FSANZ apologises to nanotechnology experts for misrepresenting views about nanoparticles in baby formula


Australia's food regulator FSANZ has had to apologise to its own advisory group of nanotechnology experts after it "misrepresented" the group's views in its public rebuttal of a study that found needle-like nanoparticles in baby formula.

It took a Friends of the Earth freedom of information request for internal emails to discover this misrepresentation.

Originally FSANZ said these particles were illegal in baby formula, then once they were found FSANZ said they were safe.

FSANZ as usual have not been willing to comment on the newspaper article reporting the apology, nor have they apologised to the public whose safety they supposedly ensure.

The original issue was flagged in Failsafe Newsletter 86 August - November 2017 if you want more details. https://www.fedup.com.au/fedup-newsletters/2017/failsafe-86-august-november-2017#brief

Sydney Morning Herald today, thanks to Esther Han:


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