I was reading your failsafe information on the internet and came across the article on food additive 635. I couldn't believe the high number of people who seem to be affected by this nasty additive and I am sure you have seen thousands of cases like this but if you are interested here is one more!

My 3 year old son has had a nasty reaction to what I believe to be the additives found in a box of chicken flavoured rice crackers (621, 631 and 627) I am not sure if it is the same as these reactions described in your factsheet but I do know that as his mother it is very worrying that such a small child can have such a severe reaction to what I thought was a "healthy" alternative to snack foods!!

Within minutes of consuming these crackers Lachlan had started breaking out in welts all over his arms and torso. He is also allergic to peanuts and my initial reaction was that this was peanut related however now I am not so sure. The rash was very severe and would fade in and out for weeks (it lasted 6 weeks in total) He was extremely irritable and uncomfortable for this whole time and his behaviour was erratic with major mood swings. I have attached a photograph of his reaction for you to view – Marnie, WA.

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