with some food additives and natural food chemicals, a withdrawal phase 4-5 days later typically which often shows the same reactions that bothered you initially. Well-spotted! See more at

Q: I was told in my 30s that I had genetic salicylate intolerance but given no more info. About 10 years ago I found the Australian salicylate list (I'm in the U.S.) I'm now 71 yrs and my gut intolerance is getting worse. Can you give me any suggestions about how to tolerate more salicylates?

We support the RPAH elimination diet from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit in Sydney. According to their researchers, food intolerance runs in families but it can also be triggered or made worse by stress, illness, exposure to medications or chemicals such as pesticides, female hormones, and age. Symptoms can come and go and change throughout life. Here are some suggestions for increasing salicylate intake: guided reintroduction, the "holiday effect", the "exercise effect", stress reduction, brain rewiring, chili trial, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. READ FULL BLOG

You can scroll through the full text of all stories: for every story we report, there are probably another 10 that cover similar issues. And these are just the ones we get to hear about. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Success story collections: organised by symptom or by additive keywords are proving the most popular downloads from the website. They'll be added to as time permits.

People tell us that stories are so useful and positive!

[1551] One-liners (November 2019)

Miss 2 and I have been failsafe for about 18 months now, and my 15 yo has chosen to go failsafe in the last month. We have all seen amazing changes, even after just a month for the 15 year old the changes are noticeable - Sara

My 3yo self harmed, hair pulling, biting her own fingers, kicking, screaming prior to a change in diet. Two weeks after changing her diet we had a different child and have never seen that again. She is now nearly 5 :) – Jan

About the DVD: six years ago this movie changed our life. My child is the calm, confident, wonderful child she is because the fog cleared and she was able to look at the world more calmly. We have had our setbacks, but it is easy to pin point now and we fix it up. A few weeks of “coming down” and she is back to herself. She is 10 now and can feel the changes in herself and makes much better choices when I am not around. Eternally grateful – Mel

[1550] Behavioural issues without diagnosis helped by elimination diet 2 (November 2019)

My girl without a diagnosis reacts terribly to amines.  She’s angry, yells, can’t listen, so we keep those out and limit the other stuff.  We started failsafe journey for my boy who was on the cusp of diagnosis (did eventually get the diagnosis) of ASD and ADHD but put both children on it.  Unfortunately we did not see a difference with the child who had a diagnosis but the other one certainly improved even though I just assumed her sometimes ‘angry and irritable’ days was ‘normal’.

We now avoid amines, limit the salicylates and the fake stuff and she is great.  She can actually feel when her body is ‘feeling not right’ from having stuff and because of this she actually chooses not to – Karyn

[1549] Behavioural issues without diagnosis helped by elimination diet 1 (November 2019)

Diet change has had amazing results without formal diagnosis. I found Sue Dengate online when I put in symptoms and stumbled across a list of foods that contained salicylates and behaviours that can result from intolerance. It was a total match for my son. He changed within 48 hours once I removed certain foods.  He's still presents with some ASD behaviours etc. but those relating to salicylate intolerance are managed with diet change.

He was hearing voices. That's what made me very worried, as he was only primary school aged. He's in high school now. The change was dramatic at the time. I was so happy when I found a solution and an explanation. I'd never heard of salicylate intolerance before that – Sarah

[1548] Pulsatile tinnitus from salicylates (November 2019)

Has anyone else experienced pulsatile tinnitus from salicylates? I’m doing my sals challenge at the moment (started last night- so not even 24 hours in) and today my right ear is experiencing pulsatile tinnitus intermittently for the last 5 hours after eating high sals foods. It’s really irritating. I constantly feel like I have a blocked ear (which I don’t think I do). There’s a lot of info about normal tinnitus on here, but curious about the pulsatile kind in particular.

