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Harm from bread preservative confirmed

Global Autism Summit: Diet for autism

Maccas burgers ditch nasty additives in the US – but what about Australia?

Insomnia disorder


Dietary emulsifiers affect gut microbiota

In brief:

Submission made to Australian Senate Select Committee on Autism

Oral allergy syndrome

Glutaminase as a processing aid

Sue Dengate's famous presentation “Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour” is now available to view for free (1hr 12mins).

Your questions:

Can epilepsy be related to diet?

Have other failsafers reported prostate and other urinary problems linked to food intolerance?

Success stories: [1595] – [1604]

[1604] Sharing the positives – facebook thread
[1603] 5 positives about finding the right dietitian/health professional – facebook responses
[1602] Eczema: Looking back 2 years
[1601] Chronic migraines and Hemicrania Continua – facebook responses
[1600] Prostatitis as a possible food intolerance reaction
[1599] 160b annatto: serious allergic reaction to popcorn
[1598] 160b annatto: “completely out control”
[1597] Salicylate-induced nosebleeds and asthma
[1596] 160b annatto: "I did not sleep for an entire night"
[1595] Frequent night waking in breastfed baby

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Hello everyone

Our 100th Failsafe Newsletter is just out!! After 28 years we are counting wins – reduced use of artificial colours, many cooking oils that are now free of BHA (320), many yoghurts and other foods that are free of annatto colouring (160b), and in supermarkets there are a few breads that are free of propionate preservatives (both as calcium propionate 282 or the clean label version “cultured” or “fermented” anything such as cultured dextrose, fermented wheat flour, cultured sugar).

Research is finally catching up to what we have been saying for over 28 years - see our blog Harm from bread preservative confirmed and more about autism and insomnia.

There are two fascinating reader questions, about epilepsy and prostatitis/urinary issues in both men and women.

ALL of the reader stories are worth reading. Here are a few from [1604] - Sharing the positives facebook thread – and so many people say they have lost weight, like Nicola!

“my daughter is becoming more calm and herself again"
"our sanity might just be saved (what's left of it emojiUPSIDEDOWNSMILEemojiQUIZZICALSMILE)
"we are all eating a lot healthier and it has been a huge wake up call to go through and see just how much CRAP is in our everyday foods"
"we are all feeling better for it emojiHEARTS” - Jasmine
“No mood swing roller coaster for my son, who now checks labels himself and chooses to avoid triggers because he recognises how awful they make him feel…” -   Rebecca
“My aches and pains have stopped… Haven't had an asthma attack in 10 weeks (been fs for 12 weeks). I sleep!!!!! and only need 6-7 hours… I have energy. I've lost 11kgs“ - emojiHEART  Nicola

Thanks to Emily for the before-and-after photos in story [1602] Eczema: Looking back 2 years, showing “First before we started failsafe diet, 3yo and battling daily asthma and eczema head to toe”.

1601A   1601B

Now read on...and stay safe.

 - Sue Dengate

Harm from bread preservative confirmed


It has taken nearly 30 years, but new research describes neurotoxicity of propionates linked to autism and dementia, as well as to the behavioural effects which we have long complained about.

In the US, brain researchers (1) now say

“Excess levels of propionate appear to be problematic”

According to these researchers, excess levels of propionates can occur due to:

•    a metabolic disorder called propionic acidemia
•    propionate preservatives in diet (282 in bread and now many other foods, often hidden)
•    medications that metabolise to propionic acid

Our propionate report collection include behaviour such as *irritability, anger, inattention, foggy brain * headaches, migraines *itchy rashes, acne *diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea, flatulence * urinary urgency,  incontinence, bedwetting * sleep disturbance including difficulty falling asleep, frequent night waking, night terrors, insomnia *sleep apnoea, snoring, runny nose *addiction, craving propionates * lack of emotional/ social connection *voice problems, speech delay *fatigue, lack of energy * muscle spasms * nosebleeds  *seizures *trichotillomania (hair pulling) *asthma * autistic symptoms, * chronic fatigue, * ADHD, * short attention span causing developmental delay, *social impairment, * tired, moody, can’t hold a conversation, terrible handwriting, reverse letters/numbers, * arrythmia, *sensitive to touch, unable to think clearly

Given dramatic increases in autism diagnoses and dementia and falling school scores since approval of propionate in 1984, at the very least the science and safety of propionate additives require urgent public review in light of this most recent research.

