Any suggestions for likely culprits for growing pains or pains in legs for 11 yo?  - Glenda

For my daughter it's amines. Natural flavours are included in this. Not sure what they are classed as but we trialled and the result was the same as amines with leg pain. It's the first sign we get that she has had amines  - Tanya1

For my son it’s salicylates. He also gets nose bleeds and headaches when he has gone over his threshold - Claire

That is interesting our son was complaining of headaches this arvo and the leg pains half hour later hmm time to start a food diary I think - Glenda

Amines for my two daughters - Julie

Magnesium helps - Jasmin

My 10yr old has got better off sals (salicylates) - Leigh

My son had 'growing pains' before failsafe, either amines or sals. I'm suspecting amines as I knew it was a trigger (after reading the website and book and noting the timing of our meltdowns in the past and the fact that a choc overload bought me to find failsafe lol) didn't challenge it, pains did not reappear during sals challenge (other symptoms did) - Kylie

For us, it was lack of calcium. When they drank less milk, they got the pains... Jen

A preventative that has worked WONDERS for my sons is one each of Schuessler Tissue Salts: Calc Phos (Bone Health) & Silica (Cleanser&Conditioner) each night.  My two sons, especially my youngest, used to wake up screaming in the night with 'sore legs' etc. Taking these as a preventative has helped immensely - can't remember the last time they complained. We have cut back now and don't do it every night, but if they say they have sore legs before going to sleep now, they have them (youngest will ask for them) - Tanya2

My son was at his worst with pains pre failsafe. I have since found that amines trigger his pains. He usually asks for some milk then he is fine to go back to bed after 3 - 5 mins. But now he asks for his soda water mix before bed when he feels it coming on. He is 3 1/2. Soda water drink helps him through the day only when he feels he needs it mainly due to amines in meat. Soda water mix is 30mls Schweppes soda water in a small kids cup, sprinkle of citric acid, sprinkle of ascorbic acid, sprinkle of Himalayan rock salt, sprinkle of sugar topped up with filtered tap water. Taste and adjust. Just got to get the right balance of flavour and bubbles. My other two kids don't like it. But they don't have amine Issues - Tanya3

Sals (salicylates) cause growing pain type leg pain here, without fail, every time - Susie

I wonder if the Tissue Salts that my boys have are a counter/balance for sals?? - Tanya2

A warm wheat bag also helps for the pain - Amanda

My boys have all had the same pain. It's only now we know it's when it rains or the weather has a big change coming. He's had to have panadol tonight. He's 13 - Kerry-Anne

We have worked out three definite triggers for "growing pains" with my daughter. Cadbury cocoa (amines), soy vanilla ice cream (flavours) and lemonade (even though it was the preservative free schweppes one) - Kylie

Cutting out all artificial and natural food colouring from our daughters diet had stopped all her restless legs and muscle pain! Has worked wonders for her!!! - Michele

In our case glutamates and salicylates - Adelie

It normally occurs after a very active day. And it's just that. .. growing pains. Heat and pain relief. Mine got so bad I couldn't walk and would have to crawl to my parent’s room in the middle of the night and I was a very active kid - Nicole

I used to think my daughter was faking growing pains. When we did the elimination diet I was absolutely shocked to find she wasn't 'faking it' almost every night for attention and it wasn't 'normal'. The amine challenge was the only time she had them. Once upon a time sleep didn't exist in our house due to night time leg pain. Now the only time she gets them is after too much cheese (we have added mild cheese back in to her diet) and after other cheat days (at parties with friends/relatives) that include too much amines or natural flavours. Several times we couldn't work out what she'd had and then she would say, 'oh yeah, that's right.... I may have had this today, sorry' - Tanya1

My 13 year old suffered horrible growing pains. We started FS 12 months ago and have discovered for him it is additives - Tanja

I would just like to add that if your boys are having painful hips & are walking with a limp this may not be growing pains but something more serious. My youngest had "growing pains" but it turned out to be Perthes disease (femoral head broke away). So please don't just think growing pains when it is in their hips - Roslyn

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