About 5 years ago I started getting severe skin rash / hives and after a year of investigations (blood tests, strip tests and food diaries) by the Immunology Department at Kings College Hospital in London, it was suggested that I maybe allergic to white flour; though this couldn't be proved. The only medical evidence that the professionals could prove was that I was of an 'allergen type' and had proven allergies to grass/tree pollen, dust, and cat hair. They provided me with medication that is normally used to treat ulcers and reflux (ranitidine, Zantac), to use in emergencies, as it would help to switch off histamine receptors in the body that are working overtime to get rid of the allergy.

For the last 5 years I've avoided white flour, which resulted in a lot of weight loss and I never had the severe skin reactions again. Although I would always get the odd marking and often have irritable bowels very quickly after eating some food, I put this down to there being white flour in some ingredients from time to time and just put up with it.

Last night I had a return of the severe skin reaction that I've not had for years, which began to cover my arms, neck and groin - exactly as it had 5 years ago. Having being in the USA for three weeks I had not been eating any foods with additives, as my cousin who I was staying with, is allergic to MSG. I can only assume that on returning to the UK and suddenly eating foods with these additives, that my body reacted so quickly and that I had previously been reacting to the E635 in the foods and not the white flour.

I'm more shocked that every story and photo on your website relates to me, and to what I thought was a white flour allergy. If only I'd have been able to show this evidence to my doctor five years ago!

The product that I ate before the onset of the rash was Knorr Chicken Stock granules, which contained E635 and I have since discarded soy sauce and Oxo cubes, which were the only other things in my kitchen to contain those additives.

I'm now going to actively avoid the ribonucleotide flavour enhancers you list and see if I can eat white flour products, as long as they're not filled with additives. It's as if someone has just switched the lights back on and just wanted to say thankyou, as well as sharing my relief that I am not alone with my allergy, as I had long thought I was.

Six weeks later: The rash came back a couple of times, until I cut out every type of food that was manufactured, so anything with E numbers, flavourings etc. Since then I've not been ill at all and have introduced foods that have additives but avoided anything with any flavourings at all, so thus avoiding MSG and other E600 numbers. This seems to work well for me. I tried the white flour test [plain water crackers and pasta] and was fine, I even tried cakes, pastries and fresh white bread that didn't have any flavourings and was fine.

By the way for UK sufferers nearly all food in Marks & Spencer food halls is additive, colour and flavouring free and amazingly detailed labelling, so many things don't have to be cut out if you shop there.

Thanks for your interest and helping me solve a 5 year nightmare! – Mark, UK

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