Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

Chicken frittata

This recipe is another variation on hiding the vegetables, Debbie says: “My 6 year old son loved this recipe but I didn't tell him there were brussel sprouts as he tried one the other night and didn't like it”.

raw vegetables chopped small (e.g. potato, swede, brussel sprouts)
fresh chives, chopped
small garlic clove or to taste
sea salt to taste
4 eggs
¼ cup cream, milk, soymilk or ricemilk
fresh home-cooked chopped chicken (e.g. leftover roast)
failsafe oil for frypan

Place vegetables, garlic, chives and sea salt in the food processor, add eggs and milk and blend all together. The mixture will be fine and fluffy so there is no need to cook the vegetables first. Add chicken and pour the mixture into a lightly oiled, preheated small round frypan (about the size of a large pancake) and cook on low with the lid on. There is no need to flip the frittata as with the lid on the top will cook, but keep heat low or the bottom will burn. The frittata should come out of the frypan easily enough to keep whole. This recipe is good hot or cold, and a great lunch alternative for school. - Debbie