Failsafe Recipes: Lunches and Snacks

Failsafe Spring Rolls

This mix can be used to make pies as well.

Failsafe Spring Roll Wrappers
300g Minced Beef, Chicken or Lamb (or any combination, pork for non-amine responders)
Any of the following vegetables finely diced: Garlic, celery, beans, leek, spring onions, Brussels sprouts
½ cup cooked rice or rice noodles
If some sals allowed: finely diced carrot, corn kernels, peas, bok choy or other Chinese greens
2 tsp failsafe oil/butter for frying
salt to taste
milk or water for sealing wrappers
2 tsp golden syrup
3-4 tbsp homemade stock
1 tbsp preservative-free cream cheese (adds a lot of flavour to the mix)

Fry meat until browned and vegetables until tender. Add optional ingredients at this point and then salt to taste. Allow mixture to cool. Separate spring roll wrappers into individual sheets. Use 1 or 2 tablespoons of mixture in each spring roll, depending on how large you want them. I place the mixture at the top of the wrapper and then fold the left and right sides into the middle. Moisten all over the wrapper and then roll from the top all the way down. You can then deep or shallow fry in oil or bake in the oven. The amount of each vegetable in the mix will depend on your taste.

I also use this mix to make mini pies but usually add a small amount of sweet potato or butternut pumpkin (if some sals permitted) to help bind the mixture together. Muffin trays make excellent mini pie moulds. Alternatively you could make one large pie.- thanks to Dianne H