Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

Sam’s Barra Cakes

Barramundi is the iconic fish from Australia’s Top End, also known as Sea Bass. If you can’t get fresh Barramundi, any fresh white boneless fish fillets will do. For amine responders, fish must be very fresh, not frozen.

2 fillets of fresh barramundi, steamed or oven baked in foil.
10 cups leftover mashed potato, must be cold
½ a leek
handful of chives
3 cloves of garlic
2 eggs
4 cups preservative free breadcrumbs or Orgran all purpose crumbs or puffed rice
salt to taste
failsafe oil for frying

Cook barra until soft and flaky, depending on the size of fillets. Don’t overcook them or they become dry and stringy. In a food processor blitz leek, garlic and chives until they are finely chopped. In a bowl mix together the potato, eggs, leek mix and barra. Add breadcrumbs until mix is wet but not falling apart, but not too dry either. Shape into balls, patties or whatever shape you might like. Fry until golden. Serve with failsafe vegetables such as cooked swede, mashed beans or peas when tolerated. – thanks again to Michelle