Natural food chemicals

You can be affected by both added chemicals in your food and by chemicals naturally present in your food. These natural food chemicals can have the same range and severity of effects for sensitive people and you are unlikely to know whether you are affected since they are usually eaten every day.

There are three main groups of natural food chemicals:

Salicylates in plant foods like fruit, vegetables and spices.

Amines in protein foods like chocolate, cheese, less-than-fresh meats and seafood.

Natural glutamates in HVP (hydrolysed vegetable protein) and tasty foods like tomatoes, grapes, cheese, sauces, stock cubes, gravies.

Introduction to food intolerance

The information given is not intended as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor for underlying illness. Before beginning dietary investigation, consult a dietician with an interest in food intolerance. You can see our list of experienced and supportive dietitians 

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