Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

Chicken and shallot pie

This is popular when we go out, too - people think our 'diet ' isn't too bad then ! I find it amazing sometimes that people think WE are eating weird food- until they taste it and realise it really is just food. On school lunches I realise how lucky we are now. Our school parent body bought an oven that is for use by staff and students. In fact the children refer to their lunches as foils - (they must be wrapped in alfoil to be heated.) We don't have a canteen so this is offered each day for the two middle terms. A student is responsible for putting lunches in and turning on the oven and a staff member takes them out and puts them in a box to be handed out in the eating area. Admittedly we are a small school - there are advantages! - Johann

Start with a white sauce with garlic and shallots then add cooked chicken, celery, parsley and peas.
Use Pampas butter puff pastry.