January 2012: Update on failsafe sunscreens

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              Update July 2016

RPAH says the most important ingredients to avoid are fragrance and parabens. Failsafers are reporting that they can tolerate Cancer Council Kids sunscreen

Avoid fragrances, PABA (p-amino benzoic acid), menthol and nut oils (all contain some preservatives), e.g.

Sunsense reader review (1) : We use Ego Sunsense Low Irritant and Ego Sunsense Todder Milk ( free of fragrance and PABA) – thanks to Mandy

Sunsense reader review (2) from an extra sensitive family: With few other choices, we use the RPAH recommended Sunsense Sensitive Sunscreen (white or matte). It uses Titanium Dioxide as a physical blocker, and uses no chemical blockers. It contains hydroxybenzoate preservatives. My extra sensitive sons seem to cope with it for going to the beach or all day school athletics carnivals etc, but we don't use it every day. Mostly (if not swimming) we just use hats and shade.

My 13 yr old accidentally used Ombra sensitive sunscreen (Aldi – uses chemical blockers) one day at a friend's house and got a rash all over his face - especially where he had been wearing swimming goggles. He looked like a big red eyed panda!

Seeing his reaction to a chemical blocker Sensitive Sunscreen, I have always used physical blockers on them instead, but I am a little concerned that the Sunsense cream might use nano-particle titanium dioxide as the blocker, because they are not on the nano-foe safe list: http://emergingtech.foe.org.au/sunscreen-and-cosmetics/ – thanks to Sheryl

Invisible Zinc reader review: Just a quick note to let you know that Invisible Zinc seem to have changed their ingredients for this summer season. The changes have caused my son's face to flare up in an angry red rash. The new "Junior" Low-Irritant formula contains Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol. The standard face/body formula has also changed. Last year there was a sticker on the box stating "Preservative Free". This has now disappeared. - thanks to Clare

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