Last chance to sign Glutaminase petition

Australia's food regulator FSANZ just announced the long-delayed public comment on Glutaminase A1136, just in time for their decision to be announced on Xmas Eve!

Please sign our petition immediately (if you haven't done so) because our Food Intolerance Network response will have to be sent on Wednesday 27 September for personal reasons.

4,713 people have signed to date, thanks: let's make it "more than 5,000 consumers"

changeorgglutaminase  The rash in this photo is a reaction to a dietitian-supervised MSG challenge

MSG will be added to your food and hidden, not shown on the ingredients list, if this new food industry application is approved.

If this enzyme is approved and hidden, there will be many more used to manufacture currently regulated food preservatives inside your food so that they are not listed on the label. You will have no idea that there are propionate or benzoate preservatives hidden in the food. You will have no idea that the free glutamates have been vastly increased then boosted further with hidden ribonucleotides. And the label may legally say “No MSG” or “No added MSG” or "No preservatives".

Until 2 November you can make a personal submission on the subject to FSANZ at 

More FSANZ information


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