Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

That cheese sauce (Thermomix or traditional) (V)

Contains no cheese! Wildly popular on the Sue Dengate facebook group.

Modified with permission to make it failsafe from 'Rainbow Recipes', by Aileen Sforcina. This is her popular 'Golden Sauce' to use over steamed veggies. The book has both traditional and Thermomix methods for every recipe, so perfect for every kitchen.  Aileen runs a ‘mostly RAW food class’at 2:00pm on the second Sunday of each month at 7 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads, NSW as a service to the community. $15/person to cover costs, book 0429 613 546 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

400g white potato peeled, 1cm cubes
80g carrot (moderate salicylates – leave out if on elimination diet; can colour with saffron instead), 1 cm cubes
60g celery, chopped
1 bunch of shallots, the white parts, chopped
100g raw cashews (or less for lower fat)
500g water
1 tsp citric acid
2-3 tsp salt (this gives it the real cheesy kick, adjust to desired amount)

Thermomix Method: Place all ingredients in Thermomix. Cook 20 minutes, 100°C, reverse, speed 1. Pulverise speed 9 for 60 secs. Adjust consistency to taste by adding more water or salt if necessary.

Traditional Method: Chop all vegetables and place all ingredients in saucepan, boil until vegetables are tender. Pour in to blender, and blend until very smooth. Adjust consistency by adding water if necessary.

Serving suggestion: over pasta or rice, use instead of bechemal in a lasagna, over steamed vegies. Note that the peas in the photo are moderate in glutamates and so not suitable for your supervised elimination phase.

This sauce can be frozen! To use, thaw it out and blend (eg Thermomix speed 4-5, 4 secs). Then heat while stirring and finish with a strong blend (eg Thermomix for 500mls: 100'C 5 mins at speed 3, then 30 secs at speed 8).