Failsafe Recipes: Main Meals

Vegetarian Casserole (V)

As I was preparing the Mince Casserole in Fed Up, planning to use some veal mince, my husband announced "If I may say this, ah, I don't much like veal, that's all". So I proceeded with the rest of the ingredients and we had a lovely creamy textured veg-casserole. In addition, I never use cheese, instead I add a teaspoon of salt to a white sauce, thickened with cornflour, and everyone is completely fooled, thinking that I make the best cheese sauces in the world! This trick goes way back to my non-dairy days.
So the recipe went like this:

4 large potatoes, knife-peeled and sliced thin
1 clove garlic chopped, mixed with 1 sliced leek
quarter cabbage, diced
2 cups white sauce using large scoop Nuttelex, melted, cover with generous cornflour to blend, 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup water, 1 tsp salt.

Cover the base with a layer of potato, then half of the garlic and leek and half the cabbage. Repeat the layering and cover with two cups of white sauce. Cook uncovered at 170’C in fan forced (180’C in conventional) for one hour.- Benitta