Hi everyone, today was day 4 on our elimination diet, and it was marvellous. We did not have one tantrum all day!!!! My daughter (3 1/2) was totally changed, like "there", present, communicating and cooperating, trying to help me with things (!!!!) and even stayed calm when I said no to getting her apple juice at the grocery store. My partner is making jokes about what I have drugged her with LOL! So happy!!!!! ...Last Friday we met my daughter's best friend and her mother (my friend), and it was the first time the girls did not fight or scream at each other once!!! All was harmonious and well. My friend was so impressed that she took my printed copy of "Fedup" home with her - Kendra

As a family we've been on the diet for 6 months, prompted by one of our three sons who is seven years old.  We've seen a transformation in him like we hadn't even hoped for- Sue, UK, by email

Hard work at the beginning, but so worth it at the end. I kicked my asthma - off all medications; my eldest was diagnosed with ADHD - fixed by changing his diet; my middle was diagnosed with mild hypotonia (muscle tone) - fixed by changing his diet; my youngest had tantrums - fixed!!! We are still doing it 11 years down the track with some foods brought back in. Schooling excelled for all of them - Tracy

Fedup is the only thing that has kept me alive - Michele

I've had chronic asthma for 40 years and 3 months failsafe I'm so so much better - Ruth

We started FS about 15 years ago, and the change in our son and the many other people I supported was astounding. It isn't always easy, but you will find it is worth every bit of effort involved - Linda

I didn't tell my husband when we were doing challenges. His questioning regarding the kids and my behaviours without him knowing if and what we trialled really backed up what I was documenting and absolutely converted him (he was a bit skeptical to start) - Vicki

We just told our sons and family we were trialling 'healthy'eating....no reference to a diet. But boy did the school, friends and family notice the difference...and the school test results did the rest -  Linda

It's so worth it!!! I have a normal child! Tantrums involve a bit of huff and puff, not biting hitting scratching and screaming... No more holes in the walls! And going to school is now a breeze! Previously school drop of involved me leaving for work in tears most mornings... It's worth it! (Especially if u can work it out when they are younger and u have more control) good luck! - Christina

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