Learn how to avoid propionate preservatives in 3 steps and read the scientific evidence

Global Autism Summit: Diet for autism

The role of food in the management of autism is not widely recognised. Basically, the latest research confirms what the Network has been talking about for decades: autistic spectrum children and adults do much better with failsafe eating, particularly if their gluten-free/casein-free diet is extended to remove harmful additives and fragrances. In some cases, the diagnosis of autism is reversed

Sue has recorded a lively and professional 30 min contribution to a Global Autism Summit which will be Zoomed about 24 May 2021. Members of the Facebook group will be advised of the exact time and link, but if you are not on facebook and want to join in, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be advised by email. The references for the presentation can be seen here.


Similar information has been submitted to the Australian Senate Committee on Autism, see In Brief

Maccas burgers ditch nasty additives in the US – but what about Australia?

In September 2018 McDonald’s in the US announced they were removing artificial preservatives from 7 of their classic burgers including Big Mac. Sue Dengate’s bread preservative research even featured in an article about their reason for acting.

Although at the time Macca’s Australia said

“In Australia, we’re taking steps to remove artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from our menu wherever possible”

not much has changed (they removed the cheese from SOME of the big Macs, with 2 nasty additives) in over two years. There can still be 7 nasty additives in Australia, versus 2 now in the USA.

See detailed blog on what you can do

Insomnia disorder


Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia disorder and diet - sleep issues can be a problem for more than half of Australian adults.

Medication not the answer according to Australian sleep experts (although that is what GPs recommend).  Psychologists of course recommend CBT, but no-one mentions diet except our thousands of readers, for both adults and children.

"I have had my 7 year-old daughter on an additive free diet …for one week and I cannot thank you enough … The last two nights she has fallen to sleep within 20 minutes of going to bed.  It used to take anything up to 2 and a half hours …" - Kerri from story [616]

For more science and links to reports, see our blog Study: diet can cause insomnia in adults


Dietary emulsifiers affect gut microbiota

Numerous commonly used emulsifiers can directly alter gut microbiota to promote intestinal inflammation. Clinical trials are needed to reduce the usage of the most detrimental compounds in favour of the use of emulsifying agents with no or low impact on the microbiota. - as this Network has been saying for years. See for instance and more science.


Submission made to Australian Senate Select Committee on Autism

A submission has been made pointing to the impact of food on autistics and the complications of diagnosis and misdiagnosis. Thanks to Network members who read the draft. See submission.

Oral allergy syndrome

Oral allergy syndrome (the preferred term is pollen-food allergy syndrome) is an allergy to fruits and vegetables that occurs in people who have a pollen allergy, typically with itching and/or mild swelling of the mouth and throat after eating raw fruits, vegetables or nuts. It is estimated to occur in 7-10% of the population. Signs and symptoms of oral allergy syndrome are similar to food chemical intolerance so it is important to distinguish them. Ingrid Roche, APD, Senior Paediatric Allergy Dietitian provides further info

Glutaminase as a processing aid

You will recall our 7,000 signature petition against the use of glutaminase enzyme as a hidden food ingredient that raises free glutamates (MSG) without appearing on the label. That particular enzyme did not in fact product free glutamates but the latest Application A1223 does just that: “Glutaminase derived from various microbial sources, including Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, B. subtilis, and Candida sp. are permitted for use as a processing aid in food processing (e.g., in the production of protein hydrolysates and yeast extracts), or as a food additive (uses not specified) in Australia and New Zealand, China, France, South Korea, and Japan.” As before, from the point of view of consumers, we do not oppose the approval and use of the enzyme per se, we object strongly to it being classified as a Processing Aid. As consumers, we want to know what changes have been made in our food.  To hide the cause of the change as a ‘Processing Aid’ is deliberately misleading. This Application is not yet at public comment stage. and

Sue Dengate's famous presentation “Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour” is now available to view for free (1hr 12mins).