Update one week later: After about 48 hours it went away- but slowly over the few days. Since cutting sals back out I’ve had no more of it at all! – Emma

(Pulsatile tinnitus (PT) is a symptom that affects nearly five million Americans. The sensation of hearing a rhythmic noise, such as a heartbeat, swooshing or whooshing, from no external source, is, at best, a little unsettling; for many, the near constant sound exceeds annoyance and becomes completely debilitating -

[1547] What are the symptoms that make people go on Failsafe diet? - facebook thread (November 2019)

Headaches, blocked nose, runny nose, itchy all over but especially in throat/ears, foggy brain, and just feeling generally exhausted and unhappy – Renae

For me a naturopath suggested it when I was dealing with constant hay fever type symptoms and asthma about 6 years ago. Life got in the way and I never did it. Am now doing it because of my 3mo and have my 3yo doing it too for behaviour and gut issues. It's fixed up my geographic tongue and associated pain after eating - Penny

Night wakes, length of sleep and time to get to sleep, general irritability and crying while having steady weight gain and a healthy appetite and appearance for an infant - Celine

Migraines and brain fog are my main symptoms. Those two overwhelm anything else - Deb

Skin issues, gut issues, muscle aches, asthma - Ashlee

Daily migraines – Elise

I was originally sent to the immunologist because I wanted to find out what was making me always itchy. He then asked me a gazillion questions 'have you ever had....', and I kept going 'yes', 'yes', 'yes', 'yes'. I was causing me so many issues, that I had been going to the doctor about for years. I couldn't believe how much better I felt (after the horrid withdrawal symptoms) after about 6 weeks - Wendy

Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhoea. Headaches - Kara

Angioedema, hives, joint pain, nosebleeds, mouth ulcers, rhinitis, asthma attacks, throat swelling, fevers, and night sweats. Was referred to anaphylaxis clinic and diagnosed as salicylate sensitivity. Decided to do this diet as recommended to me by other sufferers as most accurate - Petrie

I had migraines, dizziness, nausea, dry eyes, swollen glands, arthritis, asthma, clogged ears, foggy headed feeling and fatigue. These symptoms would come n go. I knew I was allergic to aspirin for years n my dr told me to avoid wine. That's it. When I discovered that salicylates were in food, 30 years later, I gave up all foods with moderate to very high sals. 2 days later my symptoms went away. And I surprisingly didn’t suffer withdrawal symptoms like a lot of other people - Joan

Chronic hives – Charmaine

[1546] “My 11yo daughter was born super sensitive” (November 2019) TRIBUTE TO DR VELENCIA SOUTTER

My 11yo daughter was born super sensitive. I knew there was something not right from the 1st week of her being home.

After going from doctor to doctor, when my daughter was 6mths old we finally found Dr Velencia Soutter. Straight away she put us both on the elimination diet and gluten and dairy free. I was determined to continue breastfeeding. After a month on the diet with still no change, Velencia told me to stop solids for my baby and had me only eating chicken, rice, lettuce and potato. Like magic my baby stopped being sick. We spent the next 5 years working out exactly what my daughter was sensitive to. There was many a time I would be crying in Velencia’s office - I was restricted to 2 cook books, Sue Dengate’s Failsafe Cookbook and Velencia’s. I had to do private cooking lessons with a lady to help me learn how to cook. My daughter was anaphylactic to milk, eggs, nuts and allergic to so many other things. Velencia told me that my daughter would be too sensitive to go to school.

But after following everything that Velencia told me to do at age 3 there was a massive shift in my daughter’s allergies and she was no longer anaphylactic to eggs. We did an egg challenge in Velencia’s office and she passed. Then when she was 7, Velencia told us to move closer to the beach, she said “live right on it, send her to a school that is right next to the beach”. At this stage my daughter could only tolerate 2 days of school. We rented out our house and rented a house in Burleigh Heads. The change in our daughter was so much she could start eating carrot and apples and some moderate level foods. She went to school full time. At age 9 she outgrew her milk allergy and can eat so much more food I no longer had to make everything... we could buy  commercial food! Age 10 Velencia diagnosed her with autism and sent us off for a diagnosis of ASD level 2.

