Q: Members report vision changing when off-diet, perhaps due to too many salicylates. Noticeable even with an eye test where prescriptions done with and without salicylates are different. What might cause it?


I have trouble with blurry and foggy vision when I'm not careful with my food. I suspect the main culprit for me is gluten but also Sals. It can make waking up difficult too – Debbie

My friend’s daughter’s eye prescription changed for the better on commencement of the diet (3 weeks in). Her specialist doctor at the time attributed it to the removal of dairy and gluten as apparently both of these ingredients are inflammatory. Either way her vision improved drastically very cool 🙂 - Sonia

My vision also improved drastically on failsafe. At my last optometrist visit they refused script me until I saw a GP to confirm that the improvement wasn't being caused by any medical issues. I did notice after 10 days of sals challenge that I was getting vision issues ('floaters', sore eyes, straining) but didn't have an eye test at the time. I had to stop amines challenge after 4 days due to headaches and joint pain, so I can't confirm that they don't contribute – Laura

Yes, I most definitely do. Salicylate related - Rachel

I know When I have artificial colors and/or MSG my vision gets blurry – Amy

My optometrist was worried about the regression of my eye sight, but since I've been on the diet the regression has slowed, and I don't have days where I have tired eyes and can't see well anymore – Melissa