Nitrites do not protect against botulism


A bombshell internal report written for the British meat industry reveals nitrites do not protect against botulism – the main reason ham and bacon manufacturers say they use the chemicals.

As failsafers we do not eat additives 249 and 250 anyway and we have said for years that they are unnecessary and potential carcinogens. But the Australian and New Zealand food regulator FSANZ seems deaf to such concerns. Will they act now?

The scientific study was commissioned by the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) to provide evidence that nitrites, which have long been linked to cancer, are essential to protect consumers from food poisoning and particularly potentially fatal botulism.

But, in a major blow to the industry’s claims, the research found there was no significant growth of the bacteria in either the nitrite-free or the nitrite-cured samples that were tested. The additives are not necessary – they are in fact only used to make the meat pink and appear more attractive.

This blow comes just after food and medical experts and politicians in the UK united to tell the meat industry to stop adding these cancer-causing chemicals to bacon and other cured meat products.
Food intolerant people report headaches, stutter, eczema, mania and depression from these additives and there is growing scientific evidence of harm.

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