I now have an 11 year old daughter who goes to school full time and can eat and no longer has eczema, who now has a new quirky personality. Velencia changed our life. So many doctors didn’t know what to do with my daughter. Our GP phoned Velencia on her mobile every time he wanted to prescribe her medication or to get advice on how to treat her for some illness or another. I spent so much time in Velencia’s office not just for treatment of my daughter but for the amazing support she offered me - Kay

[1545] Amines: self harm and depression (November 2019) TRIBUTE TO DR VELENCIA SOUTTER

Dr Soutter told me of a young girl she met on one of her holidays who thanked her for saving her life. The girl (she said tween) told her about how she used to self harm and she tried to commit suicide a few times as well but she somehow found the RPA Hospital elimination diet and found that it was amines that were making her feel this way and now she is amine free she no longer wants to end her life. The doctor told me this because I was talking about the affect amines has on my little one. If she has amines she is depressed. She cries uncontrollably. My sister in law also has been battling depression and anxiety. She finally listened to me changed her diet and now she no longer wants to kill herself... amines can be a big issue for some people with depression - Kay

[1544] 635: Severe Ribo Rash from rice crackers in an 85 year old (November 2019)

I ate rice crackers - I did not have my glasses on or I would have read the label. Yes! The crackers contained ribonucleotides - I have been aware of an allergy to MSG for about 40 years. That was seven months ago. After two doctors and two dermatologists I almost have the skin back on my legs. From my ankle to my knee I was covered in a rash that turned into keratoses (skin growths that some people develop as they age, can be benign or cancerous). In part my problem was exaggerated by my age - I am 85 in a few weeks.  My legs are much better but I have one lump that will have to be cut out - Molly, South Africa

(More about Ribo Rash caused by ribonucleotide flavour enhancers E627, E631, E635)

Don’t forget, you can search for stories/symptoms or scroll through all current stories 


NOTE the failsafe shopping lists on are being progressively updated to reflect the changes above. If using the shopping lists, check for a current date at the bottom of the list!

The completely revised and updated Friendly Food from RPAH is now available at $38.00 including post and GST from the Food Intolerance Network store

Friendly Foodsmall

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Friendly Food updates

In the Fruit chart, blueberries appear in both the High and Very High columns. RPAH Allergy Unit advises that blueberries are a HIGH source of salicylate and that the second listing (which includes amines) was an editorial mistake which will be corrected in the next printing.

In the Meat and Poultry chart, "Chicken nuggets" (SAG) appear in the Moderate column, and then "Nuggets" (SAG) appear in the Very High column under Processed meat products. RPAH Allergy Unit advises that regular “Chicken nuggets” that are lightly flavoured are a MODERATE in salicylate, amines and glutamate but that “Nuggets” as a processed meat product are VERY HIGH in salicylate, amines and glutamate.

Note that firm tofu is now LOW not MODERATE but of course continue to avoid tofu that is smoked or flavoured (very high in salicylates, amines, glutamates) - thanks to Kimberly.

Non-failsafe wraps

Helga’s spinach and herb wraps do not contain artificial colours BUT, despite the claim ‘no artificial preservatives’ do contain the identical bread preservative 280 added as ‘cultured dextrose’. AVOID


Mission spinach and herb wraps continue to contain two artificial colours (102, 133), a nasty synthetic antioxidant (BHA 320) and two preservatives (282, 200)! AVOID

See blog

Failsafe wraps

The Mountain Bread range is all free of preservatives (Coles and Woolworths

MEB Foods Khobz Wholemeal Pita (Coles

Nana Premium Lebanese Bread White (Woolworths

Airport food

This can be a problem! Some airports have NRG outlets that offer fresh sandwiches without any ingredient information. They were very helpful when I checked with them and the bread is all failsafe (comes from an amazing company BUT the wraps are Mission brand and so all contain the propionate bread preservative 282. Check other ingredients visually!

REMINDER: Peters Original Vanilla icecream is NOT failsafe because it has coconut oil in it. Many have reacted!

Altimate Waffle cones are NOT failsafe anymore due to coconut oil (veg oil).  Woolworths and Coles brand of waffle cones appears to have same manufacturer (Altimate) but under their brand names.  Woolworth essentials brand of ice cream cups are still failsafe.


Factsheets provide science-based access to information on added and natural chemicals, on symptoms and support. See full list of over 100 factsheets and remember that you can use the search function to search all factsheets (Information>Factsheets>Search all factsheets)

Sunscreens UPDATE September 2019. The US body that regulates sunscreen has just declared that 12 of the 16 popular active ingredients might not actually be safe. Only 2 ingredients can actually be considered safe and effective: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The sunscreens recommended remain failsafe. Avoid any that have chemical UV filters.

Don't forget that there is great collection of short videos to help answer your questions and understand food intolerance.

