Our annatto petition - what happened?

With 6,220 signatures, the Food Intolerance Network’s petition closed after one year. Thanks to everyone who responded.

The petition asked Unilever Australia, who manufacture Streets icecream and some homebrands, to replace annatto 160b colour with a safe colour because so many people were reacting to it. This was the image of the campaign


Streets have not yet changed their icecream, but our experience is that they will do it quietly so that they do not appear to be giving in to pressure from consumers (!).

Despite contrary evidence, at one stage Streets Consumer Relations Department said that they “take the health and safety of our consumers very seriously...”

The reports from those adversely affected by annatto 160b say differently. You can see selected reports describing these serious problems:

Allergy type reactions
Violence, anger and self-harm
IBS Irritable Bowel Symptoms
Hives, eczema and skin conditions
Depression and anxiety
Insomnia and night terrors
Migraines and headaches
Head banging

Please take any opportunity to tell manufacturers of products that contain annatto that you don’t want it in their food. And don’t buy their foods.

They are listening.


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