My wife and I went for a 5 day holiday in Vanuatu. A few weeks after we came back I felt terrible, I could hardly get out of bed. I went to the doctor and said “I’ve been poisoned”. He did all the tests for Ross River fever etc but they came back negative. I had these awful pains in my joints, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t open doors, anything. I was diagnosed with arthritis and took medication for 2 years. Then it all went away. Turns out I had chikungunya. The doctor didn’t test for that, I think it’s too new. - NSW

(Sue’s comment: polyarthritis - pain in 5 joints or more - can be associated with mosquito-borne diseases such as Ross River Fever, Barmah Forest Fever, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya . These diseases run a course of weeks or months but the joint pain can last for months or years and can be misdiagnosed as other types of arthritis, particularly with Chikungunya that is not yet routinely tested for but is now increasing in Asia and the Pacific Islands, and even in Europe).

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