Thanks for your continuing support of each other!

A video-graphic introduction to food intolerance from one of our Network members (2 mins): Food intolerances, what are they? Thanks to Steph Aromataris


Diet not working as well as you'd hoped? One tiny mistake can make a huge difference. For fine-tuning, see the Checklist of common mistakes. Readers tell us this list is very useful. You can also ask for our Salicylate, Amine and Glutamate mistakes sheets This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Online support: Sue Dengate facebook group (now over 15,000 members, open forum meaning the public can see your posts). If you want to use an email support group, join at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All other Yahoo groups have been closed because facebook has become the support choice of members.

Closed failsafe group with over 5,000 members (the public cannot see your posts)
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Local contacts: can generally answer some questions about failsafe eating - many have brochures and a copy of the DVD to lend out. They can also advise on supportive dietitians locally.

Dietitians: for failsafe-friendly dietitians, see the regularly updated There is no longer any need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for this list.


DVD "Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour” has subtitles in six languages. (In PAL format only, not available with subtitles in NTSC format. But NTSC format DVDs are at a reduced price of only $14.50 including postage through the shop on As a reward for reading this newsletter so thoroughly, the first two people to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their mailing address will receive a copy of our DVD free!

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All Failsafe Newsletters can be searched and printed. There is a wealth of research, issue discussion, recipes, personal reports and recipes now available in one place. But some of the links are out of date and you must always check current products rather than relying on historical information.

Success story collections: These are the most popular downloads from the website,
organised by symptom and by additive. The latest collection is on violence and aggression (54 pages)

The Food Intolerance Network strongly supports the peer-reviewed publication of evidence regarding the effects of salicylates on health, behaviour and learning and acknowledges that more research needs to be published, particularly using dietary salicylates. However the very foundation of science is observation and these observations over many years show an astonishing and convincing range of real symptoms. We hope that they may assist in stimulating further research publication.

Reintroduction guidelines: for people who are extra sensitive, the new RPAH reintroduction guidelines recommend much smaller servings of salicylate and amine containing foods than previously, see reader comment below. Available on request from
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you so much for the new RPAH reintroduction recommendations. I now understand why when I tried to ascertain my tolerance levels and did as my dietician recommended (try 1/2 a cup of salicylates) that my symptoms returned very quickly. ½ a cup is 100 times ¼ of a teaspoon, and given my scent problems I’m probably highly sensitive. Now I can try again. - failsafer, NZ


Food prep to make failsafe easier

Failsafe has made me much more organized; it makes life easier. I'm ready to sit down now though – thanks to Sarah for today's cook up results (Facebook thread)


Spring rolls
Veggie puree
Sausage rolls
White sauce with leek, garlic, spring onion, cabbage and celery
Pasta sauce (I just boil mince in enough water to cover, about 10-15 mins, and then add about 3-4 cups of veggie puree and cook for another 5 mins - toddler loves on failsafe 2min noodles, or in a toasty with ricotta) - see also Failsafe mince topping in the Failsafe Cookbook
Boiled and shredded chicken breasts for sandwiches/wraps (not pictured)


Here is a week’s worth of food in the freezer, for toddler and myself. Having white sauce and mayo in fridge.

Note: Be aware of freezing times for proteins like cooked meats (2 weeks) to keep it to strict elimination phase, vegetable based type of food prep for freezing works well and can keep for ages.  You can also find more recipe ideas at or Failsafe Cookbook

Every failsafer should get the regular newsletter from The Failsafe Table - it is fantastic


There's a recipe index of ANY Failsafe recipes on ANY blog. So far there are more than 1,000 recipes with great photos and ideas all categorised to make it easy to search 

Failsafe Thermomix group with recipes and a place to ask questions etc

I bought a Thermomix a couple of months ago, and absolutely love it. These machines are totally awesome, so pure and clean, and I truly believe that if we’d had a Thermomix years ago when our son was at his worst, it would have saved us a lot of heartache, as well as time and money - Susan.

And the very useful weekly meal plan website

Privacy statement about emails and reports: Your email addresses and stories are never shared with anyone without your express permission. Names in stories are often changed to better protect the privacy of those providing them but the original emails are held in a secure location to provide evidence that these are real reports and that express permission to share them has been granted.

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