Story collection on 635 the MSG booster


There's a new story collection on the daily human effects of the MSG booster called 635 ribonucleotide flavour enhancer, which consists of a mixture of 627 and 631.

These stories have been provided to Australia's food regulator FSANZ on two occasions, including once direct to the Chair of the Board, without any action whatsoever.

Ribonucleotides were approved for use in food in the mid 1990's without the scientific assesment required under the FSANZ Act, as documented in a long-drawn-out Freedom of Information process in 2003. FSANZ reported both that "that these documents do not exist" and then, later in the letter "currently available toxicological data supports the safe use of ...ribonucleotides". Apparently the toxicological data both exist and don't exist. Extraordinary!

More information:

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