Subtitled version in 6 languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish) can also be viewed for free.

The Bonus material (interviews with parents) can only be seen in purchased version



Q. Can epilepsy be related to diet? 


A. Yes - epilepsy can be related to diet especially in children who have ANY other symptoms of food intolerance such as headaches, irritable bowel symptoms, skin rashes, insomnia, behaviour or learning problems and many more. See detailed blog with scientific evidence from medical journals, and views from patient groups and readers.

“I took my 4-year-old daughter off all additives, preservatives and colours. In one week she has had a dramatic reduction of mostly myoclonic type seizures, down from her usual 2 - 40 throughout each day before" – Karen from story [565]

Q. Have other failsafers reported prostate and other urinary problems linked to food intolerance?


A. Yes, there are multiple reports and some science from both males and females.

“...(after) eating four non-failsafe foods I hadn't eaten before... within 24 hrs I had symptoms I had never experienced before: extreme pain on starting urinating, frequent night-time urination (nocturia) and constant prostate pain...(when I stopped eating these) the pain disappeared completely ...and has not recurred within the following 14 months - Tom [1600]

See multiple reports from women in [1556]

Prostatitis in men and urethral syndrome in women has been reported as 88% eliminated by a diet without caffeine, alcohol, and hot, spicy foods in 12 weeks. Success was ascribed to reducing “an inflammatory “allergic-like” reaction", in the absence of any knowledge of food intolerance or salicylates in foods.

Read detailed blog on Urination issues and food intolerance


You can scroll through the full text of all stories: for every story we report, there are probably another 10 that cover similar issues. And these are just the ones we get to hear about. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Success story collections: organised by symptom or by additive keywords are proving the most popular downloads from the website. They'll be added to as time permits.

People tell us that stories are so useful and positive!

[1604] Sharing the positives – facebook thread (May 2021)

For people like us, with complicated medical conditions, it is sometimes hard to focus on the positives. I have been on a restricted diet for about ten years, going from strict elimination, gluten and dairy and soy free to being able to eat gluten, amines and some glutamates and moderate salicylates. I'd like to share some of the positives I've discovered on this diet:

•    When I've been bad, (broken my diet) I get to reward myself with a nice luxurious bath with epsom salts.
•    Pancakes are still possible.
•    I have found a partner who not only enjoys my cooking, but is willing to change all his cleaning and personal products to fragrance free.
•    Roku gin is absolutely delicious and still failsafe!
•    I can breathe without prednisolone - Jennifer

Roku Gin is failsafe!? emojiDISMAY I am literally crying. Thank you for making this post emojiSMILE it's really much needed for me as I'm just at the start of my journey and trying not to be down about it - emojiHEART Kay

No migraines, diarrhoea, hot flushes & nausea for 4 weeks!! emojiHEARTemojiHEARTS - Sandra

My daughter sleeps and isn’t in pain from my breast milk - Amy

I can sleep better and are more clear thinking and less fatigued. I can do more exercise and cope with stress better. Less anxious and have lost weight! And my memory is returning - Charlotte

I very rarely cough now, I no longer need a ventolin puffer, my skin is clear and my husband eats everything I cook, which means not having to cook two meals - Sandi

Less mood swings and depression, no hot flushes, no more daily migraines or headaches!! I don’t miss running to the toilet all night long either – Elise

No mood swing roller coaster for my son, who now checks labels himself and chooses to avoid triggers because he recognises how awful they make him feel. Winning!! Oh and all our family and friends are super respectful of his needs- emojiBIGSMILE Rebecca

The best post ever. Thank you everyone for sharing your positivity. If I stick to the diet I sleep and have no headaches and since dealing with sibo I have no bloating and no regular trips to the toilet. And how good is finding failsafe food options? Regular eaters just wouldn't appreciate the excitement - Petra

•    My relationship is better thanks to minimised mental/emotional health reactions.
•    I spend a fraction of the amount used to on topical steroids for my skin.
•    I sleep.
•    My child is not considered 2e (2e is twice exceptional and is used to refer to kids who are intellectually gifted as well as neurodiverse or have other learning difficulties) any more, just gifted, and hasn't been sent to the principal's office for 3 years - Stephanie

