Originally French peasant food, aligot is now regarded as an Aubrac regional speciality that is particularly warming in winter.  We found this delicious recipe that tasted like what we ate in France, although it is too high in amines and fat for me to want to eat regularly.  However, adding garlic and even a small amount of any kind of cheese including cream cheese or quark (failsafe if you can manage dairy; soymilk and Nuttelex if not)  and mashing the potatoes in a Thermomix or food processor for that weird stretchy texture can make a special dish.


800g steamed peeled white potato, drained and still hot (Sebago is a good mashing variety)
up to 4 cloves crushed garlic
up to 400g cream cheese, quark (or grated mozzarella if you can tolerate amines). As little as 100g gives flavour, but 400g mozzarella is required to give the stringy aligot texture, by which time the fat content is 7%.

Stove-top: mash the potato and garlic in a saucepan with 100-200mls water to a soft texture. Heat on a moderate setting, stirring in vigorously the amount of dairy product that you want. Serve immediately, often with a sausage.

Thermomix/food processor: add 100-200mls water and whizz the potato and garlic for 1 minute at moderate speed. The texture should be very creamy. Still stirring and heating, add the amount of dairy product you want for about 1 minute. Serve immediately, often with a sausage.