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In Failsafe Newsletter 93 just out: the long-awaited updated version of Friendly Food from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit is now available and we discuss the changes.

There are articles on anorexia as a symptom of food intolerance; also night terrors, growing pains, croup, and violence.

New reader stories cover a range of symptoms starting with a 4 year old boy who went from “lots of aggression, hitting, screaming for apparently no reason, could not sit still for more than a few mins, defiant and destructive” to “calm, listens, is kind, thoughtful, and so so happy” within 2 weeks on the elimination diet - story [1541].

There are some eczema pics-worth-1000-words: “she is almost eczema free since the last photo with minor itch here and there whenever I started introducing her to higher sals food” - story [1543].

As a former migraine sufferer myself I relate to the migraine stories, especially  “I’m following the strict diet and am almost completely migraine free[1538] and “for the first time in 20 years I no longer get daily headaches[1537].


The Courage Award goes to Sarah’s story with the before-and-after photos above showing how she has lost 60 kg since this time last year (“have literally halved my weight”) by doing the RPAH elimination diet because it dealt with her migraines, stomach ulcers, asthma and sleeping issues: “I didn't drop 60kgs just changing the food I was eating, I have worked very hard with daily exercise and learning portion control … but I wouldn't be able to exercise as I do if I wasn't feeling well …”  - story [1536].

And a recipe for delicious failsafe wasabi that takes 10 minutes.

 - Sue Dengate

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