My baby’s gut is healing, she’s gaining weight and growing well. If nobody was told they’d have no idea the food challenges we have faced so I could breastfeed her - Kylie

In 2 months my baby has shown massive improvement in his behaviour and since he was partially breastfeeding I was on diet too, including Gf and DF. After 6 weeks of diet I found that my thyroid (which I had for 10 years and GP always said I have to be on medicine for life) is getting better and doc has reduced my medicine. It even helped me with my knee and back pain, plus bursitis with which I have been struggling for few years - I literally don’t feel any pain in knee atm. So so happy that I am able to walk and climb stairs without any pain. Even though I was doing it for my baby it proved to be a blessing for myself too and my family - Kassie

•    My daughter is becoming more calm and herself again.
•    Our sanity might just be saved (what's left of it emojiUPSIDEDOWNSMILEemojiQUIZZICALSMILE)
•    We are all eating a lot healthier and it has been a huge wake up call to go through and see just how much CRAP is in our everyday foods.
•    We are all feeling better for it emojiHEARTS - Jasmine

My skin is back to beautiful now and I no longer feel like an ugly itchy cranky monster. Most days I am in a good mood and feel good overall. On the days I don't, I know tomorrow is a new day and I will feel better - Molly

My aches and pains have stopped. I've cut out SOOOO much medication. Haven't had an asthma attack in 10 weeks (been fs for 12 weeks). I sleep!!!!! and only need 6-7 hours instead of 11-12. I have energy. I've lost 11kgs - emojiHEART Nicola

I’ve lost that uncomfortable, yuck/shabby pain feeling (stomach/oesophagus). I’ve lost 10 kg. My anxiety/stress levels have never been so low. I feel awesome. Life is good and I’ve energy to burn. Just as an aside I’m 60. Thank you - emojiANOTHERSMILE Annette

I have lost weight, am not as ill as used to be, feel more "human" most days - Diane

[1603] 5 positives about finding the right dietitian/health professional – facebook responses (May 2021)

My 9 month old has made incredible leaps and bounds working with (a dietitian). Our main symptom was terrible sleep quality and night pains and some very mild eczema and mucus nappies. Baby girl is amazing now after 2 months of guided heavily strict nutrition, and tolerating so much more now and sleeping though - Amy

My son was 3 or so when we started FS (now 14) and the paed basically said we were over reacting. But I had an amazing and supportive GP and used RPAH and Sue Dengate books as guide, kept a diary of every response and figured it out on our own (we were in Darwin at the time). It just took time! - Kim

I saw (my dietitian) via Skype, she was incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and lives failsafe with her family. Lots of email contact and food diary, asked me to send pictures of poop etc. She did get quite busy towards the end but I was really happy with her for the six months we saw her – Penny

My issues nearly killed me with severe lack of sleep and the kids with diarrhoea and vomiting. Worst time of my life and we are still recovering years later. However I went to (a dietitian) directly linked to the RPAH, even phoning them to discuss several times. We had monthly appointments plus email contact and a GP specialising in allergies and dietician team. Things changed the moment we started the diet, such a relief!! -  Michelle

(My dietitian) has been amazing. We did a Skype/telehealth appt within three days of this original posting, she did plans for me, answers questions that I email even when I am sure she should be in bed! Managed to pinpoint what our main problem was - amines - and I have plans with her to broaden – Melissa

See list of experienced and supportive dietitians in Australia and overseas who can support you through this protocol (some consult in languages other than English)

[1602] Eczema: Looking back 2 years (May 2021)

These pictures popped up in my phone memories. First before we started failsafe diet, 3yo and battling daily asthma and eczema head to toe for 2 years. Second from last night, indulging plain purple cabbage and carrot - Emily

1601A   1601B

See Eczema, hives and rashes factsheet

[1601] Chronic migraines and Hemicrania Continua – facebook responses (May 2021)

