Can you help with annatto complaint?

Veronica in Adelaide has written an impassioned letter about annatto in Golden North Icecream – can you help her by writing too?

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Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 2:27 PM

Subject: Product feedback

Dear Golden North Staff,

we recently had a family holiday in the beautiful Flinders Ranges, and passed through Laura, the home of Golden North. We were excited about trying some of the locally made treats, and are always keen to support local businesses. Imagine our dismay then, when we discovered that all your products appear to contain the colour 160b, also known as "Annatto".

Annatto is a naturally occurring yellow food colour, which according to the Food Intolerance Network and a number of scientific studies, it is the only naturally occurring colour which causes as many, or more, adverse reactions than natural colours. It is associated with irritability, headaches, irritable bowel symptoms, and in some cases anaphylaxis. Sanitarium have recently removed it from their product So Good Vanilla Bliss soy icecream, and McDonalds have also removed it from their soft serve after consumer lobbying.

I attach a link from the Food Intolerance Network factsheet on Annatto:

This network has thousands of members, and "safe" products are keenly promoted to parents and consumers who are rightly concerned about the impact of additives on health and behaviour. A decision to remove annatto could well result in significant positive publicity and patronage for your products.

With kindest regards,

Veronica S..........

Occupational Therapist (and mum of 3!)

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