Q. I have a 6 yo son who is very challenging (to say the least!). He is constantly moody and defiant. He has rages that are increasing in their intensity. He interrupts all the time, doesn't listen, can't recall requests soon after they have been issued and it's to the point that I can't stand being around this child. The word NO doesn't even seem to register with him. He has mild asthma and eczema and has had an operation for his nose which seems to be constantly blocked. He has steroid cream for the eczema, Ventolin for the asthma, spray for his nose and still no relief. He has even had skinprick tests done which came back allergic to house mould, dust mites and house dust. The doctor told me your research was " a load of hogwash" when I asked her about food intolerances ... I read your book "Fed Up" and instantly identified with practically everything. So, this is why I'm writing to you. Where do I go from here? Could you tell me who I can contact ...The doctors I go to don't seem to understand what I want to do. The trouble is, I think I need someone to say "Step 1 do this, step 2 don't do that" etc... Please help me.

A. There are dietitians who will supervise the elimination diet from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (we call it the failsafe diet) in most cities. Ask your local failsafe phone contact (see website), or ask me. Don't forget to say where you live.

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