I have recently been diagnosed with chronic migraines and a rare neurological condition called Hemicrania Continua (constant fluctuating pain on one side of my head for the rest of my life). I came across failsafe many years ago for my then 4 year old child, whom is now 17 and doing well! 😀

I am interested in hearing from migraine sufferers or if anyone else may have HC also?  I am reactive to histamines, I also react to preservatives and additives, dairy, and possibly gluten, I have IBS, anxiety and PTSD. I see a neurologist and am on preventative meds and also medication for my migraines if I get a bad one – Shelley

Response from Lisa - I've been a migraine sufferer for over 30 years. I ended up in the allergist’s office in 2018. After working out my allergens they put me on the RPAH diet. The only times I've had a migraine since has been when I've eaten high chemical foods or chemical exposures. I react to the smell of fragrance, plastics, smoke etc which can cause pain and I wear a Vogmask for that as well as make my home safe. I have damage to the trigeminal nerve on the right side of my head. It used to be bad after the initial trauma but the pain isn't continuous and now I get it approx 48 hours before rain arrives. Basically I'm a walking weather barometer. I can do mod sals in small portions and I can eat chickpea and buckwheat but in small amounts. Vegan doesn't work for me - too many veggies would overflow my bucket back to migraine territory.

Response from Peta - It didn’t help with my migraines, I avoid amines anyway if I can but the salicylates don’t seem to make a difference.

Response from Michelle - Removing all scents from our house fixed almost all mine... I've only had a couple of milder ones in the last couple of years which is fantastic.

Response from Vanessa - I have had severe migraines and other symptoms. I follow failsafe plus I can’t have dairy, wheat or gluten. I see a neurologist and am on meds. I don’t have migraines unless I eat the wrong thing or are under high stress - I have other weird neurological symptoms that my doctor said could be an unusual form of migraine or something else - I put a huge effort into my wellbeing in general via exercise, meditation, mental health exercises and other things. I have a Masters degree in Public Health so have used that knowledge to develop a program for myself. I am now going really really well as long as I stay in my limits, working 3 days per week plus I have three children and have never felt better. This is a far cry from 2 years ago when I couldn’t work at all due to severity of migraines and other symptoms.

See factsheet on headaches and migraines

[1600] Prostatitis as a possible food intolerance reaction (April 2021)

At 73 I have been eating failsafe for more than 20 years. Last year, after recurrence of an eye problem from my 20s, I attempted to considerably increase my intake of non-failsafe but eye-friendly lutein and zeaxanthin (yellow plant pigments) by eating four non-failsafe foods I hadn't eaten before: kale (high in salicylates), honeydew melon (canteloupe, high in sals), goji berries (very high in sals and amines) and capsicum (bell pepper, very high in sals).

Within 24 hrs I had symptoms I had never experienced before: extreme pain on starting urinating, frequent night-time urination (nocturia) and constant prostate pain.

The doctor was mystified since I had never had any prostate issues at all, had no infection, and didn’t even have the enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH common in men of my age) because as a vegan I do not follow the Western diet. After 72 hrs I stopped the four hi-sal foods. The pain disappeared completely within 24 hrs and has not recurred within the following 14 months. It seems likely to me that this incident was caused by excessive salicylates - Tom by email.

See blog on Urination issues and food intolerance

[1599] 160b annatto: serious allergic reaction to popcorn (April 2021)

I ate microwave popcorn lunchtime on a Tuesday and lamb for dinner and became very itchy around 7pm. I broke out in hives and the next day I got antihistamines which didn't help so Wednesday night I went to the hospital and got steroid tablets but it flared up even worse all night.

It went to my face and throat. Thursday I had the popcorn and within half an hour this time my throat was on fire with spots around my mouth and I was back at the hospital Thursday and Thursday night where they gave me 5 days of steroids and 2 types of antihistamines. My aunt is a nurse and after investigating the popcorn ingredients we put it down to Annatto. Saturday night it felt like it had moved to my chest I've had to get a chest xray today and my heart has been having palpitations so that's being investigated also – Anna

1599a   1599b (comment was sought from Greens customer relations, no response to date)

[1598] 160b annatto: “completely out control” (March 2021)

Yesterday Nanny and Tylah cooked some Green’s cupcakes. She thought she was doing the right thing, she made sure that there were no artificial colours or flavours in them.... however the Green’s ‘Trolls’ cupcakes designed for kids contained Annatto.

