My husband is sensitive to amines ... he has severe, and crippling arthritis of a type that the medical profession has been unable to identify. He has arthritis in both hips, both hands and both feet. I am not sure if the hips are the same type - although they are very bad he can have hip replacements. The hands and feet are what have the doctors stumped, all the small bones in the hands from the base of the fingers and into the wrist are affected and are overgrown with bone.He has no movement in his wrists at all. The feet are the same, toes unaffected but all the small bones across the top and into the ankle.

His test results are negative for any type of arthritis that can be tested for, so the medical diagnoses has always been that it is "arthritis of a type as yet unknown." The latest visit to a rheumatologist (about eight months ago) was the same. After saying that he had never seen anything as bad and hoped that he never would again (very encouraging) the doctor went on to say that although he didn't have any idea what was going on , it looked like some of the bone had died and the body had tried to repair itself by laying bone upon bone.

That of course is speculation ...What really has them stumped is that although it IS spreading it is still very localized ... The normal course for it to follow would be to spread all over the body: they say with something as bad as that in the hands, the fingers should be clawed and immobile. In fact he SHOULD have been in a wheelchair for years (this all started over 25 years ago).

The way he was a year ago, before we started the failsafe diet I thought he was just about at that point. We were largely housebound, he couldn't walk without his cane and household maintenance was beyond him. Often he couldn't turn the key in the car ignition let alone turn the wheel ... He was living on anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers.

Now he rarely takes an anti inflammatory and goes for several days without having to take pain killers. I am not sure where the cane is right now and the house is starting to look loved again. He is not pain free, we don't expect he ever will be, but the spectre of the wheel chair has receded....
Where to from here? I feel that the diet is part of the answer, a big part, but now I have to look for the other pieces of the puzzle. My husband has no faith in health professionals of any modality ... the medical profession or the natural health scene either. If I gave you a rundown on everything we have tried before finding the failsafe diet you would understand why .

My biggest problem when I started the diet was to find any reason to hope that it might help with arthritis. Thankfully I was pointed in the direction of Bernard's web site and that kept me going ( The failsafe diet has given him relief and mobility. When we did the amine challenge, my husband reacted in a few hours, with very severe pain and took well over a week to calm down. He was bedridden for almost two days. We did challenge salicylates for five days with no reaction but some in the group feel that was not long enough (Bernard experienced a sudden fullscale reaction with severe pain and inflammation on the 8th day of the challenge). - By email, NZ

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