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When I was in year 11, my family moved from a small country town where we ate home-cooked food to a big city. That was when I started eating - every day - a Kraft cheese product coloured with annatto 160b.

Like the boy in the first story below, I struggled with my attention span, my school marks plummeted and teachers regarded me as difficult. But I didn’t discover the reason until doing the diet with my own children many years later. I wonder how many children - and adults - battle all their lives with problems due to additives in our foods? 

One failsafer, whose son went from being an average maths student one year to bottom of the class in a remedial group at the beginning of the next school year, with “horrendous” hour-long tantrums at home - due to eating antioxidant 320 BHA in bread - commented in story [1038]

“Wouldn't it be awful having that sort of behaviour and not knowing why?”

So I’ve put together 10 quotes from 160 success stories on our website that include the word “teacher”, showing how teachers can see the benefits of diet, including the final say from a school Principal.

… teachers could tell when we slipped up

My son was in 4th grade when we succeeded in cutting out Annatto (160b).  When I cut out the Kraft cheese he was more cooperative and had a longer attention span … His behaviour steadily improved.  When we slipped up and he was accidentally exposed, the teachers could tell, and so could he.  He was now able to contribute effectively in class, and make friends … Six years later ... he is a different person without Annatto, now getting academic prizes, citizenship and service awards, and a school Gold medal.  Before, various teachers had written him off as difficult, ADHD, and even autism spectrum – Anne from story [1333]

… great behaviour in class

These are photos of my little girl. Pre-diet on the left is the face we saw most days, all day, aged about 2.5yo … On the right is her now, the new girl. She has just started school and her teachers have said how great her behaviour is in class. So, for those just starting this journey of discovery, keep up the good work, be patient and good results will come – from story [1327]


… finishes her work on time

In the first week of year 1 this year, our daughter's teacher asked us how to get her to complete tasks faster. After that first week of reducing sals, colours & preservatives, the teacher put a note in the diary saying Miss 5 was finishing all her work on time! Amazing what influence food has – Suzie from story [1310]

… diet is amazing

That book you sent me has done wonders. His teacher and counsellor just said WOW that diet really is amazing – Kate from story [1287]

… more focused in class

My son has been on ADHD medication for 5 years (he's now almost 12) … in the last 12 months he'd been aggressive, had a racing heartbeat and severe verbal and physical tics. Two weeks off his medication and three weeks on failsafe and all his symptoms have stopped and his teacher says he's more focused in class – Larissa from story [1286]

… could not believe the difference

We went Full elimination for my HF Autistic 12 year old son 12 months ago and had amazing results. Teachers could not believe the difference. I only wish we had known about Failsafe when he was younger – Michelle, from story [1231]

… asked what had changed

This week our son turns 21 and starts his 4th year of a BE(Hons) Bachelor of Engineering Degree. We have come so far from when he was 8 years old. I was reading the Fed Up Book and thinking this is us ... The teachers had mentioned ADHD and Learning Issues ... A month after starting the diet without mentioning it to the school, they asked what had changed. He was bright, happy and friendly and we never looked back.– Linda from story [1196]

… first ever parent/teacher interview NOT about his behaviour

My son is 7 years old and is in Year 1 at school. This afternoon I had his first Parent/Teacher Interview EVER where it wasn't taken up with discussions about his behaviour. Instead I got to hear how he is an intelligent boy with great leadership skills. Since following this group and tweaking his diet for certain salicylates that I didn't know about and 160b (annatto natural colour), finally his teachers are seeing the little boy that I've always known was in there. We've been to Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, etc … and it's all come down to his diet. Thank you to everyone in this group for your questions and feedback. Am one very proud Mum – Tracy from story [1354]

… a school principal who recommends this diet ALL the time

I am one of the 'legions' of principals that actually recommend this diet ALL the time.

I truly believe it makes such a difference for kids’ ability to focus, to persevere without too much frustration and emotional outbursts.

It is frustrating that parents see medication as a first option or deny that food has an impact on the child at school. I often get "nah, I have seen no difference in my child’s behaviour". Food has such an impact on kids, I am amazed that so many parents won't do it, it seems too hard or that they simply don't believe it – Jen from story [1353]


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This is a great article. Love seeing the real life testimonies. The brochure attached is such a great resource. I came across it years ago and have never looked back. I now educate many on the harmful additives this brochure lists. Many lives are being changed by this information. Thank you! - a grateful reader

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