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Collected below are all the video resources to be found on this website.

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FIintro   Introduction to food intolerance (Sue Dengate; 1:28) (Large version 3.2Mb)

VFedupDVD   The DVD "Fed Up with Children's Behaviour (introduction; 2:15) (Large version 18Mb)

Vintrographic   A new video-graphic introduction to food intolerance from one of our Network members (2 mins): Food intolerances, what are they? Thanks to Steph Aromataris

VFUR2015   Sue Dengate interviewed on WINTV during Fedup Roadshow 2015 (1:34)


School and behaviour videos showing effects of food:

VLittleMonsters   The Little Monsters trial in the UK (thanks to former Police Superintendent Peter Bennett (4:56) (Large version 38Mb)

VPalmersIsland    The Palmer's Island primary school trial in northern NSW (4:51) (Large version 3Mb)

VNanaGlen   The Nana Glen primary school trial in NSW (3:07, thanks to Channel 9 Today Tonight) (Large version 31Mb) (with French subtitles)

VAdelaideschool   Food trial at an Adelaide school (ABC TV)

Vsarah01   Sarah tells of depression and suicide attempts caused by food (2:33) (Large version 1.0Mb)

VTDTbread  Effects of the bread preservative E282 propionates (thanks to Channel 9 Today Tonight) (Large version 56Mb)

VMarg  A school teacher speaks about the effects of food (Marg, 4:51) (Large version 1.4Mb)

VTDTsalicylates2013  Channel 7's Today Tonight highlights salicylate intolerance

VCoomaNorth2007  Two week additive-free trial at Cooma North Primary School in 2007 (3:25) (Large version 56Mb)


Frequently asked questions:

VMistakesintro  What are the mistakes that people make? (Sue Dengate; 0:33) (Large version 1.2Mb)

Vadditiveschanging  Why do additives keep changing? (Sue Dengate; 2:10) (Large version 4.7Mb)

VSugar  Sugar is not a problem (Sue Dengate; 0:53) (Large version 1.9Mb)

VSalicylates  What are salicylates? (Sue Dengate; 1:30) (Large version 3.3Mb)

Vamines  What are amines? (Sue Dengate; 0:56) (Large version 2.0Mb)

VWheat  Can wheat and gluten be a problem? (Sue Dengate; 1:32) (Large version 3.3Mb)

Vdairy What about dairy? (Sue Dengate; 1:22) (Large version 3.0Mb)

Vflavours  What about natural and artificial flavours? (Sue Dengate; 1:50) (Large version 4.0Mb)

VSupplements  What supplements can I take? (Sue Dengate; 0:31) (Large version 1.1Mb)

Vmedications  What about medications? (Sue Dengate; 0:41) (Large version 1.5Mb)

Venvirochems  Environmental chemicals? (Sue Dengate; 1:24) (Large version 3.1Mb)

Vconclusion  Conclusions (Sue Dengate; 0:23) (Large version 0.8Mb)


Some specific items:

Vasthma  A parent talks about how sulphites trigger his child's asthma (0.33)

VMP3audio  Sleep apnoea (Sue Dengate being interviewed, audio; 44:00, 20.0Mb)

VToothpaste  Toothpaste (Sue Dengate; 0:44) (Large version 1.6Mb)

Vautism  See changes in behaviour of laboratory rats given the common bread preservative propionic acid (Autism Enigma; 3:00)