1 tbsp brown sugar
2-3 cups homemade failsafe chicken stock
1 leek cut into 4 or so pieces
1/4 cabbage coarsely chopped
1 swede cut into rings
handful of green beans - leave whole or cut in half if long
failsafe rice noodles (eg Fantastic)
1 chicken breast OR piece of steak
water if necessary
4 eggs
cooked rice
8 small Chinese bowls

Place brown sugar in a preheated electric frypan, stir briefly until starting to caramelise and add stock. Bring to the boil and add prepared vegetables and noodles - the whole thing will be about 1 to 2 inches (3-5 cms) deep. The cabbage covers the pan, but gradually cooks down to very little. Top up with water during cooking if necessary. Cook until all ingredients are almost ready, then add thinly sliced (almost paper thin) beef or chicken to top of ingredients in pan. You can use a food processer to slice the meat while frozen. The meat should only take a few minutes to cook. Meanwhile, beat one egg per person in each person's bowl, add a large scoop of the boiling broth to each bowl and stir - this cooks the egg. Then add vegies to the soup mix in each person's bowl, placing meat on the top - it makes a very thick soupy meal. Serve each person with a second bowl containing white boiled rice. The idea is you take a piece of the vegetable or meat and dip it into the rice before eating. It is important to have good quality stock and soup. Serves 4. - Judith