I don’t know for myself but going by my son, yes very - Corina

Make me very mean. Small dogs and children head for the hills if I am amined up! - Cathy

Yep, and irritable. I get even more emotional and aggressive if I have salicylates - Linda

Do they everrr. Grrrr - Ingrid

Very ... I can be crying at the drop of a hat or get very angry and snappy it’s awful - Lena

I am emotional therefore I eat amines (chocolate) lol. My daughter goes silly and aggressive and does things without thinking through like jumping off and over couches and chairs and what we call bull at a gate behavior!  - Shay

Makes my boy evilly mean - Sarah

I also get ADHD symptoms and then crash - Anneliese

I get irritable, frustrated and then a migraine... Megan

Totally! Emotional, depressed, irritable, easy to anger - Kar

If you count depression as an emotion - Susan

When I eat too many amines I am very teary, can't watch the news without crying - Anne

I nearly started crying about something that happened 50 years ago. Then I came to my senses. Now 2 hours later I'm just really cranky - Ruth

YEEEESSSS! hhehehehehee - Julia

I'm cranky too. From eating two slivers of banana, today and yesterday. Grrr - Linda

(COMMENT: and these are mostly adult responses, imagine how hard it is for kids. See more at http://fedup.com.au/factsheets/additive-and-natural-chemical-factsheets/amines)

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