Q: My girlfriend gets palpitations of the heart. One specialist says it is from drinking decaf. Does anyone else get this and believes it is allergy or intolerance? My friend is following up with a cardiologist.


I do and it was so severe it turned into an ambulance job a few years back ... told I was highly sensitive and that was only three coffees over about 7-8 hours ā€¦ I only do 1 weak decaf a day since ā€¦ was pretty scary at the time too ā€“ Helen

Coffee and different decaf absolutely did this to me was so severe I had to go to hospital in ambo from food reactions (mcas) ā€“ Carol

Some decaf coffee is decaffeinated with chemicals that some folks are sensitive to. I would suggest trying decaf that's been done with the Swiss water process and see if the same thing happens - Becky

Decaf still has caffeine in it and can cause issues in caffeine hypersensitive individuals. I am one of those, so have to avoid coffee all together otherwise it gives me chest pain. If only they could make a 100% caffeine free coffee šŸ˜” - Steve

Iā€™m a Dietitian working in this area and I see a few patients from time to time with tachycardia like symptoms related to food intolerance. Triggers vary individually but worth trialling a low chemical diet if they have noticed food triggers or at least keep a food and symptom diary for 2-3 weeks and see if there is a pattern ? POTS is more a postural issue when standing up from a lying position - Sharon Trueman

Yep I get heart palpitations if I overdo salicylates. I had a number of visits to A&E before I worked out what was happening. For me a bath with bicarb & a glass of Eno & 2 antihistamines sorts me out šŸ‘šŸ˜‰ - Anne

I have had irregular heartbeat from menopause, my salicylate intolerance, and coffee (which is high sals too but coffee triggered heart palpitations before other sals became a problem for me) - Sally

Sulphites causes heart palpitations for me along with other symptoms. Mushrooms l find very bad! - Cheryl

My severe palpitations were caused by dehydration, drinking 2 litres a day now, palpitations gone! - Rosemary

Caffeine and glutamates for me. My diet is generally very low in these but it happens after a build up from a few outings in a row with different foods/drinks/treats/mistakes - Jenny

See factsheet on heart palpitations and chest pain

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