Failsafe Recipes: Lunches and Snacks

Amazing quac dip (V)

Who needs Mexican when this is better than corn chips & quac (guacamole)! – thanks Julia for original recipe, a bit modified here but still very hard to stop eating


1 large swede (300-350g) chopped, microwaved with some water for 4 minutes, cooled
80g raw cashews
1tbsp canola or rice bran oil
1/3 cup (35g) chopped green leek or green shallots
about 1/4 cup rice or chickpea milk, milk or water
½ tsp salt to taste
1 tsp citric acid to taste or omit

Blend all (NutriBullet, Thermomix speed 8; 45 secs, or similar), serve with Peckish thin brown rice crackers (not the flavoured ones).

This dip/spread freezes very well!