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Diet-induced stuttering
Aren’t you glad you’re failsafe? Research shows two groups of food additives – and fragranced products - are even worse than we thought
What is MSG?
Good news: free glutamates are not produced by the glutaminase enzyme subject of our Petition
ACTION NEEDED: FSANZ says yes to Glutaminase as a Processing Aid
What teachers say about diet
SIDS, crib death, A1 milk and cows-milk-induced infant apnoea
Colitis: “Are there any reports of food causing colitis?” asked a facebook member. Actually, yes.
FSANZ apologises to nanotechnology experts for misrepresenting views about nanoparticles in baby formula
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New Year is a good time to do the elimination diet
Wearable air purifiers for fragrance sensitivity - do they really work?
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Poor labelling of food products - submission made to the Review on Australian consumer law
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“Unusually aggressive” behaviour triggered by new antibiotic
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Colour blind supermarkets
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Wonder White bread no longer wonderful
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FSANZ abandons enquiry into sulphites and benzoates
The suicide report: “This diet is FREAKING AMAZING…”
7 things I loved in France – a failsafer’s survival guide - with a recipe
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Three key issues for food intolerant people never addressed by food regulator FSANZ
What's wrong with potatoes? NOTHING!!! ... except that it is so hard to buy white ones ...
Street's not responding to annatto petition, yet
Life-threatening reaction to anti-inflammatory drugs plus blackberries: "A&E seemed totally unaware of the salicylate link"
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Why we do what we do
New Food Standards Code from 1 March 2016
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Questions for Minister Fiona Nash in charge of FSANZ
Eat, Forget, Underachieve - maths and diet
SUCCESS! Macca's fries are failsafe again
Macca's French Fries are NOT failsafe
Macca's French Fries are NOT failsafe AGAIN!
Annatto petition reaches 5,000 supporters!
Logan Farm Chips and Annatto 160b colour
Fedup Roadshow 2015 blog now complete and available
Saccharomyces boulardii and diatomaceous earth - are these failsafe supplements that can help with irritable bowel symptoms?
Recent media: “Cooking with vegetable oil releases toxic chemicals linked to cancer”.
How useful is our food regulator FSANZ?
Let's get FSANZ to do better!
129 ways to add MSG and fool consumers
Petition to remove annatto 160b from Streets ice creams
Artificial sweeteners can cause diabetes and obesity? Wait, I thought they were supposed to prevent …
Caution: “cultured dextrose”
Fedup Roadshow 2015 blog
Fedup Roadshow talks start 10 June 2015
Another win! Parker Pretzels
Fedup Roadshow details are now available
Red Rooster complaint to ACCC
The Katering Show on thermomix - have a giggle!
The dangers of prescription drugs in Professor Gøtzsche’s new book
650% increase in deaths from self-harm and no mention of diet
SUCCESS! Complaint to ACCC about Helga's wrap labels accepted
Food additives fingered in Physical Education Week in South Australia
Artificial colours now hidden in pharmacy items
Complaint to ACCC about Helga's wrap labels
Additives in Europe - gotta know the enemy
Bread preservative: thumbs up for ethyl alcohol, thumbs down for cultured dextrose (282 in disguise)
Gluten free is not a fad
When is A2 not really A2?
"Sea of calm" says teacher
Food Intolerance Network hits 6 million visitors
Two new studies link A1 (but not A2) milk to gut inflammation
Crows Nest Qld talk report and the bread preservative
Confused Failsafer asks for help
Kids on Speed? final episode
Sue Dengate will be speaking at Crows Nest QLD on March 12 and attending the Dietitian's Day in Brisbane on March 14.
Members response to Kids on Speed 1
Kids on speed or diet for ADHD?
Attention deficits are not just for kids (letter to The Guardian)
ADHD increasing
Red meat and gelatine allergy link to tick bites
Food and mood ebook now available
Doctors write prescriptions for vegetables
Travelling with Food Intolerances: How we Ate in an Egyptian Hotel as “Failsafe” Vegans for 10 Days
Subtitles in six languages now on Sue Dengate’s DVD
Channel 7’s Today Tonight highlights salicylate intolerance
Clean label policy a disaster for consumers
Last Fedup Roadshow starts today
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Less than 2 weeks to start of Fedup Roadshow
Affluent develop taste for gluten-free? (Sydney Morning Herald July 20)
Eczema reader reports just released
A win for failsafers on 160b in Vaalia yoghurt
Gut bacteria affect brain function
Food ranked as highest concern for consumers in CFA survey
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Immunologists' knickers in a twist about salicylate elimination diets for children
MSG booster products - watch the show!.
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Keep gluten OUT of gluten free foods
Additives not right for South Australian kids
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Food and drink companies' dodgy tactics exposed in new report
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Australia's disaster in education: is food the issue?
PMS 'a myth' says Professor
Additive Free Canteen menu available
New ADHD guidelines from the NHMRC approve the use of Ritalin in children younger than seven
No artificial colours, flavours, emulsifiers or preservatives in Woolies' fresh in-store baked bread
Final additives on ABC Radio
Additives on ABC radio
ABC 4 Corners on autism and propionates 27/8/2012
Please sign online petition against artificial colours
Sulphite test strips now available at cost
Avoiding harmful additives - a presentation
Eating disorders and food intolerance
Can you help with annatto complaint?
Junk food disguised to appear healthy
Seeking Brisbane mothers with colicky babies
Breastfeeding and food intolerance talk
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Girl, 6, handcuffed by police for throwing a tantrum
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Are McDonalds burgers additive free?
Helping Holly - Desperate for a Cure (A Current Affair's story of a three year old girl with severe eczema)
Australian breads slammed in latest Today Tonight show
Nestle UK ditches all artificial additives from its products
Fedup Roadshow 2012 talks tickets now on sale
Updated factsheets on failsafe weight loss and women's health and diet
Coles strips 'red cordial' chemicals from kids' food
Three million visitors to the Food Intolerance Network!
January 2012: Lunch box nasties exposed
January 2012: Participants in Adelaide wanted for ADHD study
January 2012: New quick quiz
January 2012: See how unsuspected food intolerances affected one Australian family
January 2012: Daily dose of aspirin may do more harm than good: study
January 2012: Update on failsafe sunscreens
December 2011: Yeast extract producers defend ingredient against German backlash
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December 2011: Coeliac warning: Coeliac sufferers go undiagnosed
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August 2011: Fedup Roadshow starts 8 August
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June 2011: Additive-free school trial
May 2011: Vitamins 'lower risk of autism'
May 2011: Are you fed up with your school canteen/tuckshop?
May 2011: Fedup Roadshow August 2011
April 2011: Aldi abandons colour additives
April 2011: The USFDA advisory panel has voted 8 to 6 against warning labels on synthetic food dyes
April 2011: FDA examines link between food dyes, hyperactivity
March 2011: Artificial dyes that are associated with hyperactivity should be indicated on food labelling
18 Feb 2011: Fed Up is now available as an ebook
6 Feb 2011 Special diet helps two-thirds of ADHD children stop medicine.
14 Feb 2011 Doctors are calling for mandatory warnings on teething gels after children were hospitalised with potentially life-threatening poisoning.