Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

Christmas dinner

A traditional hot roast dinner can be failsafe. If you want to add some extras for Christmas day, consider pumpkin, sweet potato, parsnips or corn as extra vegetables, all moderate except corn which is high. If buying a supermarket turkey, check for added flavour enhancers (MSG, HVP, ribonucleotides 621-635). If you can manage amines, some commercial gravy mixes aren't too bad, avoid flavour enhancers above.

As a Christmas pudding substitute, try steamed dominion pudding (Failsafe Cookbook p168 - we found a stainless steel pudding steamer in a kitchen shop); or Andra's 'honey roll' made as a cake and served with whipped cream (p134, 'better than sticky date pudding' said one father); or icecream with the exceptionally delicious caramel sauce on p154. You can pour whisky or gin over icecream or pudding for a special occasion flavour, but you can't set it alight like brandy.

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