•     I have a son who was full on and no amount of discipline would work. We have been failsafe for two months and our lives have changed so much - this is now a happy house.

•     Within two months of starting the failsafe diet Lachlan's teacher came to me and said ‘Do you know, Lachlan is now one of my best writers.’  Prior to that Lachlan had been struggling through the bottom of the class, unable to grasp little things and his writing ability was appalling - almost illegible, dyslexic and with very limited vocabulary. Now he grabs a pen and a sheaf of paper and writes whole ‘books’.  He learnt to play chess after one session and overall his cognitive ability has improved no end.

•     My son’s cousin has taken Ritalin since aged about 10, and sadly now he's 18 and in jail. He also has a heart problem …

•     My 5 yo son’s asthma is triggered by MSG as well as artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.  If he is given a handful of lollies containing artificial colours he is usually wheezing by bedtime. Every evening I test his peak flow.  When he is well he consistently presents a reading of 110.  Last week when I knew he had been given some lollies (grrr) I tested his peak flow only to find it was around 60.

•     I have a failsafe daughter, and currently she can only buy one item from the school canteen: plain chips.

•     I have just started my 22 month old son on a failsafe diet and in 3 days he has transformed and I am converted!

•     I recently watched a pre-diet video of my boys taken 3 years ago and in it my oldest son was covered in eczema and scratching.  Now, he only gets eczema if he comes into contact with an allergen - eg certain types of grass - or eats something he shouldn't.

•     I saw my daughter when she was 14 months old transformed in a few days of failsafe, gluten and dairy free diet from so clingy, always crying and screaming - so tense she was felt stiff - to a smiling happy little girl who played normally.

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