The Failsafe Cookbook: Reducing food chemicals for calm, happy families


This revolutionary book contains hundreds of new and improved recipes for all kinds of occasions. With the help of these tasty and easy-to-follow recipes for breakfasts, lunches, main meals and desserts, through to food for special occasions, vegetarian cooking and gluten-free food - and by following Sue's step by step guide to eliminating harmful natural and added food chemicals - it is possible to be free of a wide range of health and behavioural problems caused by food intolerance.

This is a book which transforms families, see readers' stories.

The Failsafe Cookbook, first launched September 2001 and revised and expanded in 2007 - detailed information and hundreds of new and improved recipes. This revolutionary Failsafe Cookbook is an essential tool for parents wanting a calmer, happier - and healthier - family. Read this one if you know you want to do the diet and are too busy to read much. ...see the book introduction below and check out the extensive support (on-line support groups and regular free newsletters) on this website.

Sue Dengate's bestseller Fed Up opened the eyes of thousands of desperate parents to the adverse effects of synthetic additives and natural chemicals in foods. Based on groundbreaking research, Fed Up showed that learning difficulties, behavioural problems and minor chronic illnesses in children and adults can all be the result of intolerances to food chemicals. Now, in this comprehensive Failsafe Cookbook, Sue has written and compiled hundreds of new and improved recipes for all kinds of occasions, as well as detailed information about the science of food intolerance and low chemical elimination diets.

"Your new Failsafe Cookbook is helping all of us be a happier and healthier family. My 2-year-old is finally sleeping through the night and my husband is elated to have me 'back to normal" - Carolyn, NZ

Your new Failsafe Cookbook has been the best $30 that I have spent in a long time. We have started to take out the obvious salicylates from our diet and already seeing a big improvement" - Robyn, VIC

Other mothers have emailed: "very easy to use and yummy results", "everything we cook is out of your Cookbook - it has become like my bible, I even take it when I leave the house", "when I found out that he had been lunch swapping at school I reviewed his lunch box and bought your Cookbook - now he is getting enough interesting things and variety so he feels that he is not missing out!", "I'm SO grateful for the simple, family friendly recipes", and "Your Cookbook is brill if you're on a diet by the way - it doesn't have a lot of those fatty sauces!! - love the lamb stew!"

'Flavour without faking it' - Weight Watchers Magazine February 2002

'The most significant contribution to families with problem children. It is making our job so much easier - you deserve a medal' - Learning Connections, Brisbane

'Your Failsafe Cookbook is the answer to my prayers - simple stuff that is easy to prepare & ok for my intolerant 16 month old & that her older sisters will eat too!' - Carmen, NSW

ISBN 9781741668766 SUBJECT Food intolerance; diet; allergy; food additives; ADD PAGES 320 PUBLISHER Random House Australia PUBDATE 2007

Ordering information

You can now buy Sue Dengate's books and DVD online. The Failsafe Cookbook is $A34.50 including GST, post & packing (RRP $34.95).

Sue Dengate's books are usually available from all bookstores in Australia and New Zealand and online for both local and overseas purchasers. The DVD is available through this website and as shown below.

Local and overseas readers can purchase Fed Up, The Failsafe Cookbook and the DVD Fed Up with Children's Behaviour over the Internet from: Australian Online Bookshop at a partly reduced price to cover postage, from Capers Bookstore  and www.giftgoblin.com.au.

USA Fed Up, The Failsafe Cookbook, Fed Up with Asthma and the DVD Fed Up with Children's Behaviour are available from Book Clearing House. Order by phone 1800-431-1579, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or over the web http://www.bookch.com/. Check out Barnes and Noble www.barnesandnoble.com and www.amazon.com as well.

UK You can order Fed Up, The Failsafe Cookbook and the DVD Fed Up with Children's Behaviour from the Orchard Bookshop at 347b, Wakefield Rd Denby Dale, Huddersfield West Yorkshire HD8 8RT Tel: 01484 866413 www.orchardbookshop.co.uk. Check out www.amazon.co.uk as well.

New Zealand you can buy Fed Up, The Failsafe Cookbook and the DVD Fed Up with Children's Behaviour from www.pathfinder.co.nz


'Are you affected by food additives?'

What we eat has changed dramatically over the last 30 years, and so have our children. Behaviour and learning problems, asthma, depression, youth suicide and teenage violent crime are all increasing. Many parents find that raising children is not the joyful experience they were expecting, and I was one of them.

When my first baby was born, my life revolved around trying to get an unsettled baby to sleep. Then she grew into the terrible twos and never grew out. On good days she was charming, adorable and clever, but on her frequent bad days she was demanding, dissatisfied, grouchy, easily annoyed, argumentative, defiant, took hours to get to sleep and woke frequently. We had expected her to do well at school but she struggled with schoolwork.

For 11 years I did the rounds of doctors, baby-health nurses, psychologists, teachers, school counsellors, alternative practitioners, tutors, physiotherapists, dietitians and many more. I was told I was a bad mother; to use better behaviour management; to pour myself a stiff gin; to learn to live with it; that I needed medication; that she needed medication. After years of sleep deprivation, my marriage was at breaking point, and so was my sanity.

Of all the remedies we were offered, most helped a little. We tried various diets, for six years avoiding additives, sugar and dairy foods, but it wasn't until she did a 24-hour water-only fast in hospital at the age of 11 that I finally saw the daughter I'd always wanted. Under our eyes she became settled, calm, polite, interesting, intelligent and fun to be with. 'That's the child I want!' I said. Our paediatrician finally believed that her problems were food-related, and we started a three-week trial of a low salicylate diet.

Now read on....

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