•     We were pressured to put our child on medication at the age of five, and it had a negative effect on him. We then began to rethink our options and decided to go totally failsafe, within days we had what could be considered a normal child (from talking point)

•     Thank you for writing your fantastic recipe book. We have been using it for a while and have recently gotten "Friendly Foods" as well and as good as it is for a lot of stuff, I'm SO grateful for the simple, family friendly recipes in your book. – by email

•     I was happy to see our school tuckshops changing their menu but disappointed they only looked at fat content and not additives. Our tuckshop sells an icy drink which is loaded with preservatives and artificial colours. No wonder there are so many children going to the Behaviour Support Room. – by email, Qld 

•     We have just spent 3 weeks on the elimination diet.  We are amazed at the positive change in all of us, (a hyperactive, asthmatic, eczema-stricken three year old boy; a 40 year old dad who has suffered from chronic asthma all his life; and a 34 year old mum who thought she felt pretty healthy ... until the last three weeks, where I have felt better than ever) - Julie

•     I am 32 and have been feeling ill for a while. Without realising it I had been filling myself with additives in soft drinks and packet snacks. Now after two weeks additive free I am feeling great, lots of energy, no muscle aches, no headaches! – by email

•     Through the elimination diet I have learned I am sensitive to salicylates, amines (very) and milk. I never expected milk. When I dropped mil, my nose opened up. When I challenged it, my nose got stopped up again. – by email, USA

•     I recently went to eat some store bought Coleslaw from the supermarket and had a look at the ingredients: colours 102, 110 and preservatives 211, 202, boy was I shocked!  I want people to realise how easy it can be to read the back of a packet. Taking the no additive challenge does not cost a cent more, if anything it is cheaper in your weekly shopping. - Angie

•     We have been trying our best to avoid all the nasties on your list and our son has finally begun to say words sometimes linking 3 or 4 together (he is 3 and a half!) and he is an angel to live with - I never thought he would talk, so it is a true miracle and we are sticking to our new diet! – by email, ACT

•     We saw the school program on Today Tonight and my eight-year-old son looked at me every time one of his symptoms (asthma, bed wetting, sneaky poos, cradle cap, irritability, poor concentration) was listed. I thought I was a pretty healthy provider of food as I do a lot of home cooking but it is scary to see what is in some of your everyday foods.  – by email, SA

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