Hello Everyone

In these strange lockdown times, Howard and I would like to say a big thank you to members of the failsafe facebook group for being so supportive of each other.

This has led to some Covid-19 related topics in Newsletter 96 just out – questions and reader feedback such as the effect of failsafe eating on immune systems: “I cannot remember the last time I or my children were seriously ill with a cold or flu" and “If I stay low sals I never get sick at all" from story [1560].

There are also articles about effects of diet on myopia (shortsightedness), asthma, domestic violence, loud voice and attention span. 

With people generally eating more fruit and veg, some new reader stories show the problems of an ultra-‘healthy’ high fruit and veg diet for people who don’t realise they are salicylate-sensitive, including a 3 year old: “we couldn’t ignore how extreme his tantrums would become…for the past few weeks he had been eating a ridiculous amount of strawberries, as much as a punnet a day…the improvements (on diet) have been astronomical!” from story [1561].    And some fascinating answers to “what triggered your food intolerance?” as in the report “I did the I Quit Sugar program and was eating heaps of vegetables, using olive oil, coconut oil and spices. I started getting hives …” from story [1563]

Also in this newsletter, product updates including failsafe ice creams and cones, supplements such as vitamin C and a warning: propionate preservatives (280-283) in bread are now permitted in meats and can be hidden under innocent sounding names –  such as cultured sugar!

In Cooks corner, Sandie’s lockdown activity suggestion - use monopoly money to buy “movie” tickets and snacks for chores. Plus an instant pancake recipe.  Now read on....and stay safe

 - Sue Dengate

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