When I got home from work miss 3 was completely strung out, tantrums, uncontrollable crying, bouncing off the walls mood completely out control. Poor bubba - Rob

1598greens (comment was sought from Greens customer relations, no response to date)

See Annatto 160b factsheet

[1597] Salicylate-induced nosebleeds and asthma (March 2021)

In your article about low salicylate diet what intrigued me was the issue regarding ibuprofen. Looking back I would suggest that ibuprofen was the first thing which caused problems for me. In my case it is nosebleeds. Any foods with heavy salicylates would trigger nose bleeds. It is almost instantaneous. Spinach for me is the worst but as time has gone on I have found tomatoes, blueberries, avocados etc. will also cause  them. I did not make the connection with my asthma either until reading the article on your website. It also started around the same time that I had the reaction to ibuprofen. Very strange indeed. Thanks for this information - Sue L

Aspirin, dietary salicylates and nurofen side-effects

[1596] 160b annatto: "I did not sleep for an entire night" (March 2021)

I first learned about 160b affecting me when I ate a Magnum icecream. I did not sleep for an entire night.

Occasionally I slip up and eat something with 160b in it and of course I suffer the same effects like my brain is speeding, lasting for hours.

I am sensitive to other additives as well including MSG which is hard to detect at times. I am 75 yrs old now and have suffered food intolerances for years and have had to live with sleep deprived nights regularly.

Why do they do it? White icecream tastes the same as yellow icecream! - Suzie

[1595] Frequent night waking in breastfed baby (March 2021)

My son is 4 months old, breastfed and was waking every 45 minutes at night and very unsettled / uncomfortable all day. I knew it was food related but struggled to get the doctor to even acknowledge this was possible. Having gone on meat and veg he is sleeping 4-5 hours in a row ... I want to find a dietician to work through the strict elimination diet with me - Beth, UK

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**WARNING** Kettle chips are not failsafe as they are brushed, not peeled. This leaves salicylates in the skin – thanks Annabel

**WARNING** Coles crinkle cut chips and Coles potato gems (Potato Royals) are not FS as they use both yellow flesh and white flesh potatoes - thanks again Annabel

**WARNING** Sakata rice crackers are not failsafe as the rice is jasmine (salicylates) - Annabel yet again!

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The Food Intolerance Network strongly supports the peer-reviewed publication of evidence regarding the effects of salicylates on health, behaviour and learning and acknowledges that more research needs to be published, particularly using dietary salicylates. However the very foundation of science is observation and these observations over many years show an astonishing and convincing range of real symptoms. We hope that they may assist in stimulating further research publication.

Reintroduction guidelines: for people who are extra sensitive, the new RPAH reintroduction guidelines recommend much smaller servings of salicylate and amine containing foods than previously, see reader comment below. Available on request from
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Thank you so much for the new RPAH reintroduction recommendations. I now understand why when I tried to ascertain my tolerance levels and did as my dietician recommended (try 1/2 a cup of salicylates) that my symptoms returned very quickly. ½ a cup is 100 times ¼ of a teaspoon, and given my scent problems I’m probably highly sensitive. Now I can try again. - failsafer, NZ


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Caramelised pear icecream


I’ve started making this (we are avoiding vanilla!) and it’s magic! The kids love it and their friend still thinks it’s vanilla haha! - Annabel

Icecream - combine 1 part milk with 2 parts cream and 1 part sugar (see dairy-free alternative
Pear mix - 4-6 canned pear halves covered in brown sugar and sometimes maple syrup then baked in the oven for about 30 mins. Use a stick mixer to blend into a purée and add to icecream mix in icecream maker.

Failsafe Thermomix group with recipes and a place to ask questions etc

I bought a Thermomix a couple of months ago, and absolutely love it. These machines are totally awesome, so pure and clean, and I truly believe that if we’d had a Thermomix years ago when our son was at his worst, it would have saved us a lot of heartache, as well as time and money - Susan.

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