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Here are some great kids paying tribute to the cover of the Failsafe Cookbook – thanks Jodie!

One of our favourite long term failsafers, Bernard Trudgett, has just died at age 84. His remarkable story started with painful and crippling arthritis for nearly 30 years until he opted to try the RPAH elimination diet against the recommendation of his specialist. He then spent the next 26 years active and virtually arthritis-free, after being warned in 1994 that he had 'only four or five years of active life left' without medication. See [601] with links to his amazing story.

Failsafe Newsletter 103 just out has a thought-provoking guest article from psychologist Tracy Gaze “Why can’t my kids eat normal food?”, more about hidden additives, food-induced high blood pressure and a study about A1 or A2 milk on preschoolers’ cognitive performance.

Reader stories - we were delighted to hear from some longterm failsafers

“As a naturopath and nutritionist I thought I was conscious of what was healthy ...My son is now 14 yrs of age and thriving academically and socially… I sing the praises of Failsafe to parents far and wide…My son has a future because of failsafe!” – Vicky from story [1625]

“Back in the late 80’s…I was found to have severe salicylate intolerance … After a decade of living abroad … I am absolutely OVER the MOON to see the leaps and bounds in the understanding of salicylate intolerance! … THANK you so much for your amazing work” – Marie from story [1628]

Some truly supportive facebook threads including Kirsty: “I’m overwhelmed by the support of this group. I was ready to give up after a few days but the encouragement, advice and suggestions have kept me going! It’s awesome”. And  answers to a question from Liz: “Did anyone else get a little anxious over starting the challenges? … life has been so nice and uncomplicated since we started failsafe eating”.

See also Product updates - Old El Paso tortillas now have preservatives (sadly!),  LYS skin moisturiser is very popular, how to find what’s in your medicine.


And Cooks corner for superb gluten-free recipes
As always, thanks to everyone for your support and sharing, and special mention to Rona, Teresa and Tracy for their help with recipes, facebook and story collections.

Now read on - Sue Dengate

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