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Diet at school


What the parents say

My son has been on the diet since year 1 and he is now in year 12 and is the best thing we could have done for him” – Charlotte from story [1353]

“My failsafe son has gone from distracting others to being named student of the week for great work habits! - from story [338]

“School principal took me aside and said how amazingly well my son is doing and that whatever I am doing to keep it up because it’s working – Megan from story [1494]

“…3 weeks on the diet and I have a different kid!! The days when I mess up accidentally I can tell and so can the school” – Madonna from story [1420]

“As a naturopath and nutritionist I thought I was conscious of what was healthy ...My son is now 14 yrs of age and thriving academically and socially… I sing the praises of Failsafe to parents far and wide…My son has a future because of failsafe! – Vicky [1625]

What the teachers say

I work as a teachers’ aide in special schools …  the child that has a strict diet … the child is a great deal calmer and easier for us to manage – Sheree from story [1509]

I am a teacher … I now recommend fedup to as many people who will listen…” – Penelope from story [1353]

“I am one of the …principals that actually recommend this diet ALL the time. I truly believe it makes such a difference for kids’ ability to focus, to persevere without too much frustration and emotional outbursts… – Jen from story [1353]

What the students say

“I am 18… I’m currently in university… I have ASD (Autism), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), ADHD and Depression…  I have struggled all my life with food intolerances… I recently went back on failsafe because my symptoms were getting out of hand. I have found massive improvements” Jemma - [1594] COURAGE AWARD 

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“I am becoming progressively more organised… At uni I have been doing a lot more work than usual. I am feeling a lot more settled and focused, and I am able to memorise things a lot easier than before the diet” – Ellas from story [023]

If you’d like to try diet   

We support the RPAH Elimination diet (from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney). There are 3 steps

  • elimination for 3-6 weeks
  • challenges
  • gradual reintroduction

For best success we recommend seeing an experienced and supportive dietitian from our list:      


•   People find my books and DVD extremely helpful and dietitians say it cuts an hour off consultation time if people have read my book Fed Up before they go. You don't have to buy – my books and DVD are available in libraries

•   Our free booklets show how manageable this diet can be

•   People say our facebook group is friendly and supportive: Sue Dengate Failsafe Group

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