I’m wondering about the link between food intolerance and middle ear hearing loss in children. Our children have been on the diet for about 6 weeks (Friendly Food with modifications under allergist's advice), and there have been many positive improvements in their health. We were already largely artificial additives free.

My five year old had tested with mild hearing loss (middle ear) in both ears prior to starting the diet. We went to the ENT for the first time after 4 weeks on the diet, he cleaned her ears and re-tested her, and she showed up as having perfect hearing. There had been no other health issue at her previous two tests (eg. no cold or infection).

The ENT said all the improvement was due to the removal of wax. The audiometrist had previously said the wax was not a problem.

I'm willing to admit the cleaning of her ears had something to do with it, but the improvement in her behaviour and speech prior to this happening tells me there could be a diet effect as well. Whatever, we are thrilled that our little girl can hear properly now, although she did say that sounds are "too loud" now.

We are now fully convinced that the diet is the best way for us to eat, and our children love the changes to their health. But it does tend to become a major part of life!! Thanks for your great work and the site. – Melody, by email

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