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The Food Intolerance Network provides information and support for people worldwide using a low-chemical elimination diet free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE) for health, behaviour and learning problems.


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Hello everyone

For this newsletter, I invite you to read Fedup Roadshow 2011 report. It was a great pleasure to speak to more than 2,000 people in five States over 7,000km and to share the inspiring and informative stories and insights with so many. I feel that a tipping point has been reached with much more acceptance of food intolerance, many more teachers and health professionals now attending talks, and many schools cutting down additives now that they are recognised as a problem in the National Healthy School Canteens Guidelines (see page 43).

Many thanks to all the dedicated organisers at each venue who helped this tour to reach so many people struggling with food intolerance. You can see a talk-by-talk report.

Some of the conclusions are that

• Artificial colours are still a problem in Australia
• Annatto natural colour 160b use is extending to fruit products …
• Most parents can’t recognise MSG or ‘health food aisle flavour enhancers’
• More people are recognising the diet-depression link
• Many parents at our talks are doing ‘2+5 reversal’
• Regulators are failing to protect Australian children


Thanks too for the many emails and stories we have received since.

happy failsafeing

Sue Dengate

Two other Breaking News items you may have missed:

Watch out this week for ABC 7.30 Report on additives in schools!

Several Adelaide schools have been carrying out additive-free trials with the support of Food Intolerance Network Adelaide leader Bronwyn Pollnitz and report very positive effects. ABC's 7.30 Report put a lot of effort into interviewing teachers, parents, pupils and food intolerance experts. Tune in to see how children's health, behaviour and learning is affected on a daily basis by government-approved chemicals in their food.

Mobile food additive information

Now use your smartphone in the supermarket. For some simple and useful help go to www.fedup.com.au, which will automatically detect that you are using a smartphone, and see

  • a list of additives to avoid
  • the short Failsafe shopping list
  • a brief introduction to food intolerance
  • access to ordering books, DVD and magnifying cards


You can also access the whole website this way but a full computer screen is better.

If you can’t immediately see the mobile pages with your smartphone or mobile, you may need to clear your cache first.

The failsafe forum on the website is proving very popular - try it out.

Don't forget to bookmark our new website: www.fedup.com.au

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