• Congratulations on the Aldi win. And thanks for all your good work.- Margaret
  • Well done and thank you for your hard work. It has been great to see the changes over the years! After over 5 years we still reap benefits in our family of being failsafe. Unfortunately Aldi is not preservative and additive free. We got caught out recently, presuming that they would automatically cut out preservatives as well! So we still need to read labels even at Aldi! - Joy
  • Thank you to you for all you have done Sue!!!!!.- Camille
  • As a heads-up for those still "lost" and wondering if there is a cure, I strongly urge you to give up what I call the "trifecta" (i.e. artificial colours, flavours and preservatives). This covers most of the main culprits which cause most peoples' asthmatic conditions (in my opinion). - Mark
  • We've all been hit by the dreaded flu and only our 8 yo son who is fully failsafe has escaped it's grasp, healthy and happy - Kate
  • We are finding quite a significant difference with the a2 milk (as well as failsafe) - even in my husband who is asthmatic, his 'wheeze' is almost gone (until he decides to get take away food for lunch - you can't help some!!!!) I stumbled onto your site one night while I was researching a2 milk, and I love it - Cindy
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