Macca's French Fries are NOT failsafe AGAIN!


28 June we asked Maccas: "When we look at then there is NO synthetic antioxidant BHA 320 in your fries. But when we look at they still show BHA 320 in the fries. Which is correct please? Our 11,500 members want to know."

8 July Maccas replied: "Thank you for your email regarding antioxidant 320 in the fries.  We can confirm that the ingredient information in the Gravy Loaded Fries is our most recent and correct information and that the ingredient information for the plain fries has now been updated on our website.

"We have two fries suppliers, one who uses a par frying oil which contains antioxidant 320. As 320 is only included in the par fry oil as a processing aid, there is no legal requirement to declare the presence of this ingredient, however in the spirit of transparency we choose to include all ingredients, including processing aids in our ingredient lists" - McDonalds Customer Service

It looks as though Maccas fries are off the menu again.

See earlier blog for alternatives and more discussion of the problem

9 July sent to Macdonalds: "The information has been posted to our 11,600 members at and people are very disappointed that Maccas is not taking this seriously.

"See also a factsheet about this synthetic antioxidant (which is, by the way, NOT a processing aid and IS required to be shown in the label)

"There are safe alternatives, the tocopherols 307-309. If Macdonalds ever specify and use the safe alternative, I'd be happy to send thousands of customers your way."


Howard Dengate BSc PhD


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